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Open Letter to GOP Leaders: Don't Give Away The 2014 Election!

GOP Leaders: Don't Give Away The 2014 Election

To: Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, NRCC Chairman Rep. Greg Walden and NRSC Chairman Sen. Jerry Moran

Re: Republican Victory in the 2014 Midterm Elections
From: The Concerned Conservative Voters of America

A truism in American politics is that Republicans never win elections unless the campaign is about national issues. A campaign fought on national issues doesn’t guarantee a GOP victory, but never in modern times have Republicans won a national campaign fought on local issues.

Today, because the Republican Party you lead has inexplicably refused to campaign on national issues,  grassroots conservatives are disheartened and Republicans are in danger of throwing away a once in a lifetime opportunity to build the 2014 midterm elections into a historic wave election.

Republican candidates for the U.S. House and Senate must make clear their positions on the key issues facing our country today, among which are:
  1. Opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens and support for a secure border.
  2. Support for a strong national defense, especially against radical Islam and the reemergence of dictators such as Russia's Vladimir Putin.
  3. Using the power the Constitution bestowed upon Congress to end the culture of corruption, lies and lawlessness with which Obama and the Democrats have infected our government.
I urge -- no I demand -- that you and the Republican candidates for the United States Senate and House of Representatives abandon the content-free, "me-too" campaigns they are now running and tell the American people they stand in bold opposition to the executive amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants that President Obama has promised, that they will demand that Obama honor the constitutional role Congress has to play in our national security and that they will stand for a strong national defense against radical Islam and dictators like Putin, and that they will use the power the Constitution bestows upon Congress to rein-in Obama's lies, corruption and lawlessness.

The 2014 midterm election is barely a month away. There is still time to rally the conservative voters of America behind Republican candidates and make this a wave election. This is the golden hour; we can change history and save our country if we act together today.

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I'd like to add.

I signed the petition but was disappointed that it did not include balancing the budget by reducing the size of the Federal Government.


I signed the petition but was disappointed that it did not include balancing the budget by reducing the size of the Federal Government