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CHQ Exclusive: Bridenstine Says Obama AUMF “tying his own hands for political purposes”

Rep. Jim Bridenstine Flight Suit

In exclusive comments to CHQ, principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Jim Bridenstine ( OK-1) explained how President Obama’s proposed Authorization of the Use of Military Force (AUMF) isn’t a military or diplomatic document – it is a political document that is intended to absolve him of responsibility when his non-strategy in the Middle East fails.

Bridenstine, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, served 9 years active duty in the United States Navy, he began his Naval aviation career flying the E-2C Hawkeye off the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. It was there that he flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan where he logged most of his 1,900 flight hours and 333 carrier arrested landings. While on active duty, he transitioned to the F-18 Hornet and remains a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

In Bridenstine’s view Obama’s draft AUMF fits an all too familiar pattern. “When President Obama wanted to withdraw all U.S. troops from Iraq, he tied his own hands by demanding that the Status of Forces Agreement be ratified by the Iraqi parliament, a singularly dysfunctional body. When it was not ratified, he was forced to remove all troops,” said the Congressman in an exclusive email to CHQ.

“Now we do have troops back in Iraq, and we do have a Status of Forces Agreement, quietly obtained by a simple exchange of diplomatic letters as usual,” observed Rep. Bridenstine.

“Now the President is requesting a constrained Authorization for Use of Military Force,” concluded Rep. Bridenstine. “For those who have observed Obama's strategic non-strategies, this is all too familiar. He is once again tying his own hands for political purposes rather than leading.”

Bridenstine’s comments reinforce our view that Obama’s AUMF isn’t a path to victory over ISIS or the forces of radical Islam, they are a formula for an endless war.

Our friend Frank Gaffney, who hosted the recent “Defeat Jihad Summit,” says Americans deserve adult leadership, guided by enduring principles and the truth about the global jihadist nature of our enemy and its ideology, shariah.  We need a commonsensical strategy, rooted in peace through U.S. strength said Gaffney.

Unfortunately, as Congressman Jim Bridenstine’s analysis demonstrates, the military force authorization that President Barack Obama sent to Congress yesterday is not commonsensical or rooted in peace through strength, and perhaps more worryingly, it may be more expansive than the administration suggests, laying the groundwork for Obama to deploy American troops around the globe in a "whack-mole" fashion with no clearly articulated national purpose.

Such an AUMF does not authorize new actions to pursue a “strategy” to defeat radical Islam; it merely formalizes the failed small ball tactical approach that limits America to a small ball approach that equates the worldwide battle against radical Islam and sharia to using military limited military force against the Islamic state.

This is a recipe for not just an endless war, but an endless war we could very well lose if we follow what Rep. Jim Bridenstine calls Obama’s “strategic non-strategies” and institutionalize it in a new Authorization of the Use of Military Force.

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War fighter, Obama?

Obama is again trying to lead America down the road to a defeat and victory by radical Islam. This worthless Muslim must be removed from office along with his entire Muslim administration. This "person" is hell bent on the destruction of the United States and the establishment of a Islamic state in America.

No Action President

BO knows full well what he is doing or in this case not doing. Is anyone at all surprised? Good article by this author and media. Thanks for the additional picture from someone who has been there and done that.