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Thank Bobby Jindal: America Needs The Truth About Muslim Colonization Zones

Shariah Zones

Back in 2011 CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie wrote in a column entitled “A Congress of Lies” that “there is no more compelling evidence of just how far the American political system has been corrupted by Washington’s insider culture, than how common and accepted lying has become among the political elite…”

While the prime example of this culture of lies is Barack Obama, leading Republicans are not immune to the kind of lying that Barack Obama seems to have institutionalized in our government – especially when it comes to the threat of radical Islam and the war on America and the West that radical Islamists are conducting through acts of terror and “cultural jihad.”

Of course there are different kinds of lies; direct lies, such as “Islam is a religion of peace” perpetrated by President George W. Bush, and then there are lies of omission, such as refusing to mention radical Islam as the motivating factor in acts of terror, or even mention it at all, a lie that both President Obama and Senator Joni Ernst were guilty of during the State of the Union and Republican rebuttal.

One of the few Republicans who have been willing and unafraid to tell the truth about radical Islam and “cultural jihad” is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

And Jindal is now under attack for telling the truth, that radical Muslims are colonizing the West, and that for all practical purposes there are "Muslim colonization zones" or as he put it, “no go zones” in many European countries, including Great Britain.

Fortunately for America, after being viciously attacked for saying there were Muslim “no go zones” in Britain, Jindal didn’t back down – he continued to tell the truth about radical Islam’s plan to colonize and undermine the West.

"They may be second, third, fourth generation, they don't consider themselves part of that country. They're actually going in there to colonize, to overtake the culture," Jindal told FOX News’ Neil Cavuto. "If people don't want to come here to integrate and assimilate, what they're really trying to do is ... overturn our culture." (emphasis ours)

In this Jindal not only told the truth, but he told a truth that President Obama and other Western leaders such as Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron, French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have been struggling mightily to hide from the voters in their countries.

But don’t take our word for it, there are plenty of sources publicly available that confirm the truth of Jindal’s remarks.

But first, what does a “no go zone” look like?

According to our friend Daniel Pipes, “no go zones” which he thinks might be more properly called “semi-autonomous sectors” are areas where governments often choose not to impose their will on Muslim-majority areas, allowing them considerable autonomy, including in some cases the Shariah courts… Alcohol and pork are effectively banned in these districts, polygamy and burqas commonplace, police enter only warily and in force,and Muslims get away with offences illegal for the rest of population.”

In this context Pipes says, “The Rotherham, England, child sex scandal offers a powerful example. An official inquiry found that for sixteen years, 1997-2013, a ring of Muslim men sexually exploited – through abduction, rape, gang rape, trafficking, prostitution, torture – at least 1,400 non-Muslim girls as young as 11. The police received voluminous complaints from the girls’ parents but did nothing; they could have acted, but chose not to.”

Another example, cited by Pipes, also British, was the so-called Operation Trojan Horse that flourished from 2007 until 2014, in which (again, according to an official inquiry), a group of Islamist school functionaries developed “a strategy to take over a number of schools in Birmingham and run them on strict Islamic principles.”

Right now the forces that impose political correctness about the threat of radical Islam to the West, such as Muslim Brotherhood-inspired organizations like the Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) and their facilitators among the self-loathing liberal media are attacking Governor Jindal over what is in essence a semantic argument.

Daniel Pipes concluded that “no go zone” is the wrong term and others may or may not choose to follow his formulation of “semi-autonomous sector” or area.

We happen to prefer Muslim "colonization zones," but whatever you call them, radical Muslim colonization zones do exist throughout Europe and whether they should be referred to as “no go zones” or “semi-autonomous sectors” is irrelevant to Jindal’s larger and most important truth telling – Muslim colonization is happening in Europe and coming to America.

Right now, America is completely unprepared to counter the threat of radical Muslim colonization thanks to the lies of commission and omission by our leaders. Until Bobby Jindal had the courage to tell the truth about it, most Americans were unaware of the threat.

Now that Americans are becoming aware of the threat of radical Muslim colonization, instead of arguing over semantics we think most Americans will thank Governor Bobby Jindal for being that rare commodity in today's politics -- a man unafraid to stand-up and tell the truth.


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Sarah and Bobby (Jindal)

Having lived through WWII but just missing the planned invasion of Japan's main island by the skin of my teeth, thanks to the atomic bomb, I am particularly conscious of evil.

I have long waved Sarah Palin's banner for 2016 and will continue to do so, but in light of Bobby Jindal's recent display of an ideology which is exactly parallel to mine, and obviously to that of Richard Viguerie whose opinion I trust implicitly, if Sarah doesn't come storming out like Gang Busters by early summer, I'll start waving Bobby Jindal's banner as fervently as I have Sarah's.

What a ticket that would be -- either Sarah or Bobby for president and the other for VP. This would be enough to insure Hillary's resounding defeat.

John Wagner
Ann Arbor, MI


JUST SO WE ALL KNOW.. there ARE ALREADY SHARIA ZONES IN THE U.S. It's already taken root!!! Right outside of Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania there is a compound with a fence around it and camel jockeys with sub machine guns guarding the entrance.. Originally it was a training program set up under George Bush SR. and the CIA to train Talleband to go back and fight against the Russians. Now it's run by these same Muslims and they are still training, still using automtatic weapons (I am a citizen and can't own a machine gun!!!).. The FBI are aware of it, and the State Police won't go near it for fear of a war starting. The FBI won't dare move in on them either because Obama would have their balls!

America -- you all better wake the F#%ck up soon!!!! Isis is here already! or at least factions that are just as dangerous!