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A Revealing Salute From The Pro Forma President

Obama Latte Salute
Much has been made (as it should be) over the astonishing disrespect President Barack Obama showed with his “Semper Latte” salute to the military he has just sent into battle.

But this incredible disrespect is nothing new for Obama.
CHQ readers may recall that President Reagan is reputed to have never taken his jacket off in the Oval Office, while President Obama has been photographed any number of times with his jacket off and his feet up on the presidential desk, in much the same pose one sees adopted by youths traveling on an uncrowded bus or lounging around the campus library when no adult is around to tell them to get their feet off the furniture.
To Obama and his liberal allies and defenders the fault with this behavior is that the “optics” are bad – it looks bad to those outside the Beltway – but they seem strangely immune to the notion that not only does it look bad, but it is bad.
And it is bad not because it is a failure of decorum that might upset a few stodgy conservatives who probably would not vote for Obama anyway. It is bad because of what it reveals through non-verbal communication about the arrogant and contemptuous inner man that is Barack Obama.
What Obama’s non-verbal communication reveals is someone who is merely going through the motions of being President of the United States and, while he likes and wants the power, he has no appreciation for the responsibilities of the office.
Thus he can toss off a childish approximation of a salute and check that box on the script that the advance team has given him for his arrival back at the White House without recognizing that he is the Commander-in-Chief and those are troops he commands that he just disrespected.
This is the same inner man who took a few minutes to make some pro forma remarks about the brutal murder by radical Muslims of American journalist James Foley, and then resumed his round of golf, later apologizing that the theater of the presidency is “not something that always comes naturally to me.”
Obama’s “Semper Latte” salute is more than a failure of political theater meaningful only to those inside the Beltway; it reveals a cold inner man who is hungry for the power of the office he holds, but contemptuous of its responsibilities and who is only going through the motions of fulfilling those responsibilities.

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