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Petition to Jeb Bush: Conservatives DON'T Trust You

Jeb Bush: Who You Walk With Tells Us We Can't Trust You

To: Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Who you walk with tells us much about who you are and what a Jeb Bush campaign and administration would look like.

We knew we could trust Ronald Reagan because he surrounded himself with conservatives and conservative leaders we knew.

However, the record of President George H.W. Bush, President George W. Bush, and your record as Governor of Florida, is one of surrounding yourselves with people who antagonize conservative voters and who have attacked the grassroots base of the Republican Party.

You support Common Core, amnesty for illegal aliens and other policies of the Obama administration that America's conservative voters overwhelmingly rejected in the 2014 midterm.

Even worse, you have chosen to abandon social conservatives and adopt the position on same sex marriage now held by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Conservatives cannot support a candidate for president whose policies on these, and other important issues, are virtually indistinguishable from those of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I cannot trust and will not vote for a candidate who does not walk with conservatives.


IMPORTANT: Your name, address, and email address help us show conservative demands for action are real. However, providing your 'signature' and information more than once does not increase the impact of the petition. Want to make an impact? PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION WITH YOUR FRIENDS, RELIGIOUS GROUPS, AND FAMILY! Thanks!

I cannot vote for Jeb Bush, he is not a conservative!

If the Republicans want to lose another election, then they will nominate Jeb Bush.
They will not get any money from me now or in the future if they continue to fight the conservatives. We either have principles or we don't. No compromise!