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Another Obama Choice To Crush American Workers

Obama EPA Leave us alone
If you are unfamiliar with the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, you are not alone, in the media circus that surrounded the 2014 midterms the public comment period on this disastrous bureaucratic attack on American workers has been quietly slipping by with the public comment period closing on December 1.
The Clean Power Plan is a major goal of the Obama administration and a key part of Obama’s “strategy to stop climate change.”
We put “strategy to stop climate change” in quotes because there’s mounting evidence that manmade climate change is a myth, or perhaps scientific fraud is more accurate.
However, while man’s effects on the Earth’s climate is open to further debate and scientific investigation, what is beyond debate is the disastrous effect on American jobs and American works Obama’s Clean Power Plan will have.
As Georgetown professor Arik Levinson explained in an article for Forbes, “The Clean Power Plan is a ‘rate-based’ standard, meaning that it caps the ratio of carbon pollution per megawatt hour of electricity generated in each state.”
While Levinson’s article goes into a detailed analysis of the defects in the proposed regulation and how to correct the math in the carbon reduction formula the regulation what really caught our were these two points:
First, the regulation as written encourages government subsidized generation. Instead of reducing carbon emissions in the numerator of the formula, which would require actual carbon emission reductions, states can meet their target rates by expanding electricity generation in the denominator, which does not. A state that subsidizes solar or wind-powered electricity generation can meet its rate-based target even if that new generation does not replace existing coal or gas-powered generation.
In other words, the proposed regulation protects the green energy boondoggles like Solyndra that have enriched Democratic Party donors while doing nothing to actually reduce the carbon emission they claim are causing climate change or “global warming.”
Second, and most important, the regulation has the effect of exacerbating recessions. Levinson points out that during economic downturns electricity generation in the denominator of the rate-based standard shrinks, meaning carbon pollution in the numerator must shrink even faster for states to meet their targets. So the ratio-based rule imposes the largest burden on states during recessions, potentially exacerbating them.
And these effects would be truly devastating.
The EPA itself has admitted its power plant rule will cause nationwide electricity price increases of between 6 and 7 percent in 2020, and up to 12 percent in some locations. That's considered by most economists an underestimate.
An economic analysis released by NERA Economic Consulting. Analysts found that compliance with the EPA’s plan to regulate emissions from existing power plants would cost more than $366 billion and would drive electricity rates up by 18 percent in Florida.
In Ohio the carbon-reduction plan could cost Ohio consumers billions of dollars, the vice-chairman of the state's Public Utilities Commission said.
In Virginia utility regulators estimate hitting the EPA targets would require the state’s largest utility (Dominion) to spend an additional $5.5 billion to $6 billion.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says, because American businesses compete on a global scale, rising electricity rates resulting from EPA’s rule will place us at a disadvantage.
But here’s the real issue from our perspective (and probably one of the few areas where we agree without reservation with the Chamber) is that impacted businesses will choose to move overseas, taking their emissions and their jobs with them. *
As with so many of the job-destroying actions the Obama administration has taken, the real victims will be America’s hard-pressed workers and their families because if the Clean Power Plan is implemented America will have fewer jobs, but global emissions won’t decrease.

Read Professor Levinson article in Forbes here

Hat tip to Nancy Smith of Sunshine State News for her article “EPA’s Clean Power Plan: All Pain, No Gain,” which contains many useful links and info.

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