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Florida’s Pam Bondi: One AG Who Stands For The Law

Pam Bondi
Florida’s Republican Attorney General, Pam Bondi, has distinguished herself in many ways during her first term; she was and is a leading opponent of Obamacare and one of the first to file or join one of the lawsuits against it, she has been a fierce and relentless foe of human trafficking and drug crime, she’s fought against what The Sun Sentinel described  as “an alphabet soup of federal government agencies – she mentioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Labor Relations Board – that she sees as overstepping their bounds.”
And she has fought to defend the Florida Constitution’s definition of marriage as between “one man and one woman.”
Bondi’s Democratic challenger, George Sheldon, said he would join the nine attorneys general in other states (all Democrats) who aren't defending their states' bans on same-sex marriage.
Bondi told The Sun Sentinel that wouldn't be appropriate. "This is me doing my job as attorney general. And I will continue to do that and if anybody wants me to moderate my message or stand for less I have a message for them: I am just getting started," she said. "I put my hand on a Bible and I raised my right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution of the state of Florida."
What’s more Bondi isn’t hiding from the Democrats like all too many Republicans are today – she challenged Democrat George Sheldon to debate the day after he won the Democratic Primary and has renewed that challenge in the weeks since.
We contrast Bondi’s steadfast defense of the Florida Constitution to the actions of Democratic Attorneys General, such as Virginia’s Mark Herring, who just a few weeks after he swore to uphold the Virginia Constitution chose to refuse to defend the Old Dominion’s similar definition of marriage.
Herring’s actions generated a strong grassroots movement to impeach him, which was ultimately quashed by Virginia’s Republican establishment, who apparently wanted no part of a fight over defending a section of the Virginia Constitution passed by some 57 percent of the State’s voters.
As Orlando’s News 13 Political Analyst Michelle Ertel said, “When you are elected to the state’s highest office in the judicial branch, you have to put one hand on the Bible and raise the other and swear before God and everybody else that you will uphold the Constitution of the State of Florida.

To Bondi’s credit — despite the angry protests and with venom spewed at her from her detractors — she has been true to her oath.” And that’s why we endorse Pam Bondi for reelection as Florida’s Attorney General.

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