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Omnesty: Cloward-Pivens Where Progressive Dem Donkeys Live

immigrant states chart

Thanks to federalism, the action of the Republican Congress is going to matter little in the Amnesty debate.  The actions of state governments will matter most. A quick look at the Pew Research table in this post shows what we all know: Hispanics, both legal and illegal, are coming to America. However, it’s important to understand where they go after they get here.

To achieve the demographic destiny dreamed of by Dems and the PIG, their illegal client voters need to establish themselves in Republican swing states and vote. However, Progressive politicians at the state level and Republican local leaders are creating conditions in the states that are counter-productive to progressives using immigration to retake control of the federal government. 

First, progressives, in states where they have dominating political control, are working to cement that control by enticing illegals to come to those states. In New York, California, and Maryland their respective governors have invited illegals to live in those states.  All these states are deeply progressive.

To induce them to come to the progressive utopia, these “leaders” have promised free healthcare, discounted education, and welfare. Here are some examples. First, Jerry Brown invites illegals to California. Next, Andrew Cuomo supports the Dream Act and wants more illegals in New York. And finally, you have deep blue Maryland, our neighboring state, welcoming illegals. This is effectively the Cloward-Piven strategy working against the progressive movement.

For those who were not politically active during the 1960’s here’s Wikipedia’s summary of Cloward Piven: “The Cloward–Piven Strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activistsRichard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty."

As more illegals flood the progressive states and burden schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, etc., existing progressive client minorities resent illegal immigration more.  Increased illegals drive middle class independents from the progressive utopian reservation to more conservative states. They bring their opposition to increased illegal immigration to the less progressive states.

Second, the less progressive states are conservative states and are erecting barriers to illegal immigrants. In Virginia, Prince William County passed a number of housing measures discouraging living arrangements favored by illegals. The illegals moved to Maryland.

Conservative states can help inter-state migration along by passing local laws stating that Green Cards issued after 20 November will be verified for identity fraud. Using identify fraud laws to address the criminality of illegal immigration takes the emotion out of the issue and brings it back to the substance:  stealing citizenship is identity fraud. 

Falsely signing identity documents is identity theft. 

The laws don’t even have to pass.  As the progressives draw attention to these laws, the uncertainty of passage causes illegals to look for certain acceptance in progressive states.  Conservative states win, progressive states continue to lose. Net migration is negative for progressive states.  As more people leave than come in, they lose congressional representation with each Census.

Focusing on identity theft shifts the focus away from the heartbreaking story and places it on the morality of allowing and promoting illegal immigration, theft of citizenship.  What Progressive Bishop or sympathetic progressive Christian wants to be seen encouraging the breaking of three of the commandments? Those commandments are the 8th, Thou shall not steal, the 9th, Thou shall not bear false witness, and the 10th Thou shall not envy for another’s goods.

Illegals are quite discerning. Given a choice between a welcoming progressive state, and a less welcoming, Constitutional state, the illegal travels to the progressive state.  The Pew chart shows the number 1 and 2 states for illegals are New York and California.  The rest of the top states are predominantly progressive with two of them having significantly changed their politics this last election (Nevada, Florida).

Omnesty is leading illegals to states where their presence makes little political difference at the federal level and disrupts communities at the local level. Omnesty was delivered so egregiously to the country that even Saturday Night Live (SNL) had to mock President Obama.  All Republican leaders have stated that Omnesty removes any possibility of Amnesty legislation passing in the Congress. No Republican can now support this policy without supporting the manner in which it was implemented. 

RINOs can’t resurrect comprehensive anything, let alone comprehensive immigration. Omnesty explodes on the RINO like a thermobaric bomb, sucking the air from the debate. 

President Obama has welded Amnesty to his legacy, and that of the Democratic Party. Every Democrat needs to either agree with President Obama both result and method, or disavow President Obama, result and method. Omnesty increases pressure on social welfare systems at a time when the country in general has little more to give. Further, the illegals flood welfare rolls in states where there are already problems meeting demand.

Omnesty drives a nail in the coffin of the emerging Jeb Bush Presidential run. Jeb Bush’s support for comprehensive amnesty will make him (and Rubio) un-electable.  Omnesty has already caused a spike in southern border crossings. Department of Homeland Security has stated that drunk drivers, sex abusers, drug dealers, gun offenders are not top deportation priorities.  See DHS’s own guidelines through this link.

How many stories of an illegal raping, causing drunk driving murders or dealing drugs as part of an illegal immigration invasion can an Amnesty supporting campaign take before it implodes?  Can any major candidate run in the Republican Primary and win supporting Omnesty?  Every candidate will have to disavow the policy and the means.  Omnesty has killed the senatorial and presidential RINO in the 2016 election cycle.

Can the Democratic Party count on high turnout in the Black Community as more and more illegals displace black community members for jobs, housing, and healthcare in the concentrated progressive areas of the country?  How Much Cloward-Piven can that community take before it walks away or better, turns to another option? 2014 saw evidence that without President Obama on the ticket, the black community has little to gain by voting progressive as progressive support for Omnesty grows.  How many Dems want to campaign to blue collar workers that they support the Omnesty that is causing them to lose their jobs or receive less pay?

President Obama’s Amnesty is not a political stroke of genius.

Omnesty is a demonstration of the desperation of the PIG to hold power where it can.  Omnesty is going to suffocate Dem Donkeys in the general elections because of the inherent conflicts between the demographic politics the Dems espouse. Omnesty is the RINO killer that the TEA party never can be because you sometimes have to compromise to keep peace and beat Dems.    

Like Obamacare, which brought us victory in the elections of 2010, 2012 (local), and 2014, Omnesty will deliver 2016 to the Republicans who fight it with eagle’s claws and an eagle’s eye on the prosperity of the next generation.

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