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Everyone Says Jeb Bush Is A Conservative Except Conservatives

Three Bushes

We here at CHQ have observed an interesting phenomenon about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush – hardly a week passed after he met with Senator John McCain to discuss how to obtain the Republican presidential nomination without being a conservative until testimonials started flowing about how conservative Jeb is.

Of course these testimonials are mostly coming from Democrats and the establishment media, but they are slowly, but inexorably filling the top pages of Google, so that soon they will become the conventional wisdom.

Typical of this remaking of Jeb Bush were the comments former Democratic Florida State Senator Dan Gelber (and advisor to turncoat Republican Charlie Crist’s failed Democratic campaign for Governor of Florida) provided to Lloyd Dunkelberger, the Tallahassee bureau chief for, for a puff piece on Bush’s conservative credentials entitled “In past office, clues about the 2016 Bush.” (link at the end of this article)

Gelber, a former staffer to Georgia’s retired* Democratic Senator Sam Nunn said, “If you were in Florida any day he was governor, you knew he was a conservative… And I don’t say that as a compliment.”

As evidence of Bush’s conservatism Gelber or Dunkelberger, the article isn’t entirely clear who provided the analysis, says Bush “cut taxes for the wealthy, embraced anti-abortion and gun-rights legislation, privatized state services, battled teachers’ unions and expanded school vouchers.”

The problem with this list of allegedly conservative “accomplishments” is that some of them, such as cutting taxes for the wealthy, are merely liberal caricatures of conservatism and many of the others, such as Bush’s education “reforms,” while sounding good, did not actually translate into conservative policy results.

Take education "reform" for example. A foundational principle of conservative education policy is that local control is paramount, and that the parents and taxpayers who fund education should make the decisions regarding how their schools are run. The result of Jeb Bush’s education reforms were quite the opposite.

Just like Common Core is intended to accomplish on the national level, what Bush’s education reforms in Florida did was impose a rigid set of top-down standards that have resulted in a “teach to the test” curriculum that has stripped critical thinking, Western culture, life skills and citizenship out of Florida’s classrooms.

As Linda Kleindienst, then of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, wrote on January 7, 2007 as Jeb Bush left office, “Bush's legacy in this field [education] was mixed at best. Test results showed learning gains among fourth-graders, whose scores were easier to improve than those of older children, as well as minorities across all grade levels. But Florida's high school dropout rate and per-pupil spending continued to rank among the nation's worst.”

As we and many other conservatives see it, the result of Jeb Bush’s so-called reforms is a top-down education system and students who are taught to take multiple choice tests, but who can’t form a logical argument or name the three branches of the federal government – compliant drones for the Big Businesses that were the primary advocates of Jeb Bush’s “reforms” and that are now Common Core’s staunchest advocates.

Likewise Bush’s reputation as a fiscal “conservative” rests largely on his tax “reforms.” But the cost of government, as every principled conservative recognizes, isn’t what government collects in taxes, it is what it spends.

And on Jeb Bush’s watch Florida state spending ballooned by 52 percent, from $48.6 billion in 1999 to $73.9 billion in 2006.*And state expenditures per capita rose from $2,809 in 1999, to $3,942 in fiscal year 2006-2007.

Despite the establishment’s attempted remaking of Jeb Bush into a “conservative,” principled conservatives in Florida (and around the country) remember that, in a strange prequel to the imperial presidency of Barack Obama, when Bush left the Florida Governor’s mansion he was known as “King Jeb.”

As our friend Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute once observed, “The first President Bush was a disaster for advocates of limited government, as was the second President Bush, and there’s a very big reason at this point to be skeptical about version 3.0.” And that reason is Jeb Bush's real record, not the one the establishment is peddling.

*South Florida Sun-Sentinel figures

For the 2007 version of Jeb Bush’s record click this link to read “The Jeb Bush Era Ends in Florida,” by Linda Kleindienst, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Sunday, January 7, 2007.

