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This Thanksgiving We Conservatives Are Like The Pilgrims

Richard Viguerie
This Thanksgiving Americans have much to be thankful for; we live in a relatively free country, despite our ongoing military action in the Middle East, the World is relatively peaceful and, for those who do have a job, it is a time of relative prosperity.
Our situation today is much more like what the Pilgrims actually gave thanks for on that first Thanksgiving than most modern Americans would care to admit, because on that first Thanksgiving the Pilgrims gave thanks not because all dangers or impediments to their success had been removed, but because things were not as bad as they were previously.
So, in much the same way as the Pilgrims gave thanks for God’s forbearance and help in producing a crop that was, if not abundant, at least adequate to their needs, we should give thanks for the results of the 2014 election .
The results of the 2014 midterm election preserve for us the possibility – no guarantee – but the possibility that, with the help of God and our fellow conservatives, we can turn our country from the road to destruction that it has traveled over the past several decades and especially over these past six years.
In giving thanks for God’s help in retaining in America the prospect of a return to liberty under the Constitution we should give special thanks for the thousands of individuals who ran for public office and campaigned on the principles of limited government constitutional conservatism.
And we should give thanks for the selfless millions of men and women that walked the precincts, made the phone calls, made the campaign contributions, sent the letters and email and did the myriad of other tasks necessary to win the election and renew the hope for freedom the Pilgrims had when they landed in the New World.
We should also recall that the Pilgrims didn’t just give thanks for what they had; they gave thanks for the freedom to pursue what they – with God’s help – might yet achieve.
We conservatives are in much the same situation today.
We have achieved much simply by arriving where we are after the election.  We, and our country, have survived a long harsh "political winter," but there’s no guarantee that we will succeed in our goal of governing America according to limited government constitutional conservative principles.  To do that will require many more years of hard work.
This Thanksgiving let’s give thanks for the fruits of the hard work we, and our fellow conservatives put forth to win the election; give thanks for our conservative leaders from the local precinct captains to our national leaders, like Senators Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, and most importantly, let’s pray for the strength to win the many battles and overcome the many hurdles that stand between us and our goal of governing America according to limited government constitutional conservative principles.
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