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GOP Refuses to Nationalize the Election

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie
A truism in American politics is that Republicans never win elections unless they are nationalized. Nationalizing an election doesn’t guarantee a GOP victory, Goldwater lost in 1964 in an election defined largely by national issues, but never in modern times have Republicans won a national campaign fought on local issues.
Democrats like elections that are fought state-by-state and deal with local issues because they are deliverers of services. If you want a pothole fixed, food stamps increased or federal grants for your local parks and museum, Democrats are only too happy to oblige.
The political brain driving the Democratic Party’s 2014 midterm election effort isn’t President Barack Obama; it is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Reid’s plan is simple – don’t allow Republicans to nationalize the election.
In opposition to Reid’s plan one establishment consultant told the Washington DC publication The Hill, our strategy is a “prevent defense” designed to “first do no harm.”
Football fans will recognize that the team that sits on the ball and engages in a “prevent defense” often loses. Politically, the content-free “first do no harm” campaign may bring a Republican majority to office, but it will be a majority with no mandate to confront Obama and the Democrats, let alone lead the country in a conservative direction.
The Washington Post on September 21 ran an article detailing how Republicans are, “moving to the center,” and getting sucked into backing increases to the minimum wage, granting in-state college tuition to illegal immigrants and other red herrings that alienate conservatives and have nothing to do with the real issues that could nationalize the election and decide it in a Republican wave.
The result of this content-free, stand for nothing strategy is that despite President Obama’s deep unpopularity, most key Senate races remain toss-ups, with many polls showing the GOP candidate trailing in the race.
Poll after poll shows that Americans are deeply concerned about Obama’s failed national security strategy, the economic consequences of Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and the culture of lies that Obama has fostered, and Democrats have embraced, on everything from Obamacare, to Benghazi, to the IRS targeting of conservatives, to NSA surveillance of innocent Americans.
Obama and the Democratic Party position are behind by substantial margins on half-a-dozen key political questions, but boiled down to their essence they all fit broadly into these three issues:

National Security
Obama and the Democrats’ Culture of Lies
Americans are angered by the idea of an unconstitutional executive amnesty and the raw political calculation behind it. Top pollster Kellyanne Conway’s research shows that 75% of Americans want more enforcement of current immigration laws, including 63% of Hispanics and over 50% of Democrats (emphasis mine). By carefully avoiding any mention of opposition to amnesty the national GOP, beholden as it is to big business, is passing up the opportunity to recapture the “Reagan Democrats” and put itself on the right side of an issue that has 8 to 1 support according to Conway’s research.
On national security Americans are frustrated by the contempt with which dictators, such as Russia’s Vladamir Putin, view America under Barack Obama. Voters, particularly women, are fearful of a world where American defense spending is being cut, but their President has no strategy to confront the brutal jihadis of the Islamic State, and we face an increasingly hostile and expansionist Russia and the unknown threats presented by a porous southern border.
Because of Obama’s lies about everything from Obamacare, to Benghazi, to the threat posed by ISIS and the IRS targeting of conservatives, Americans are more distrustful of government than ever. Capitol Hill Democrats are fully invested in this culture of lies and the distrust of government that it has bred.
Astonishingly, those three issues are entirely absent from establishment Republicans’ national campaign messaging.
The 2014 midterm elections are a once in a lifetime opportunity to brand the Democratic Party as the government party. Americans, for perhaps the first time ever, are ready to believe government is not working and that Democrats and Barack Obama are to blame for its failure.
But that differentiation and branding won’t take place if the GOP hews to the current strategy of running a content-free “prevent defense” campaign that “moves to the center” by embracing minor issues that alienate conservatives and have nothing to do with the top concerns of the electorate.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have all proven they are not leaders; they are part of the problem.
We conservatives are the leaders we have been waiting for to fight this battle. If this election is to be nationalized it is up to limited government constitutional conservatives to do so.
It is going to be up to conservatives to circumvent the national Republican leaders, push Republican candidates to make these issues the focus of the national conversation between now and the election and force the Democrats to answer for the disaster that Obama and his allies in Harry Reid’s Senate have created.
Starting today, starting right now, each conservative must commit themselves to driving home where Democrats stand on these issues; Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to some 5 to 8 million illegal aliens, national security, especially as it relates to radical Islam, and Obama’s lies and corruption on everything from “you can keep your doctor,” to Benghazi, to the IRS targeting of conservatives, to the public health threat posed by the illegal aliens flooding our southern border.
You can start nationalizing the election by demanding that your local, congressional district and state Republican leaders commit the candidates in their jurisdiction to campaign on opposition to amnesty, a strong national defense, particularly against the threat posed by ISIS and radical Islam, and confronting Obama and the Democrats about the culture of lies in Washington.
You can increase the impact of that effort by focusing your conservative organization, if you’re part of one, on one or more of these three issues:  amnesty, national security and Obama’s culture of lies. You can write op-eds, letters to the editor, blog posts and social media posts. You can exercise the First Amendment rights guaranteed in the Constitution and preserved by the Supreme Court and take out an ad calling out the candidates on these issues, and most effectively you can tell your friends and acquaintances where you stand, why this election is so important and why they should support only candidates who commit to the conservative position on these issues.
I feel so strongly about this that I commit to you that we will dedicate the next six weeks to providing information through to help you nationalize the election. We want your help and we want your ideas. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about how we might advance the effort to nationalize the election please send them to us today. This is the golden hour; we can change history and save our country if we act together today.

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The Common Core


Everything you said is true and I agree 100%.

You asked for suggestions. Well, I have one.

Everyone I have contacted – and I’ve spoken to many – has no understanding of the juggernaut in our country’s schools called the Common Core.

Our education system has already failed to teach our children the beautiful story of our country’s founding and what it means to be an American.

As a consequence, our schools are turning out an army of unappreciative democrats.

In one or two generations our population under the Common Core will be ignorant democrats even more so than now.

Go to YouTube and watch a 47 min. 12 sec. video titled: “Common Core, Dangers and Threats...” (skip the one with the same title that is 1 hr. 09 min.)

Has the RNC offered any

Has the RNC offered any coordinated plan? If not, why not?

This Article

Richard is entirely correct, however, at this point, since the primaries are over, about all we can do in the election is to refuse to vote for anyone that runs under the sign of the jack*ss. We need to get rid of as many of them as possible, and we will hopefully get control of the Senate and the House. Then maybe the new Majority Leader will take all the 350 or so bills that are sitting on Reid's desk and put them up for a vote. Then it will be up to Ovomit to veto them and all the blame for the failures will be his, which it in fact is now because Harry the liar Reid is simply Ovomit's puppet.


Thanks for the great advice.