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CHQ 2016 GOP Presidential Straw Poll: January 2015

It's never too early to start thinking about the 2016 presidential election. While you may change your mind later, tell us who you'd currently like to see as the GOP nominee. 

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Presidential Poll Grid June 2014

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Presidential poll

Where is Donald Trump

Presidential Election

I changed my vote for President from Ted Cruz To Donald Trump why? Ted Cruz voted to extend the Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act which I was against. I was against it because if it was really needed to prevent terrorism as Homeland Security and the politicians said then why hasn't the President closed up the southern borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California. Also if this was so important Patriot Act/USA Freedom Act then why did our President release 5 Gitmo terrorist and even more from Gitmo Prisons now and also trying to get a deal with A terrorist country Iran that supports terrorism and wants to destroy the United States. Hold the President accountable and do these things before asking Americans to give up their freedoms and Liberties. Also on The TPP trade agreement Ted Cruz Voted for it the first time around and voted against it the 2nd time around. He said he found it was a bad idea the 2nd time around from Wilkeleaks. If you are not sure of a situation or idea you should not vote for something you know nothing about. Of course I was against the trade bill from the start. I want a president that knows what is going on and not just going along the status quo like Ted Cruz. Besides he stated he wanted smaller government...Does this sound like smaller government to me? Hell no it sounds as if he's trying to grow government. I standing behind Donald Trump and if he is not nominated would vote for Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry. Down with Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Chris Christy(Because of his stand on gun control just look at his state of New Jersey) Lindsey Graham and any other Republican that is spineless and has no backbone. Need I say More?


I like

I like Cruz, but why not include Trump in the line up?

I Like Cruz

I like Cruz, but what about including Trump in the line up?

It has to be a Governor...

Purely on policy positions, Cruz is the top dog, but that's not enough.

All the best Presidents have had significant leadership experience, typically as governors.
Many of the worst presidents have been Senators.

Even with Cruz being fresh and exciting, the appeal of Sarah Palin on both policy and personality grounds is clear to see, and I'm gratified to see her well placed in this poll.

Ben Carson is a really nice guy, but he's not been a business leader, preacher, and radio host, like Herman Cain, and he's dangerously naïve, both in his random utterances, and for selling his good name to a shady nutraceutical company for TEN YEARS.

Those things being said, I'm looking for the best combination of policy and experience to get my 80%+ scoring candidate...

I'd love to see President Palin, but I've seen no indication that she's preparing to run, and she may well do best as a pundit and influencer (and who knows, maybe veep?)

So, who's out there? Governors, in order:
Perry - tanned, rested, and ready - won't make the same mistakes this time, and has a winning personality. Plus he's the ONLY military veteran (I don't count lawyers like Graham).
Walker - the conservative who doesn't scare the establishment too much - quiet resolve is his trademark.
Jindal - has the courage of his convictions in a way that puts Mike Pence to shame. (See recent stories on religious liberty)

Senators, in order:
Cruz - the man is rock-solid on policy and is ready with quick responses based on deep convictions.
Paul - still a tad too far toward libertarian for some voters, but again, has the courage of his convictions.
Rubio - his greatest asset is his personality and his Reaganesque oratory. On the down side, there are a couple of questionable positions; on the upside, he's unshakable on liberty - when trolls ask about money on campaigns, he quick and eloquent in defense of the First Amendment - NO restrictions on speech!

My top three? Perry, Walker, Cruz, with a side of Palin for the fun of watching Liberal heads explode as she calls out their hypocrisy and cronyism!

Ben Carson

What a reasoned thoughtful man. No slogans. Just talking common sesnse; AND he's not a professional politician

Sorry Sarah

Look folks, ain't no way Sarah Palin will ever be president. You're looking at this all wrong. Just because a person holds views closest to your own, doesn't mean they merit your support.

You have to deal with the realities that there are too many shallow voters, who are unable to think beyond witty quips and superficial labels because, to the fool, they look like good substitutes for an actual study and understanding of the issues. They don't study the issues and then select a candidate; they select a candidate and then memorize demeaning slaps at all the other candidates. They are either incapable, or unwilling, to look beyond the one liners of their favorite late night comedian, latching onto them with the haughty smirk and false sense of original, intelligent thought, which only a low-information voter is capable of portraying.

With that in mind, too many people will never vote for Sarah (even among the GOP) because she is an "airhead" and "can see Alaska from her front porch." That's how she is defined in their small minds, and nothing will change that. It's sort of like Dan Quayle. He could never be a serious presidential contender because he couldn't spell "potato" right... or is that "potatoe"?

