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Rand Paul: I Won’t Vote For a Spending Bill That Funds Amnesty

Rand Paul

Kentucky’s liberty-minded Senator Rand Paul has joined anti-amnesty leaders Jeff Sessions of Alabama and Ted Cruz of Texas in opposing any spending bill that includes funding for President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Senator Paul, a likely 2016 presidential candidate and the frontrunner in some early polls, says he will be voting against the establishment Republican House leadership’s spending plan, this "abomination" of a bill as he called it, and urged all Republicans to oppose it.

"I won't vote for the spending bill if it includes money for the executive amnesty," he told radio host Laura Ingraham.

"I'll vote no to any kind of 2,000-page bill that I'm given at the last minute that we don't have time to read. It's an abomination, nobody should support a Congress that stuffs all the spending into one bill, nobody reads it, there are no reforms, no amendments, and it really is probably why Congress has about a 10% approval rate because this is not doing our job," Paul said on Ingraham's radio program.

While establishment Democrats and Republicans labeled the spending agreement a “responsible, bipartisan and bicameral agreement on funding,” conservatives correctly see the plan as a sell-out to Obama and the Democrats because there are no constraints in the bill that would block the President from going forward with his recently announced executive actions on immigration.

The full bill, the text of which was, according to our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart, “publicly introduced at about 8:20 p.m. on Tuesday after congressional leaders missed several self-set deadlines throughout the day,” is 1,603 pages long. Meaning, as Boyle observed that it will be impossible for any member of the House or Senate to read the entire bill before voting on it this week.

(Here’s a link to a 62 page summary of the bill provided by the Senate Appropriations Committee.)

Many conservatives, such as Senators Sessions and Cruz and Rep. Steve King of Iowa, have called on Republicans to use the power of the purse to curb Obama's unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and Senator Paul’s support is a key addition to their numbers in the Senate.

Meanwhile, on the House side of Capitol Hill establishment GOP leaders are trying to dragoon House Republicans into supporting the plan, dubbed the “CRomnibus” by the media, to fund most of the federal government through the end of the fiscal year in the Omnibus spending bill and Homeland Security for a few months through a Continuing Resolution.

Most observers and vote counters do not believe that Speaker Boehner and the rest of his establishment Republican leadership team can pass the bill without Democrat support and they have already caved-in on funding the contraception and abortion mandates in Obamacare, along with other key elements of the conservative agenda, to obtain Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s support for the bill.

In Matt Boyle’s analysis, the ”pure numbers in Congress suggest Boehner can’t get enough Republicans to pass his executive amnesty omnibus, something even his top lieutenants have admitted in recent days.”

There are 435 members of the House, and to pass this bill, Boehner and his allies—including Louisiana’s Republican Whip Steve Scalise and California’s Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy—need to get 218 votes. There are 234 Republicans in the House as the 113th Congress finishes its final days of the lame duck post-election session, meaning Boehner could theoretically pass a bill that all Republicans agree with.

But according to Boyle, Arizona Republican Rep. Matt Salmon, a conservative, says there are at least 50 Republicans—probably more—who won’t vote for this bill. If even 18 Republicans vote against the bill, that means Boehner needs Nancy Pelosi and her top lieutenant Steny Hoyer to get to 218. Matt Boyle reports that Salmon is not optimistic the number of Republicans in opposition will reach the number of Democrats voting for this bill at this time. Yet since there are so many liberal parts of the bill, once the text is introduced, anything can happen.

“I think the number is over 50 that will vote against it but it doesn’t matter because there is going to be over 50 Democrats who vote for it,” Salmon said on Tuesday, while calling Boehner's strategy cowardly.

While most of the establishment media attention has focused on the bill’s failure to curb Obama’s unconstitutional attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie had a message for those allegedly conservative Republicans who vote for the “CRomnibus:”

“If you fund it, you own it.”

Funding the government at Obama levels, said Mr. Viguerie, means that Republicans who vote for the “CRominbus” are saying “YES” to a host of destructive policies that they just got done campaigning against; Obamacare, Obama’s war on coal, giveaways to illegal aliens, military partnerships with hostile radical Muslims, and millions, if not billions of taxpayer dollars going to radical liberal organizations, such as La Raza, Planned Parenthood and ACORN-like community organizing groups.

There’s only one way to stop Obama’s destructive policies, and the ruinous spending that has pushed America into a national debt of over $18 trillion, and that is for Republicans to stop voting “YES” on bills like the “CRomnibus.”

And if any Republican does vote "YES" said Viguerie, then conservatives must stop giving them a free pass in the Republican primary -- any Republican who votes for the CR - Omnibus package should be considered a ripe target for a primary challenge.

We urge CHQ readers to pick-up the phone (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives who have committed to melt the phone lines to Capitol Hill with this simple message: If you fund it, you own it. Vote “NO” on the CR – Omnibus spending plan.

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