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Diana West Nails The Reality About Islam That Obama’s Summit on Violent Extremism Will Never Confront

Islam Coming To America


Our friend Diana West recently posted a must read column about the Center for Security Policy’s “Defeat Jihad Summit” (link at the end of this article). In our view the key one line summary of her article is this quote from the Netherlands' Geert Wilders: "The more Islam there is in a society, the less freedom there is."

And the key argument in support of that proposition was in our view this part of West’s column:

The primary mechanism of control that Islam exerts over people is Islamic slander law, Islamic blasphemy law. This is the institutional means by which Islam protects itself against criticism, even objective facts about Islam that might be construed critically. The penalty is death. Not for nothing did Yusef Qaradawi state that Islam wouldn't even exist without the death penalty for "apostasy." We have seen innumerable instances, particularly since the 1989 publication of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses, where Muslims have executed, or tried to execute this death sentence even against non-Muslims, from Europe to Japan, in efforts to extend the rule of Islam.

 When American lawmakers, generals and security experts omit "Islam" from their debates and war councils, focusing instead on what they have dubbed "radical Islam," "Islamism" and the like, they are succumbing to this same control mechanism. They are protecting Islam. They are themselves sheltering Islam against the cold light of analysis. By extension, they are also preventing their own Western societies from devising means of defense against Islamization. They are accepting and carrying out what is probably the most important Islamic law.

West then proceeds to make another key point that goes right to the heart of why this week’s "Countering Violent Extremism Summit” that President Obama convened in Washington is sure to produce no meaningful strategy to repel the Islamization of America.

The Left, said West, has responded to the current cycle of Islamic jihad -- a recurring blight on civilization, as Andrew Bostom's Legacy of Jihad amply documents -- by inventing a foe called "violent extremism." The Right, scoffing at this euphemism, "pinpoints" the threat of "radical Islamism."

What is the difference asks West?

“Ultimately, I see none,” she wrote. “Both terms protect Islam. Warning against the dangers of ‘radical Islam’ implies that there exists some ‘normal Islam’ that is completely compatible, perhaps even interchangeable, with Christianity and Judaism. Indeed, this ongoing effort to normalize Islam is equally as dangerous as the institutional efforts that long ago ‘normalized’ Communism. This officially began when FDR ‘normalized’ relations with the wholly abnormal Soviet regime in 1933,” a morally odious event whose horrific repercussions West treated at length in her stellar book American Betrayal.

West closes the circle by arguing (correctly in our view) that just as it required endless apologetics (lies) to maintain the fiction of "normal" Communism, so, too, does it require endless apologetics (lies) to maintain the fiction of "normal" or "moderate" Islam.

As West observes in conclusion, that according to all of Islam's authoritative texts, according to the example of Islam's prophet, this "moderate" creed does not Islamically exist.

Diana West is right. The ideas of Islamic supremacy, death to apostates and using blasphemy laws to negate objective facts about Muslim society are not just limited to a few Islamist radicals out on the fringes of society who use alleged insults to their faith to inflame passion in their followers and recruit new jihadis. We are in a war of ideas, not just with radical Islamists, or “violent extremists,” but with concepts deeply embedded in Muslim culture that are at odds with our Constitution.

When Obama’s Countering Violent Extremism Summit concludes without recognizing this threat, as it surely will, then President Obama and the other conference participants will be accepting and carrying out what is probably the most important Islamic law, and in the process, will be actively preventing our own country and those of allies who hold the same western values as we do, from devising the means of defense against Islamization.

We urge you to call your Representative and Senators TODAY (the Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them a few bombs in the deseert is not enough, you want a strategy to defeat the global jihad and stop the Islamization of America. 

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