An electable candidate must be good looking, not have any negative political labels that have stuck and make them easily dismissed. Also, presidents are always anti-the-last-president. Clinton was a perv and so we chose a religious man who wouldn't defile the oval office. George W. was inarticulate and so we chose a good teleprompter reader who sounds great with the right echo and greek pillars.

If you want to know who will be the next president, look at the most distasteful traits of Obama, figure out who is most antithetical to those traits, and (s)he will be the next president.


May I suggest that you defer making your judgement nor should you do it for others. Evidently there is still so much for you to know about Governor Palin. Start here palinquake dot com

Sarah's Endorsement

wonder how proud Sarah is of her endorsee and fellow "Mama Grizzly" Ayotte's vote for someone like lynch who testified she wouldnt uphold the Constitution ?also is Sarah gonna be running around Arizona again plugging mccain if he gets another conservative challenge in 2016 ? that was very disappointing and makes one wonder how a "true conservative" that Palin is supposed to be could campaign for a useless RINO like mccain. principles are supposed to matter.

Sarah's endorsement

Sarah Palin is a good conservative, but she's also loyal to her friends.
I can excuse her support for McCain on those grounds, and I doub't she'll repeat the mistake.
The endorsement of Kelly Ayotte was because, in 2010, the early hype and positioning was that Ayotte was a conservative - she was also supported by McCain.
Those of us on the ground in NH knew better from the get-go, and those who were initially attracted had second thoughts after McCain showed up to campaign for her.
You are looking at Ayotte's recent voting record (IE anything after year 1), and are seeing the real puppet of the Party machine that she always was.

I'm betting that: (1) Palin won't make that mistake again, and (2) Kelly Ayotte is toast, either being replaced by an actual conservative, or, if the Party intercedes for her, losing to Maggie Hassan, making the second time in succession that a GOP party hack was taken out by a committed Democrat in NH.

Ayotte McCain

My wonderment about a lot of things never ends. As far as yours with Governor Palin, sit tight. You will not be disappointed.

Sarah Palin

Just because people like you say Sarah can't doesn't make it so. Sarah Palin has more honesty then all the rest running. Sarah is what this country needs someone who will stand against corruption no matter what party. The Bush Operatives are who turned on Sarah before she was ever on the scene. Nicole Wallace bought all those clothes for the Palins then leaked it to the press that she was wasting GOP funds when Palin knew nothing about it. Now were those operatives picked by McCain or Karl Rove. Karl Rove has a problem with Sarah Palin because it seems she is better at picking winners than he is. Did he make some kind of deal with the democrats to lose the last two election so he would get his big money pac. Why was Rove dealing with Obama people in the last election. He was going to have a better thing than Obama team had to tell them where they need to work. The GOP has this election to get it right but if they do what they did in 2012 the party is over. The left will never vote for a republican no matter who it is. You can't tell me That Sarah Palin can get so many elected can't get herself elected you underestimate her. She will only do it if the people want her to. Then if the GOP stand in her let them. Sarah stand for the people it is time we get away from the family dynasty's. If she and only do a little of what she did in Alaska. This country would be back on track. Gop needs to get with a woman an that woman is Sarah Palin.If the left put up a woman Sarah Palin is the only one who can win it. Anyone who doesn't think so is crazy. Romney had a sure thing all he had to do was go after Obama on Benghazi instead he gave him a pass and we all suffer for it. Sarah has been vetted more than anyone in history.

Sarah Palin

zero is zero and will be always zero ; Sarah Palin 100% American .

Sorry Ronanon

but the numbers of candidates Palin has helped get elected directly contradict your notion that millions of people do not take Palin VERY seriously.

Tell that to, for example, those who voted for:

Deb Fischer
Ted Cruz
Nikki Haley
Susanna Martinez
Joni Ernst

and dozens more.

As to your last comment, you just described Palin. To start with, she is more man than Obama will ever be.

Wait and See

See you back here in Nov 2016 when I'll be happy to accept your "You were right, Ronanon". In fact, we won't even have to wait that long because Sarah won't even run for president this time around. We used to have Ron Paulites every election, swearing this was their guy's time. Now, we have Palanites, repeating the same delusion.

Wait and See

What is your factual basis to support your claim "sarah won't even run for president.."

Can you come up with one, two or three?

Ah, but no comment on my rebuttal

Interesting you're still in my face.

But no actual answer for my rebuttal of your wild and unsupported generalization.

I have no idea if she runs.

I do know it would be VERY good for this country if she does run.

All you care about, apparently, is being right.


