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The House GOP’s Only Constituencies Are Washington And Wall Street

ashamed of GOP

Tuesday’s vote to re-elect John Boehner as Speaker of the House was a vote for the hated status quo of Big Government, and without a serious course correction in 2015, it marks the first step in the GOP's losing the Presidency and the Senate in 2016.

Now, the House GOP is despised by voters in the Democratic Party, the media and the Republican Party's grassroots limited government constitutional conservative base.  Its sole constituency is Washington and Wall Street.

While gerrymandering usually makes it more difficult to defeat an incumbent House member, newly elected Representatives who voted for Boehner have already sparked talk of primary challenges or re-matches with defeated primary opponents.

Instead of solidifying their positions – their most important political task in their first term – they’ve sown the seeds of two years of bruising at the hands of enraged constituents who will never let up hammering them for voting for Boehner and will judge every vote on the basis of whether it is a We the People vote or a Boehner vote.

Yet the worst damage House Republicans did by re-electing Boehner may not be to their own political prospects, but to the underlying strength of the Republican Party as a national Party.

In our own (admittedly unscientific) CHQ online poll when asked “What should conservatives do in response to the re-election of establishment Republican John Boehner as Speaker of the House?”  Fully 20% of those who voted said they are ready to leave the Republican Party and another 14% said they were withholding judgment to see what the new Congress produces. Only 66% said conservatives should “Keep working to takeover the Republican Party.”

These results are similar to what top pollster Pat Caddell found in a scientific poll he took in the lead-up to the start of the new Congress; up to one-third of Republicans are ready to call it quits as members of the GOP.

“The alienation among Republican voters is so high,” Caddell told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, that conservatively “a quarter to one-third of the Republican party are hanging by a thread from bolting.” Caddell argues that GOP voters’ attitudes are “so anti-establishment,” and they give Republican leadership poor ratings.

His latest poll showed that Republican voters are reaching a tipping point and may have had enough of GOP lawmakers’ feckless leadership and constant submission to President Obama’s policies.

Caddell said in his interview with Bannon that according to the survey, two-thirds agreed with the statement that “John Boehner has been ineffective in opposing Obama.”

Another stunner for Caddell was when voters were asked, “Is John Boehner for average Americans in his heart, rather than for special interests?” Only 44% said yes, and 43% said no. “We’re talking about the base. These are not independents that are leaning Democrat, and there are no Democrats in the survey,” the pollster noted in astonishment.

Caddell concluded the interview with Bannon by reminding him that the estimate that one-quarter to one-third are hanging on by a thread is a conservative one.

He explained: “The GOP leadership, the lawyers, the lobbyists, the consultant class of the Republican party, and all the big donors don’t understand that these people are angry. … They are saying that John Boehner doesn’t care about them, and all he cares about is the special interests. I’ve never seen anything like this in the base of a party. And that is why the analogy to the Whigs is not so far-fetched.”

The Whigs, you may recall, elected two presidents in the 19th century, but quickly faded away when their weakness and division on the issue of opposition to slavery caused voters to bolt and look for a more principled alternative. Those disillusioned voters eventually coalesced to create a new revolutionary party – the Republican Party – whose leaders have now brought that Party to the same position the Whig Party found itself in 160 years ago.

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Republican Party

The Republican Party is proof positive that you can't fix stupid! Why the Party denies the obvious discontent of its constituents and continues to operate in blissful ignorance is beyond me. They apparently see no downside to their actions. Well, I for one, will never vote for a Republican unless he is a true conservative, and if there is no conservative opposition within the Party, I will vote for a third party (not Democrat or Green, certainly).

Republican Rinos

The post already made about not voting for another rino is absolutely true for me as well. I have decided there is no middle ground with the Rinos or the dems. Both are equally bad about ignoring their obvious mandates from their constituents and will do nothing differently. As these Rinos including McCain and Flake have to run for reelection, I and many angry constituents will be voting against them. In AZ McCain is trying to eliminate any conservative republicans who can run against him. That said, we may just vote for the other party in the general elections just to be rid of him. A dem cannot do more harm to this state than McCain has done and is doing. He has been for big business, for amnesty, even for open borders although he professes he wants them closed. I have been after him, Kyl and now Flakey Flake for years to enforce the border and stop the illegal alien entry points with all that it would take. I was told by Kyl that I just did not understand the issue. Really? So now I know for certain our AZ senators lie and think they know better than the citizens they swore to serve. They say one thing to get elected then do exactly the opposite of the mandate of their legal constituents.

You describe me perfectly!

Yep, that's me.