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Cruz Brings Down The House At CPAC

cruz at cpac

Senator Ted Cruz spoke to an overflowing and very enthusiastic crowd, telling CPAC 2105 attendees "we need all three legs of the Reagan coalition AND the Reagan Democrats to win in 2016.

Cruz laid down a challenge to other potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates observing that there will be many Republican candidates, so how will grassroots conservative be able to tell them apart?

"If a candidate tells you...whatever... You ask them, when have you stood up and fought for it?" to which the audience roared its response.  

Cruz went on to deliver another red meat applause line when he said Hillary Clinton embodies the corruption of Washington.  

2016 is going to be very much like 1980, said Senator Cruz to what may have been his biggest applause as he spoke with passion about the the Christians in the Middle East,"they were murdered for their Christian faith and the President of the United States needs to stand up and protect them." 

Cruz was relentless in attacking Obama saying the administration is adept at "bizarre Orwellian doublespeak".

While Cruz's prepared remarks received a huge repsonse from the CPAC conservative faithful, perhaps his most compelling comments were delivered in response to questions Sean hannity posed immediately after the close of his speech.

Hannity asked him for five things he would do right off the bat, and Cruz didn't hesitate or bat an eyelash:

1.  "Repeal every blasted word of Obamacare".

2.  Abolish the IRS, and send the 125,000 IRS agents to the southern border.  

3.  Abolish the EPA

4.  Defend ALL of our constitutional rights.  

5.  Restore American leadership in the world.

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A US Citizen by birth.

As a Republican Tea Party, conservative "birther"(Mr. Hannity), allow me to point out that while all natural born US Citizens are US citizens by birth, not all US citizens by birth are natural born US citizens. Sen. Cruz is a statutory (i.e., Title 8 USC §1401 (g)) US citizen by birth. He is not a natural US Citizen by birth.

I hope Sen Cruz, at some point in time, will sees the error of his ways, even if perhaps some of his more ardent supporters cannot, and leads the fight in restoring our most cherished tradition of citizenship by consent from the gutter it has been placed by our courts. If he does such a thing, I am sure he will find himself sitting on the bench of the US Supreme Court, perhaps even as its chief justice, and enter the history books with his head held up high.