Sarah and Bobby (Jindal)

Having lived through WWII but just missing the planned invasion of Japan's main island by the skin of my teeth, thanks to the atomic bomb, I am particularly conscious of evil.

I have long waved Sarah Palin's banner for 2016 and will continue to do so, but in light of Bobby Jindal's recent display of an ideology which is exactly parallel to mine, and obviously to that of Richard Viguerie whose opinion I trust implicitly, if Sarah doesn't come storming out like Gang Busters by early summer, I'll start waving Bobby Jindal's banner as fervently as I have Sarah's.

What a ticket that would be -- either Sarah or Bobby for president and the other for VP. This would be enough to insure Hillary's resounding defeat.

By the way, why isn't Bobby Jindal's name on the Presidents vote list?

John Wagner
Ann Arbor, MI


If Palin doesn't run, Jindal is my choice.

No Way On Jindal

He's a big supporter of Steve Scalise. Enough said!

About Sarah Palin

I'm sorry folks, but you will not like what I am about to say.

Sarah is a nice lady and as an activist a good thing for all the help she has had with some candidates this past election. Yet, you will be hard pressed to find any conservative Alaskans who were active during her time as Governor.

Look at her record on ACE's, AGIA, and so call fiscal conservative actions, or the lack there of. Not what you in the Lower 48 would expect.

Once she became Governor, forget talking to her, meeting with her or even getting a letter back when e-mailing her. She attacked all conservative Republicans if they didn't go along with ACE's and AGIA personally.

She surrounded herself with protection from those "outside" her circle. That was bad enough, there is not way I'd vote for her as a Congress woman or Senator, much less President!

I trust Ted Cruz far more than Sarah and way more than the others on the list presented.

About Sarah Palin

Trust and integrity are very important but there ARE other job requirements if one wants to apply for the highest office of the land, here are what we the people should demand:

1) demonstrated governing experience
2) cannot be bought
3) has a servant's heart
4) holds the people best interest before self, party and lobbying groups
5) upholds the Constitution and our Founding Fathers' values and principles

Let's stop there and ask yourself. Except for Reagan in recent memory, are there past presidents or any of the present 2016 contenders who meet those job requirements?

Think about it.

Ted Cruz for President in 2016!

Not only will Senator Cruz make a very reliably conservative champion of our pro-life values, but his stand on the floor of the Senate for over 23 hours speaking out against the Obama-non-Care law currently poised to kill both the economy and the electorate proved him to be the very caliber of Reaganesque patriot that America desperately needs to get the nation back onto the right track in every area from the economy to strong national defense, standing up to instead of embracing despots like Castro of Cuba and reflecting the expressed will of "We the People" in his efforts to protect and preserve our ailing republic. I will gladly support his candidacy all the way to the White House. Ted Cruz for President, to the rescuing of the American way of life!

Sarah Palin

You don't know what you are talking about. Sarah Palin had a high rating until she went to the McCain Camp. Now again she has a good rating. Sarah Palin has proven her self over and over again. She was totally trashes by the McCain workers who were Bush operatives. Were are those operatives now working for Lame stream media. Van Jones the communist that was working in the White House that got fired came out last year and said the person the democrats was the most afraid of was Sarah Palin. That is enough for me. Look at what she did in Alaska. She has proven she is a leader that she will not stand of dishonest politicians or those working with the government. We need a person like Sarah. Cruz would vote for Sarah The GOP elite are destroying this country just as much as the democrats. Sarah still has all her values. She has been looked into more than any other person. She has been vetted.

Uh huh ...


But thanks for telling us on whose behalf you're running Palin down.

I doubt Cruz would be impressed with your support.


Pull Your Head Out Of Your Ears, GOP.
Keep doing the same thing you have
always done and keep getting the same results.
You defeat us before we even get started.
Go Beg Sarah to mop Hillary!

The name, Sarah, has a nice campaign ring to it.

While your poll is pathetically small -- too small to have any real credibility -- it is nevertheless a minute indication that some of your more astute followers understand that Sarah Palin is a 100% American patriot having the decisiveness and conviction of a Washington or a Lincoln who would not be afraid to restore our Constitution and pride in America.

Why so many of your readers choose candidates having less national recognition and are full of rhetoric is beyond me. Sarah, although very much a female, transcends feminism, yet she can boast having lipstick tenacity. This is precisely what America needs now, and we need to draft her. She has already stated publicly that she will help in any way she is called upon to help… and God only knows we need her.

Hillary is already lying her way into acceptance as the democratic candidate, and we need Sarah to mop the floor with Hillary.

Please think about this before casting your vote for anyone else.

John Wagner
Ann Arbor, MI

Sarah Palin

Shes the one!