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Jeb Bush’s Attempt to Limit Debate

Jeb Bush on the Million Dollar Bill

It is an old trick.

Gamblers use it often when they have a weak hand to play.

Put a lot of money into the pot.

Try and scare other players to the side line.

However, the only thing that Jeb Bush has bought with his reported attempt to raise $100 million in the next three months is an even more determined opposition.

His brother George W. Bush used this strategy during his first campaign for President.

He succeeded in sending more seasoned competitors to the side lines. He also defined a brand of Republicanism, except for national security, that is still in disrepute and highly unpopular among national Republicans.

That is why this former Republican President has been all but invisible at the 2008 and 2012 National Republican Conventions.

There is strong sentiment amongst Republicans that there should be NO MORE BUSHES!

The National Republican Nominating Conventions should reject the sole selection criteria of a manipulated Primary Process.

Republican Governors should lead an effort to allow 50 percent of Convention Delegates to attend uncommitted and be able to vote for a nominee best suited to our National Party.

Under such circumstances, it is my view that Mr. Bush would not finish in the top five!

We agree with Mr. Gosselin. If you agree that the 2016 Republican presidential nomination should be decided by grassroots voters, not an elite few, then please sign our petition, JEB BUSH: Conservatives DON'T Trust You

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2016 GOP Candidate selection process

There is no doubt this reassessment of the way political candidates are chosen should be seriously revamped. The popular vote even for president in the final campaign should be based on the people's mandate not a special group of selected individuals from each state. Too many times the people vote has been denied by the second decisive group.

Writing this as one of the people I would also advise against another Bush. In 2008 I watched in horror as the vote swung on Florida. It was bordering on illegal but now just sticks as pure corruption to most voters even with the GOP.

Make no mistake, a message from the people was sent to both parties. The GOP is not significantly the winner of the November 2014 election. We were sending BO and the democrats a message and it could be the GOP in this next election everyone is consumed about. We want BO stopped NOW. There will be no excuses accepted. Actions do have to follow words. And we are definitely paying attention to everyone's actions in Congress.

This bill to fund the DHS is a truth or dare move. Frankly, I am surprised it is moving with the correct defunding language through the Congress. I expect the Senate to FAIL to get it through. Should that be so, the GOP will be flapping in the wind on this next election no matter who they run. There will be severe retribution for the GOP party candidates. The legal constituents of this country are truly fed up with BAU, graft, corruption, the entire system. This elected Congress has better think very hard about the their political futures in their actions with all eyes watching and judging them. Actions do have to follow words, Cruz has it right guaranteed!

2016 GOP Candidate selection process