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Question for Mitch McConnell: WWHRD?

Mitch McConnell Gives Democrats The Peace Sign

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is allegedly a master of Senate procedure, distinguished by his legendary skill and subtlety – so why is it that, with a majority in the Senate, McConnell has not been able to move much of anything against a united and determined Democratic minority?

One reason of course is that Senate Republicans are not united on much of anything, witness Nevada Republican Dean Heller’s betrayal on defunding Obama’s executive amnesty and Utah’s Orrin Hatch announcing he would support Loretta Lynch for Attorney General after she expressed support for a petty piece of special interest legislation he is sponsoring.

But more important is McConnell’s complete lack of determination to pursue anything of substance on the conservative agenda or to fight Obama and the Democrats with the tools the Constitution gives him to fight with.

Instead he wants to “govern” from Capitol Hill.

This is an arrogant folly that is promoted by the media and many on Capitol Hill that have apparently never read the Constitution, or let the media interpretation of it go to their heads.

Congress does not “govern,” it legislates, or as an old Washington saying goes: the President proposes, Congress disposes. So, when the establishment media and politicians talk about “governing” what they really mean is spending money and growing government.

The powers that the Constitution bestows upon Congress to rein-in an overambitious, or in the case of Barack Obama, lawless, President are almost entirely defensive in nature.

Congress can’t compel the President to enforce the border, nor can it compel him to adopt a winning strategy against radical Islam – those are the exclusive domain of the executive or “governing” branch of the three branches of our government.

But Congress, in theory, can compel the President not to do certain things.

It can prohibit the Department of Homeland Security from processing grants of amnesty to illegal aliens by prohibiting the executive from spending funds on the process, and it can stop a lawless President by impeaching him.

Which brings us back to how Democrats have so far stymied the Republican agenda – by being united and determined.

What Republicans lack in unity could be made right if Mitch McConnell was, as Democratic Leader Harry Reid is, determined.

McConnell could for example call the Democrats’ bluff and make them engage in an actual on the floor filibuster, or delete any Democratic requests from future appropriations bills to get them from blocking Republican efforts to defund amnesty in the Homeland Security appropriation.

He could change the rules by a simple majority vote, as Harry Reid did when the Republican minority used holds and threats of a filibuster to stop many of Obama’s dangerous appointments to the federal courts.

He could use the reconciliation process to deal with defunding amnesty, just as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi used it to force through Obamacare on a bill that could not be filibustered.

In short, he could get tough and ruthless like Harry Reid was as the Democratic Majority Leader, but unfortunately just like his predecessors as Republican leader, men like Howard Baker of Tennessee, Bob Dole of Kansas and Trent Lott of Mississippi, Mitch McConnell is neither tough nor ruthless; he’s a dealmaker and “conciliator” who, rather than fight Obama with the tools the Constitution gives him, merely wishes to have his piece of the spoils the welfare state extorts from producers.

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McConnell has ulterior motives

Yes, there can be no doubt after witnessing McConnell´s behavior recently in respect to this DHS funding which throws back in his face Barack Hussein Obama´s arrogance about letting these Democrat-wannabes, the ILLEGAL ALIENS, not only in on a permanent--let´s be realistic about that--basis, but actually provides gazillions in earned income credits, a bald face buy out, and preference in hiring because they will not be forced to get medical insurance saving employers a lot of money. The description of what Senate majority leaders can do politically, and that Harry Reid did not hesitate to use--not that that jackass should be used as a model, MUST be used now, dammit!
These members of the most exclusive gentlemen´s club in the world have to respond to us, the people--we DID speak loudly and clearly on November 4 last, and stop doing the McCain thing, "reaching across the aisle," unless, that is, to swat them on the nose and humiliating them. Come on, Senator McConnel, show some manhood. We know the authority that your position provides.

Deal makers in Congress

BO does not understand compromise or making deals. It has been his way or he pulls out his pen and starts writing his own laws or adjustments to existing laws. That much is apparent to everyone in this nation on either side, (dem wit dems, GOP rinos, and Conservatives). This current congressional leadership cannot treat him like a normal president in the past. He is not a normal president in the ilk of Bush or Bill Clinton.
BO has an agenda the legal constituents and congress should understand by now. If the leaders in the house and senate cannot adjust their view to handle this menace then they are an obstruction in the way to stopping BOs illegal agendas including funding his illegal amnesty