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Tom DeWeese and the American Policy Center Take On The Southern Poverty Law Center


Our friends at the American Policy Center (APC) have long been known for their steadfast advocacy of property rights and their relentless opposition to the UN’s Agenda 21.

But what you may not know is that one of the hard-left’s most virulent opponents of conservatism has targeted APC as potential terrorists.

Recently, Tom DeWeese, President of APC, clued us in that the Southern Poverty Law Center is working directly with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to silence APC and the growing freedom movement.

You may recall that a couple of years ago the Southern Poverty Law Center helped write a report for the Missouri Fusion Center (MIAC) labeling (among other things) anyone who voted for presidential candidate Ron Paul to be a potential terrorist.   

That report was followed by another report called the “Domestic Extremism Lexicon,” issued by the Department of Homeland Security, that said supporters of any of the following views are “potential terrorists:”

Opposition to NAFTA

 Opposition to the UN


 Believe in the End Times

 Oppose same sex marriage

 Oppose sending US jobs overseas

 Express antagonism toward the Obama Administration

And much more…

This report targeted conservatives like you! It was written with help from the Southern Poverty Law Center for the government.

Now the Southern Poverty Law Center has issued a new report targeting DeWeese and the American Policy Center, the TEA Party Movement, and many more – calling them racists – and connecting them to radical, anti-government militias and white supremacists.

Obviously those charges are not true – but the Southern Poverty Law Center is working directly with the Department of Homeland Security to push for a government effort to suppress the liberty movement.

Worse, the SPLC runs the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. It is one of the most visible links between the Department of Homeland Security and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Law enforcement agencies send their personnel to be trained by SPLC instructors. They are trained to watch for potential terrorists – like Tom DeWeese and you and me!

In fact, this is one reason why early reporting of the Boston Marathon bombing hinted that it was done by right wingers.

One reporter, David Sirota, said, “If you care about everything from stopping war to reducing the defense budget, to protecting civil liberties, to passing immigration reform, you should hope the bomber was a white domestic terrorist.”   
That rhetoric is straight from the Southern Poverty Law Center propaganda against Conservatives.

And that’s why there was a deadly attack at the Family Research Council two years ago. FRC was directly targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a dangerous hate group because they oppose abortions.

Clearly, the Southern Poverty Law Center is dangerous to freedom.       

That’s why it’s urgent that Conservatives demand Congressional investigation into the activities of the Southern Poverty Law Center and its attempts to crush our right to speak out.  They receive federal funds – just like ACORN – and they are much more dangerous.

Rep. Mike McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has said that his mission “is to fix the Department of Homeland Security to ensure it’s capable of carrying out its core mission of protecting the homeland.” He can’t do that if DHS is contracting with a dangerous hate group like SPLC.  Now with Republicans firmly in charge of both Houses of Congress,  I believe Chairman McCaul will give you and me a fair hearing against the SPLC threat.  

If he receives enough demands for a hearing – we are sure he will do it. You and I must force those hearings – our freedom depends on it!

Just recently the SPLC issued a new report entitled “The Year in Hate and Extremism.” The article listed several conservative leaders as examples of hate, including Senator Rand Paul, the Oath Keepers, and our friends, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, and former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, to name a few.

In addition, the SPLC charges that anyone who opposes the UN’s Agenda 21 is also part of the “radical right.”  And they named Tom DeWeese specifically in that charge.   

The SPLC is a dangerous group, guilty of the hate it claims to fight. It is trying to take away the Constitutional rights of Americans who simply don’t agree with the radical left positions of the SPLC.

And that kind of threat from a private group like SPLC has no place inside the Department of Homeland Security.    

The fact is, SPLC wouldn’t be a threat to you and me, except for the fact that it’s so closely tied to one of the federal government’s most powerful agencies – the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

And that’s why Congress must investigate those ties and influence SPLC has over government policy. The American Policy Center has launched a petition to urge Chairman McCaul to hold hearings and investigate the ties between the Obama Department of Homeland Security and the Southern Poverty Law Center. We urge you to sign their petition now!

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The SPLC is a major leftwing joke and I have called them out on more than one occasion to have them qualify their claims which consisted of unsubstantiated info by pointing out they need proof not just bluff..

I am still waiting for that boob from the SPLC to deliver to to O'Reilly at FOX the valid BC of of Halfast B'OB the unknown and that has been 5 years already.....