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The Democrats’ Vicious Conspiracy to Destroy Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

You may have heard about the so-called “grassroots movement” to force local advertisers to stop advertising on the Rush Limbaugh program, allegedly because of consumer opposition to Rush’s conservative views.

It turns out that this so-called Stop Rush campaign isn’t a grassroots campaign at all, but a carefully crafted conspiracy of a small group of radical leftwing activists to bully advertisers into dropping Rush’s program and muffle one of the most effective conservative voices in America in the lead-up to the 2014 midterms and silence him permanently before the 2016 presidential election.
There is now stunning proof that only a small group of radical Leftists connected with Media Matters are involved in the "Stop Rush" campaign - NOT masses of Americans. Radical leftwing advocacy group Media Matters' disgusting attempts to silence our viewpoints are nothing new - but now the dirty tactics of Media Matters have been revealed, and they are more deceptive than you can imagine.
We don’t use the term “conspiracy” lightly, and we here at CHQ generally lean toward skepticism when friends bring us tales of unseen forces manipulating major events. But in this case the evidence (links below) proves that only a few radicals at leftwing advocacy organization Media Matters are running and participating in this effort to intimidate both local radio stations that carry Rush, and local "Mom-and-Pop" businesses that advertise on his show.
They have used technology to create tweets from people who don't exist, to use abuse accounts on Facebook, and to intimidate small businesses who advertise on conservative shows. Media Matters is vicious, and dangerous to your freedom as few other domestic threats have been.
Imagine if you are a small business owner and you started receiving a steady flow of negative emails and saw tweets and Facebook postings about how horrible you are - and that you thought they were coming from customers. It would scare you to death! The fact is, this is happening to businesses across the country who advertise during Rush's show on their local stations. But the fact is also that these are phantom customers - they do not exist!
This is really a form of economic terrorism. And it is fraud and in some cases might very well be actionable in a court of law, 
(here's an example) so let us explain exactly how this was put in motion and how it works.
On September 23, 2014 the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s newest email spam, asking their recipients to sign a petition calling for sponsors to end their relationship with The Rush Limbaugh Show, is based on the two-year old Stop Rush political protest as its inspiration. After an investigation, The Rush Limbaugh Show has discovered a far darker story to Stop Rush, and is today releasing the hidden story of the people and motives behind the Stop Rush conspiracy.
The Stop Rush group claims to be made up of ordinary consumers unhappy with Rush Limbaugh’s comments. The group claims to be “grassroots,” just concerned consumers who won’t shop at businesses that advertise with Rush Limbaugh.
In truth, however, there are no potential customers here, just a small number of hardcore leftwing political activists founded by Angelo Carusone, EVP of Media Matters for America.
And like Mr. Carusone, it’s remarkably tiny.
Only 10 Twitter users account for almost 70% of all StopRush tweets to advertisers, but their impact is amplified by illicit software.
In addition, almost every communication from a StopRush activist originates from outside the home state of the advertiser. Thus, these activists are not and never would have been customers; their only role is to harass small businesses in an attempt to interfere with their operations, as long as they are advertising with Rush.
How does this small group make themselves look so much bigger than they actually are?
Stop Rush has deployed custom automated tweeting software, in violation of Twitter’s rules, that lets their activists send tweets at a rate far faster than any unassisted person could do manually. They send barrages of thousands of messages through this software until advertisers are bullied and harassed into cancellation.
These activists have long operated in secret and anonymously. But now, The Rush Limbaugh Show has the results of an investigation that names the people tweeting, facebooking, and emailing small businesses with harassing and bullying messages over and over until they surrender. These names are surprising, and even include a professor at Kent State University using her official email account to badger advertisers.
We contacted those on the list for whom we had or could find email addresses to ask for their side of the story, but got no response from any of them, so here are the names and a little information on some of the top terrorists:

Name: Matthew Mitchell
Location: Altamonte Springs, FL
ID: Captain Murdock/@CaptMurdock
Name: Nancy Padak
Location: Kent State University
ID: [email protected] 
Fun Fact: Emails advertisers with harassment from her official Kent State email address. Gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush. Friend of Cherie Richards 
Name: Cherie Richards
Location: Powell, Ohio
ID: Kitty Fitzgerald/@KittyFitz50 [email protected] 
Fun Fact: Regularly changes online identity to hide anonymously, gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush

Name: Jason Rey
Location: Georgia
ID: Frantic Quark/@FranticQuark

Name: Lauren Reynolds
Location: Los Angeles, CA
ID: Lauren Reynolds/@chloesty, [email protected] 
Fun Fact: Gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush
Name: Sarah Smyea Rivers
Location: Whittier, CA
ID: SueBryce/@eurekasue49
Fun Fact: Changes ID frequently with different numbers to remain anonymous 
Name: Dennis William Rohner
Location: Gainesville, FL
ID: [email protected] has sent over 96,000 tweets
Name: Linda Kotsenburg Swanholm
Location: Covina, CA
ID: CMMorgan/@socallks, [email protected]
Fun Fact: Develops, administers, and distributes target lists indiscriminately, gives businesses she has no relationship with 1 star ratings if they advertise on Rush
Name: Carol Kernahan Wallin
Location: Anaheim, CA
ID: Uses @Flushfools and @hrhprincess,[email protected]
Fun Fact: Writes for DailyKos under both identities, long bullying/harassing pieces about political opponents.
What can you do to fight this vicious and dangerous conspiracy?
First of all, show them they are no longer anonymous and they can’t hide.
You can do that by calling Kent State University and demanding that the University sever its relationship with Nancy Padak for breach of the Kent State Code of Conduct, specifically its provisions requiring university faculty and staff to “Practice personal and professional integrity, and to discourage all forms of dishonesty, deceit…” The Kent State University Code of Conduct 
may be found here and Kent State University President, Dr. Beverly Warren’s office phone is 330-672-2210.
You can let Matthew Mitchell of Altamonte Springs, FL; Jason Rey down in Georgia, Lauren Reynolds of Los Angeles, CA; Cherie Richards of Powell, Ohio; Sarah Smyea Rivers of Whittier, CA; Dennis William Rohner of Gainesville, FL; Linda Kotsenburg Swanholm of Covina, CA and Carol Kernahan Wallin of Anaheim, CA that you are on to the game and want it to stop, their contact information is list above.
Finally, and most importantly, you can patronize Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers and tell them that you are there because you heard about them on the Rush Limbaugh program.

Here's a link to some fast facts about the Democrats' plot to destroy Rush Limbaugh through this new form of ecoonomic terrorism.

Here's a link to the list of top participants in this new form of ecoonomic terrorism to pass on to your friends and contacts.


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