For the establishment’s remake of Jeb Bush as a “conservative” read, "In past office, clues about the 2016 Bush" by Lloyd Dunkelberger, Capital Bureau Chief, Saturday, December 20, 2014.

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Is Senator Sam Nunn Dead???

This is not a comment but rather a question? Is Senator Sam Nunn dead because this article said: the late Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia??

I am originally from Georgia living in Findlay, Ohio but I would have heard if he passed I think??

Please look at the article posted here unless I am reading it wrong.

Retired Senator Sam Nunn Not Dead

An earlier version of this article used the word "late" referring to retired Democratic Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia. Former Senator Nunn is still living.


No, No, No, No, a quadrillion times no. Looks like I stay home again.

Don't stay home!!!

One reason Obama was elected and re-elected was because conservatives stayed home. If you do that, we will have President Hillary Clinton.


Jeb Bush is just like his father! They are NOT conservatives !!!!! They are advocates - active advocates of the NWO -(New World Order). We don't want him!!! What imbeciles are taking these polls anyway???? CNN, MessNBC who?? Because it is definitely NOT a conservative pollster.

Jeb Bush

A year or so ago I thought I could support Jeb Bush for president until he announced his positions on immigration and common core. That has changed my mind even though I was and continue to be supporter of the Bush family and George Bush was my favorite President!!

Electing Republican Liberals

I will not vote for Jeb Bush under any circumstances.

I rather expect that the folks elected in the Republican landslide are going to betray us anyway, and already have, of course. If this happens over the next two years, it wont matter who we run. The Dems will win in the biggest landslide in GOP/Dems history.

Say Hello President Hillary.

It is most likely that I will vote 3rd party in 2016, too soon to say for sure, but the likelihood is there. 2016 will be the year that a 3rd Party might just succeed in getting folks elected to national office.

conservative or neo-con?

ANY neo-con is bad business for the Republic with their Constitution bending (destroying), big government, interventionist ideology. Please, people, look at what a candidate does, not at what they say. No more Bushes or any of their ilk. They are too damn close to the socialist/democrats.

Jeb Bush

I have no doubt that Jeb Bush is a conservative, when you compare him to Elizabeth Warren or Hillary "what difference does it make" Clinton, but when you compare him to someone like Regan, he isn't as conservative. He has described himself as being middle of the road, but all that means is that he is much more liberal than what middle of the road would have been when compared to Ike's day. I would say that I am middle of the road compared to those days but things have gone much more toward communism and Fascism and Nazism in this country since those days, therefore I am looking for someone that is more for freedom and prosperity for the average Joe on the street that is willing to work for a living, and someone that will tackle this criminal alien problem that we have in this country now. So, I am tended to be for someone like Mike Lee or Trey Gowdy or any of several others. If Jeb is nominated I will vote for him because he will be better than any democrap there is, not because he is my first choice.

GOP 2016 Canididates

We all know the hype is going on for Jeb Bush exactly as the Dems are pulling for Hillary. This is the BAU machine for both parties. When are the conservatives going to run their own candidates. The surprise might be enormous come the 2016 elections for president and all those running for office. We need better choices. This good old boy or girl selection process gives the public only two choices. We are forced to decide who of the candidates is the least detestable. That has to change. There are many good candidates in the GOP pool but we are being force fed Jeb.

This man supports amnesty. He is big business. I am also not convinced this man as governor of Florida did not fix the elections to give his brother that state. Much was done during that election that did not look right and there was no resolution attempted that made it look right. Redoing the whole voting process in the contended counties would have been best but was not done. So there will always be an integrity issue with this man who now wants to be the third Bush as president.

We don't want dynasties and little lords set up to be permanent politicians in this country. It is just disgusting to think we are setting up a special class of people like royalty in this country simply because they are super rich and super connected. That along with amnesty lotteries has to end.

Form a third party if the GOP and the Dems can't break their patterns. It is time to let the people do more that just pick between bad or worse.