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How the CRomnibus and GOP Leaders Are Screwing American Workers

Amnesty will hurt American workers

Much has been made about the just-announced opposition of the Teamsters Union to the “CRomnibus” spending plan negotiated by the House Republican leadership. But Jimmy Hoffa, Jr’s statement of opposition and call for the bill’s defeat has nothing to do with the bill’s worst impact on American workers.

“On behalf of the 1.4 million members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, I am writing to ask that you vote NO on the rule and NO on the Omnibus Appropriations Bill,” Hoffa wrote to all members of Congress on Wednesday afternoon. “This bill and its self-executing rule will slash the pensions of thousands of retirees who worked years for a pension that they thought would provide them financial security in their retirement years. That promise is now busted.”*

While Hoffa is right that the bill undercuts government pension guarantees and union work rules its worst impact on American workers is found on pages 128 and 129 and on page 909 where the bill grants millions of dollars to the Obama administration to educate and process the amnesty applications of the thousands of “UACs” or unaccompanied minor children that have flooded into the U.S. since Obama’s amnesty plan became common knowledge on the streets of Central America.

On pages 128 and 129 the bill provides the Department of Justice (DOJ) funds for the “Administrative review and appeals (including transfer of funds) “For expenses necessary for the administration of pardon and clemency petitions and immigration-related activities, $351,072,000, of which $4,000,000 shall be derived by transfer from the Executive Office for Immigration Review fees deposited in the ‘Immigration Examinations Fee’ account.”

This directly provides $4 million to immediately process the paperwork necessary to implement amnesty for illegal aliens – and since it appropriates fees it proves that House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers was just plain lying when he said that the House couldn’t do anything to stop amnesty since the money came from fee-based accounts.

Rather than appropriating the $4 million Rogers could have just as easily written the bill to prohibit funds “For expenses necessary for the administration of pardon and clemency petitions and immigration-related activities” but he didn’t, so the Department of Justice will continue to process Obama’s amnesty paperwork.

But the most shameful betrayal America’s workers and their families comes on page 909 of the bill in the language “regarding UACs: English Language Acquisition” where the bill appropriates three quarters of a billion to educate immigrant children and youth and gives $14 million in special grants to states with at least one county that received 50 or more unaccompanied minors from the tsunami of amnesty seekers that washed up on our southern border earlier this year.

Imagine how many inner city kids who could receive tutoring or training in computers or other job readiness skills for that kind of money.

Imagine how many older workers who have been unemployed for years in the Obama economy could be retrained for that kind of money.

Imagine how many rural or inner city schools could be upgraded to the world-class institutions needed to prepare American kids to compete in the knowledge economy of today for that kind of money.

And then ask yourself if Obama and his establishment Republican allies are spending that kind of money educating illegal aliens, will those illegal aliens ever be sent back to their home countries, or will they stay here to use their federally funded education to compete with you and your kids for jobs?

Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the real heroes of the battle to defeat amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders legislation that would permanently flood America with low-cost, low-skilled workers has it right on the money when he called out establishment Republicans for siding with the cheap labor wing of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“The White House and Senate Democrats shamelessly coordinated with a small cadre of CEOs to pressure House Republicans to yield. It’s time for Republicans to tell these special interests to get lost and to be the one party that will defend the interests of the millions of Americans looking for better jobs and better wages.”

Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert and Steve King have been the Republican leaders for common-sense immigration policy. The question for the rest of the GOP on Capitol Hill is, will Republicans tell these special interests that benefit from cheap labor to get lost?

Democrats long ago stopped being the party of the little guy in favor of identity politics, Republicans can become a permanent majority if they will defend American exceptionalism and the interests of the millions of Americans looking for better jobs and better wages, or they can become a permanent and irrelevant minority if they continue to opt to go with the Fortune 500 at the expense of America’s workers and small business people.

Any Republican who votes "YES" on this shameful betrayal of American workers should not get a free pass in the 2016 Republican primary -- any Republican who votes for the CR - Omnibus package should be considered a ripe target for a primary challenge.

We urge CHQ readers to pick-up the phone (the toll free number is 1- 866-220-0044) and join other conservatives who have committed to melt the phone lines to Capitol Hill with this simple message: If you fund it, you own it. Vote “NO” on the CR – Omnibus spending plan and its shameful betrayal of American workers.

*Hat tip to our friend Matt Boyle of Breitbart for his article on teamsters union opposition to the CRomnibus. You can read Boyle’s article through this link.

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Even if the RINO is unopposed in a primary, I'll not vote for them. I'd rather see a Democrat elected than a double crossing RINO.