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Obama’s State of the Union in Three Words – Please Add Yours

Obama and Boehner

Those CHQ readers who use Twitter are probably familiar with the phenomena of Twitter “hashtags” intended to generate a humorous one-liner, such as #LiberalHalloweenTraditions (which we promoted last Halloween), #LiberalLogic, etc.

Over the past few days Twitter has been abuzz with the hashtags #SOTUin3Words and #SOTUinThreeWords, many of which are more incisive than the longwinded commentary delivered by the talking heads of network TV or the highbrow editors of the dinosaur print media.

Here are ten of our favorites (not in any particular order) please add yours in the comments section below and we will review them in a day or two and highlight the best new ones.

@MarcoRH20Bottle:        Not gonna watch

@SeldenGADawgs:         CAN'T SAY ISLAMIC

‏@SearchlightNV:              HOPE HE FAILS

@jjauthor:                         Freebies 4 everyone!

‏@Fore_not_four:               From lying lips

@Trishcuit:                       Sorry... I lied

@AlexSchriver:                 Lame Duck Quacking

@JohnMitzel:                    pander pander pander

‏@boomerviews:                A real snoozer

@iVoteRED:                     Watching American Sniper

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Joni may have castrated hogs, but Obama is the best bull shipper!!


Welcome to Liefest

#SOTU in Three Words

Rinse and spit

SOTU in three words

Boehner's My Be-atch.

SOTU in three words

Tax. Spend. Repeat.

3 words

Lie, Lie, Laugh


Waste of time