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Viguerie to NewsMax: If GOP Wins Big Thank The Tea Party

Richard A. Viguerie

In a recent interview with NewsMax TV’s J.D. Hayworth, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie said, “If Republicans do enjoy a big win at the polls on Election Day, as predicted, they will have the tea party to thank.”

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Viguerie expressed frustration that the national leadership of the Republican Party has been an "abysmal failure" in conveying a national message to the American people.

"In my 50 plus years at the national level of the conservative movement, I've observed that the Republicans never win big unless they nationalize the election and the Republican leaders have failed to do that," said Viguerie.

"They haven't given the American people any idea of what they’re for," said Viguerie. "The American people know they're opposed to the Democrats, but there's nothing else the Republican leaders have given the people in terms of their ideas, about the future for America. The Democrats have a clear vision of where they want to take America and the Republicans don't."

"Big government Republicans," the term Viguerie uses to characterize establishment members of the GOP, should nationalize three key issues: amnesty, national security and the corruption, lies and lawlessness of Obama Democrats, Viguerie told Hayworth.

In his toughest charge against the Republican leadership Viguerie said, "Republican leaders have consciously not nationalized this election because they don't want to have a mandate to govern and close the borders and strengthen our national defense and roll back Obamacare and other big government agenda items of the Obama administration," he speculated. "If they have a nationalized election they have a mandate to do something and maybe these big government Republicans don't want to undo much of the Obama administration's policies and programs."

"Conservatives," Viguerie concluded, "need to bear the burden of nationalizing this election because it's not going to come from the Republican leaders."

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See our vote-changing vidoe "Who Will Keep Us Safe?" and then join our campaign to nationalize the election on the issues of stopping amnesty for illegal aliens, destroying the threat of radical Islam and ending the culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption with which Obama has poinsoned our government.

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What to do after elections...

WE Ttiers has to relentlessly pressure the GOPe (assuming they win) if they ever stray from the TP principles especially if they win because of the TP.

Boehner succumbed to our pressure when he tried to ram down our throats the GOPe version of the immigration reform. If we could do it in the House, we could do it in the Senate.

Support for GOP

The Tea Party is only part of the action that will help the Republican Party in this election. I am a conservative but am not a part of the tea party. Many voters who are supporting this are not enthralled with the Tea Party either. We are all simply on the same side of the issues today. So, don't credit one group dissatisfied with BO and the democrats with any changes that are happening this year. They did contribute but so have all the rest of us who are ready to fire BO and reverse all of his illegal edicts.

Re: Support for GOP

This is in reply to "Support for GOP" by sdofaz:

Mr. sdofaz failed to identify if he is a "Lincoln style Republican" or the current Republican party, which has morphed in much the same way the original Progressives have morphed into liberalism -- a more aggressive state of progressivism. I must assume the latter; otherwise, he would have no problem with the Tea Party.

I recommend that Mr. sdofaz take all the free on-line courses offered by Hillsdale College so that he might have a clearer understanding of our American heritage. Simply go to and start with Constitution 101 and work up through the various Constitution and History courses, including Econ. 101.

-- JW
Ann Arbor