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The Desperate Fight Against Fanaticism

army medic


On May 11, 1945, two inexpensive Japanese planes carrying a single bomb each and flown by inexperienced kamikaze pilots dove into the mighty U.S.S. Bunker Hill, one of our greatest aircraft carriers, killing or wounding more than 700 naval men and permanently crippling one of our most important weapons. Overall, kamikazes damaged 288 ships during World War II, including 36 carriers (16 of them major carriers), sinking 34 ships of all kinds, and putting many others, like the Bunker Hill, out of the war for good.

Americans regarded use of suicide bombers abhorrent in the extreme and many Japanese were likewise appalled, but there can be no question it was effective. By the time Japan embraced the tactic it was too late to turn the tide of the war but it still made a lasting impression. We expect our soldiers to be brave but assume they hope and pray to survive so they can return home to their loved ones. We are at a loss to understand the mentality of men who are actually eager to sacrifice their lives on the battlefield.

But that is what we are up against again today in our seemingly endless struggle against Islamic fanatics in the Middle East and elsewhere. These are people who have rejected the basic values of democratic society altogether, treasuring neither life nor freedom. They aspire to impose their barbaric ideology on the entire world and are willing to sacrifice their lives to make it happen. Rarely in history has any society been confronted with such unmitigated evil.

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