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Leading Conservatives Say GOP Right Turn Right Idea

Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Louie Gohmert

“It is about time that the Republican Party stops the war on conservatives and takes a strong stand for principles that make our nation stronger, which happen to be conservative,” remarked Texas Representative Louie Gohmert, commenting on RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ speech on Thursday which laid out the principles that the national Republican Party stands for.

Gohmert and other leading conservatives have long been waiting to hear Priebus and establishment Republicans state in plain language what has thus far been absent from most of the national dialogue: that the Republican Party actually believes in America’s founding principles.

It’s the first step in selling the idea that Republicans are for something other than simply trying to derail Obama and the Democrats, a notion that doesn’t get anyone excited – or elected.

“We are not Obama,” isn’t nearly enough.

Gohmert continued, “For so long establishment types have been blaming conservatives for losses when it was actually the abandonment of our core conservative principles that was doing the damage. The majority of Americans want the nation preserved with fewer Washington bureaucrats calling the shots.

“They want our nation secured against enemies foreign and domestic, while being free of deadly diseases that are coming into the country and spreading by the Democrats’ politically correct policies. They want an end to the waste of deficit spending. They’d even like the White House safe from intruders, where vulnerability has arisen from liberal, unqualified political correctness.

“Americans would like our military men and women to be able to defend themselves without Rules of Engagement that allow our enemies to wound or kill them first. They would like a secure border so people come in legally, and are not secretly shipped all over the country with any illness they might happen to be carrying.”

If only all Republican candidates would put it as directly and succinctly as Gohmert, they wouldn’t be struggling in certain areas of the country. It is also great to see establishment Republicans championing conservatism rather than attacking conservatives, which happened so frequently during the contentious primary season.

Too many times the establishment makes conservatism the enemy rather than the corruption and lies of Obama and the Democrats.

And it IS about time that Priebus spoke up.

“This nation’s foundation was on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through limited government, not bloated, oppressive, freedom-stealing, luxury-indulged government. Power should be in the people’s hands – not in the clutches of bureaucrats in Washington, DC,” Gohmert added.

Priebus’ speech outlined eleven values that the GOP believes in, called the ‘Principles for American Renewal.’ They’re intended to provide a core national agenda to unite Republicans up and down the ballot. Included are important calls for a securing the border and beefing up the military.

Senator Mike Lee echoed Gohmert’s praise of Priebus’ actions. “Chairman Priebus has laid out the case for how Republicans should succeed this fall.  We have a broad agenda to address Americans’ economic and national security concerns, while the Democrats are forced to run on their failed record of Obamacare, unemployment, and debt.  The choice couldn’t be more clear and it’s up to the American people to decide the course we take…

“…It is an ambitious vision for the future of our country and demonstrates the kind of leadership Americans are desperate for.  I am encouraged that the GOP is the party of ideas once again.”

The reluctance of leaders of the national Republican Party to identify themselves with conservatism has been disturbing in recent times, leading to the rise of the Tea Party and grassroots efforts to battle not only Obama and the Democrats, but establishment Republicans themselves.

The RNC’s actions are yet another indication that conservatives are winning. Perhaps Priebus’ speech is a sign that Republicans are finally starting to “get it.” Let’s hope the positive direction continues.

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