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How Obama Beheaded an Oklahoma Grandmother

behead those who insult islam
On Thursday, September 25, Colleen Hufford a 54-year old grandmother was beheaded at her workplace by Alton Nolen (aka Jah’Keem Yisrael), a self-described Muslim convert, who attended a mosque in Oklahoma City, advocated the overthrow of the Constitution through the imposition of Sharia law in America and publicly supported anti-American Islamist terrorists.
But we might just as well say that President Barack Obama beheaded Mrs. Hufford, because through his actions, and especially the actions of the Obama Pentagon, Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security Mrs. Hufford's murderer was given cover and allowed the freedom to commit his terrorist act.
Last week we told you about soon-to-depart Attorney General Eric Holder’s bizarre news release in which he announced in the wake of the murders of Americans James Foley and Steven Sotloff by radical Islamist that he was undertaking a new program to counter “violent extremism,” but never mentioned radical Islam, jihad or any other term that would clue the American public to exactly who these “violent extremists” might be.
This was not just some weird omission by an inept Justice Department flack, but part of a broad Obama policy that built upon and vastly expanded the George W. Bush myth that “Islam is a religion of peace.”
Under Obama practically all mention of Islam, jihad and the violence associated with Islamist ideology has been scrubbed from military, homeland security and law enforcement training.
And those who deviate from this policy are fired or run out of the service.
And this broad, nebulous definition of who might be a “violent extremist” has another benefit to the Obama administration – it has allowed them to vastly expand the Bush administration domestic and electronic surveillance state without specifying who the target is.
It is as if America was conducting the Cold War without mentioning World Communism – it makes absolutely no sense.
It is time for Americans and our government to get real to the domestic threat posed by Islamists.
In the eyes of many, if not most, Muslims any advocacy of another faith or the advocacy of no faith at all is prohibited.
Sophisticates, “realists” and partisan Democrats may not like the idea of applying moral terms like good and evil to our national security and homeland security policy – fair enough – how about liberty guaranteed by the Constitution versus tyranny?
Because when it comes to freedom of speech and religion, there is none in Islamist countries.
In our society, each human being is a free agent, endowed by the Creator with certain “unalienable Rights,” among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – and it was to protect those rights that Americans drafted and adopted the Constitution.
The concept that each person should be able to speak and freely pursue happiness in their own way is totally at odds with traditional Muslim society, the Sharia law Muslims are trying to impose on America, and with the social order in Islamist countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, or even in allegedly Western-oriented Muslim nations, such as Pakistan.
In Saudi Arabia for example, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, also known as the Religious Police or mutaween roam the streets of the Kingdom enforcing the government’s version of the Sharia or traditional Islamic law.
The mutaween are most noted in the Western media for their campaign against loosening restrictions on women, such as the ban on women driving and the strict Saudi female dress code, but they have broad powers beyond those most covered by the media.
Among them are many that are, for example, directly at odds with Obama’s self-professed defense of free speech.  
The mutaween have the power to ban and seize media regarded as anti-Islamic, including newspapers that have articles critical of the Saudi version of Islam, CDs, DVDs or other recordings of Western musical groups, television programs and videos which have material contrary to the Sharia or Islam. Additionally, they actively prevent the practice or proselytizing of other religions within Saudi Arabia, where all religions except Islam are banned.
Despite Barack Obama’s attempts to convince Americans that Islam is no threat to our values and Constitution, the record is there for everyone to see; in countries where Islamists hold sway, liberty recedes.
Mrs. Hufford’s death is directly on the President’s hands because his policies have deprived Americans generally, and our homeland security and law enforcement agencies in particular, of the knowledge they need to recognize the threat posed by Islamists like Alton Nolen and also to recognize that Islamism is coming here through violent means unless Americans wake up and take steps to prevent it.

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