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Conservatives: Demand That GOP Senate Candidates Campaign On National Security

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A new study by Kellyanne Conway of the polling company on issues for the midterm elections shows “security,” especially national security, to be at the top of voter concerns going into the November 4 election. However, Republicans following the national GOP’s “prevent defense” strategy have been strangely silent on this winning issue.
We will come back to this study again and again between now and the election because we think that Conway’s findings and the insights of Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy (one of the sponsors of the study), are vital to Republican victory in the 2014 midterm.
But here’s the first key point from the study we want to share with you today: No participants believe they or the country are safer today than a year ago.

You read that right.
Conway conducted two focus groups, one in Florida and one in Ohio, and no participants believe they or the country are safer today than a year ago.

In Ohio, Conway’s study found, “half the respondents indicated they felt less safe personally and that they felt the US was less safe today than a year ago. The other half assessed it as “about the same.” In Florida, nine respondents indicated their personal safety was about the same now as a year ago (four felt it was less so), even as 8 of them offered that the US was less safe than a year ago (five saying it is unchanged).”
Now here’s another key point from Conway’s focus groups: “Despite the fact that Floridians did not name immigration as a top-of-mind issue, the ensuing conversation made clear that it is a concern related to national security in both Ohio and Florida.
Conway found that “Participants in both states were asked what advice they would give our national security leaders and the President to increase our safety. In both groups, securing our borders was the most common suggestion.
Now here’s why it is so vital to Republican victory in the midterms that GOP candidates campaign on “security,” particularly national security and border security.
Kellyanne Conway asked participants in the focus groups in Ohio and Florida to recommend solutions to the problems they identified.
“With the exception of taking a tough stance against ISIS and protecting our borders, they were unable to do so with specificity,” found Conway.

Discussions revolved around the lack of communication, lack of bi-partisanship and the need for term limits as possible solutions to the dead-end in Washington DC, but “national security” and “border security” were the two areas where participants could agree on specific solutions.

“Secure our borders immediately” – Phyllis, Florida

“Secure the borders!” – Sher S, Ohio

“Border control and revisit the military budget” – William, Ohio

“Make our border a hard, secured border and then enforce existing immigration laws” – Michael, Florida

Perhaps most telling was the absence of any discernible or doable answers to their nagging questions about jobs and the economy, many years into those chronic concerns. Voters in Florida and Ohio were much quicker and much more resolute on matters of border and national security.

Conway’s findings are compelling and offer the GOP a clear path to moving significant blocks of voters to the Republican column. Yet, beyond a few perfunctory phrases that appear to be drafted by some DC consultant, you cannot find “national security” or “border security” on the websites or in the stump speech of the GOP’s “prevent defense” candidates.
Now here’s what you can do to lead and make sure Republicans don’t giveaway the 2014 midterm; click this link to go to our 2014 Republican Senate campaign contact list and let the GOP Senate candidates know you and other conservatives want them to nationalize the election, campaign on national security and WIN in November.
We encourage you to craft your own message, but here are some bullet points to help:
A “prevent defense” isn’t going to win this election and I want you to win.
National security is one issue that moves voters into the Republican column and is vital to your election.
A recent study by Kellyanne Conway found that “national security” and “border security” were the two areas where participants could agree on specific solutions which are taking a tough stance against ISIS and securing our borders.
No participants in Kellyanne Conway’s study believe they or the country are safer today than a year ago.
You must campaign on “security,” specifically national security and border security, to win this election; a “prevent defense” on these issues is a recipe for defeat.

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Security Obsessed "Conservatives" Continue to Lose Liberty

When the like of "Conservatives: Demand That GOP Senate Candidates Campaign on National Security" is foisted on your readers, I have to wonder whether the CHQ Staff has a Jekyll and Hyde persona hiding at its keyboards. We already spend more on weapons for large standing armies than the next ten big weapons spenders combined. Our welfare/warfare state has imprisoned more citizens per thousand than any other country. And, all this with more bases and self inspired "blowback" wars around the world than we can afford, has not made Americans safer.

As TAC's Daniel McCarthy recently wrote: "It’s an old story, and it applies at home as well as abroad. Last year the antiwar movement thought it had won its own metaphorical war—by preventing Obama from launching a real one against Assad’s Syria—yet the subsequent peace was lost. No institution had arisen that could prevent another round of mass-media sensationalism from taking America to war again. No noninterventionist think tank or peace organization commanded the attention or imagination of policymakers, whose minds remained filled only with possibilities provided by interventionists. Neoconservatives and humanitarian interventionists are still almost the only players at the table in Washington, despite their decades of failure."

So now, contorting a poll funded by the Center for Security Policy (that awards the likes of Peter King, Dick Cheney, Joe Lieberman, Paul Wolfowitz,and Donald Rumsfeld) we get the CHQ call to elect Republican Senators with a "more security" message that will be able to thrive with the interventionists of the welfare/warfare state? What's next? Peter King for President?

National Security


Everything you said is true and I agree 100%.

You asked for suggestions. Well, I have one.

Everyone I’ve contacted – and I’ve spoken to many – has no understanding of the juggernaut in our country’s schools called the Common Core.

Our education system has already failed to teach our children the beautiful story of our country’s founding and what it means to be an American.

As a consequence, our schools are graduating an army of ignorant democrats. In one or two generations these voters will change our United States of America to an irreversible United States of Europe.

Go to YouTube and watch one of the videos titled: “Common Core, Dangers and Threats...” presented by Dr. Duke Pesta, an expert on the Common ?Core.

All Americans should take the free courses offered on-line by Hillsdale College. The factual knowledge they gain will inspire them to fight this cancer called liberalism that has infected our people.