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Ben Carson "Tones It Down" At CPAC: Demands People Have "Real Freedom"

Ben Carson CPAC Bloomberg

Dr. Ben Carson kicked off this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday with an attack on big government liberalism, saying it cannot solve problems ranging from health care to the federal debt.

One of the best parts of Carson's speech was, instead of merely blaming Obama for everything, he put today's problems in the larger conext of liberalism's failures. In a critique that stretched back to the Great Society programs of the 1960s, Carson said that government programs are about “redistribution and control,” while debt and radical Islam are threatening to “destroy” the United States.

Carson, a neurosurgeon, has not formally announced his candidacy. But he is backed by a group of supporters who have organized in early primary and caucus states, including every county in Iowa making him a potentially formidible force in the Hawkeye States famously retail politics oriented caucuses.

While the Wall Street Journal characterized Dr. Carson of "toning it down" a bit we saw no let-up in Carson's critiques of today's establishment politics.

“What I want is for people to have real freedom,” Carson said. If that's "toning it down" we can hardly wait for Dr. Ben to heat it up.

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