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Sessions: Amnesty Hurts African-Americans the Most

In an exclusive interview conducted by our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama argued that amnesty for illegal aliens and other immigration policies favored by Obama and the Democrats will be Jeff Sessionsfinancially devastating -- especially to African-American workers.

Sessions' passion for putting the interests of working Americans first and his commitment to conservative principles demonstrates once again why he has been steadily rising in our CHQ 2016 presidential straw poll. The Alabama Senator has been a leader in the fight to expose the Democrats’ plans to legalize millions of immigrants.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

"A nation owes its first obligation to its own citizens,” Sessions said in an emailed statement. “But our current immigration policy advantages the citizens of other countries over our own. Undeniably, one of the groups most hurt economically by unjust immigration policies are African-American citizens.”

“What amnesty is doing is setting aside a special class of individuals who are ... treated more favorably than others. In other words, they’ve already broken the law and are being given amnesty. In terms of immigration policy, it would severely affect the rights of blacks generally and all low-income Americans. What it is going to do is displace those individuals from the labor market.”

“What do Senate Democrats say to the millions of young Americans living in poverty, hoping for that first job, only to lose out to lower-paid labor brought in from overseas?” Sessions asked. “This nation has a deep responsibility to its own citizens, who are barely scraping by in this stagnant economy." He added, "We need to help our own jobseekers, our own communities, our own schools and neighborhoods. Yet the immigration bill endorsed by Senate and House Democrats would deliver a hammer blow to our struggling cities and workers.”

The rest of Boyle’s article can be seen by clicking this link:

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