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PGA of America Goes PC, Acts Like ‘Lil Girl’

All’s not well in the world of professional golf and we’re not even talking about Tiger Woods’ bad back or Rory McIlroy’s latest headline-grabbing personal catastrophe.

Last week, the PGA of America announced the firing of its president, Ted Bishop, over some insensitive Ted Bishopcomments he’d made via Twitter. Bishop had been engaged in a social media battle of words with British Tour pro Ian Poulter concerning the recently concluded Ryder Cup competition.

In case you’re not a golf fan, the European team soundly defeated the Americans last month to retain the Ryder Cup, a result that’s become all-too-common in the past couple decades (the U.S. team has only won twice since 1993, in 2008 and 1999). The PGA of America, though not officially affiliated with the PGA Tour, handles the selection of professional players for the Ryder Cup.

As captain of the PGA ship, Ted Bishop was intimately involved in the selection of this year’s losing captain, Tom Watson. Hence, he’s taken a lot of flak over his decision-making.

The fallout from the U.S. loss has been nasty… you’d have to be a golf fan to truly understand.

On the other hand, Ian Poulter is an outspoken member of the European squad and generally thought to be its emotional leader. Therefore, Poulter draws a lot of attention when Tweeting about the Ryder Cup. He’s also a flamboyant dresser and has spiked blonde hair.

He stands out in a crowd (kind of like the Rod Stewart of golf).

That’s the background for the story. In Bishop’s Tweeted responses to Poulter, he first called the latter a “Lil Girl,” and then a "little school girl squealing during recess."

Most people reading the exchange between the two would pass it off as public personalities having a battle of jabs at best – or airing a little vitriol at worst. But the forces pushing political correctness aren’t “most people.” They saw it as a fresh opportunity to impose their ideology and make a point.

Liberals labeled Bishop’s comments as “sexist.” You mean one man jokingly referring to another as a “Lil Girl” is bashing women? These must be the same people who don’t think individuals should be responsible for purchasing their own birth control.

And they’ve certainly never been in a boys’ locker room, where you hear that kind of ribbing all the time. No one thinks anything of it.

Apparently the PGA’s Board of Directors thought otherwise. They buckled under the liberals’ PC pressure, deciding to terminate Bishop with just two months left on his term as president.

“The PGA of America understands the enormous responsibility it has to lead this great game and to enrich lives in our society through golf,” said PGA Chief Executive Officer Pete Bevacqua in a statement announcing the firing. “We must demand of ourselves that we make golf both welcoming and inclusive to all who want to experience it, and everyone at the PGA of America must lead by example.”

Disinterested observers would probably agree that Bishop, as president of the PGA of America, should not be calling a prominent Tour player a “Lil Girl” – especially in front of the whole world of social media. But isn’t it a little extreme to fire someone who’s had a long and distinguished career for such a petty offense?

Some have speculated the PGA Board was looking for a convenient excuse to make an example out of Bishop (because of his Ryder Cup failings). Golf is still seen as a rich white man’s sport and the liberal media jumps all over any potential deviation from the mushy middle where it is concerned. The Board looks like it just wants to appear “sensitive” to women.

That could be true, but it’s also clear that the forces of political correctness have infiltrated the game of professional golf at the same time.

For a sport that prides itself as governed by history, tradition and integrity, it’s a shame.

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PC gone nuts

I really like the golf channel but cannot sit by and watch this travesty. The announcers were piling on like someone was killed. I am cancelling my golf channel subscription.