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Boehner Friends Attack Conservatives Prop Up RINOs In Corrupt Alliance With Obama

Renee Ellmers Sold Us Out

Earlier this week we discussed in our article “Jeb Bush, John Boehner And The Anti-Reagan Republican Establishment” the viciously personal and bizarrely antagonistic attempts by Speaker John Boehner and the Republican congressional leadership to marginalize members of the House Republican Conference who do not hew to their Big Government – Big Business agenda.

Boehner stripped liberty-minded Representatives, such as Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and Justin Amash of Michigan, of their committee assignments and his leadership team went out their way to marginalize any member of the GOP conference who was not a team-player for Boehner’s Big Government surrender caucus.

And it has now been revealed that Boehner’s former Chief of Staff, and closest political and personal confidant, Barry Jackson, is a principal in an operation that is funding attack ads against conservative members of the House Republican Conference, including Huelskamp, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma and Jim Jordan of Ohio.

Setting aside the possibility that this represents an unlawful coordination of effort between the Speaker and an outside group to attack members of his own Conference, it demonstrates just how corrupt the House Republican leadership has become through the establishment of a revolving door between Capitol Hill Republican insiders and the big money interests who have spent billions backing the open borders policies that are destroying the American middle class.

But it gets better – or rather worse for the future of liberty and American exceptionalism.

The Boehner allied American Action Network has placed a $350,000 TV campaign for Reps. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, Susan Brooks and Todd Young of Indiana and Dan Benishek of Michigan all of whom voted for the bill to fund Obama’s executive amnesty and who potentially face limited government constitutional conservative primary challenges because of that vote.

According to POLITICO, the ad buy will run from Friday until March 12 on Fox News and during sports broadcasts this coming weekend. The spots will run 175 to 185 times in each district, a large-scale run, say Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan.

The group’s ad, tailored for each Republican, tells constituents to thank their congressman for “fighting for a stronger and safer America.”

“It starts with conservative champions like Congresswoman Renee Ellmers,” the ad states according to Sherman and Bresnahan. “Fighting to beef up our national security, enhancing cyber security and securing our economic future by fighting for less debt and greater fiscal accountability.”

Were this in the heat of a campaign Ellmers’ opponent might fairly demand that the ad be pulled for being demonstrably false given that Ellmers (or the rest of the establishment GOP) has done none of the things the ad attributes to her.

The 16 members of the House Republican Conference who will benefit from digital ads sponsored by AAN include Reps. Vern Buchanan of Florida; John Carter, Kay Granger and Mike McCaul of Texas; Tom Cole of Oklahoma; Chris Collins of New York; Devin Nunes and Jeff Denham of California; Tom Emmer and John Kline of Minnesota; Candice Miller of Michigan; Kristi Noem of South Dakota; Robert Pittenger of North Carolina; Joe Pitts and Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania; and John Shimkus of Illinois.

In addition to television ads, AAN is launching a six-figure online campaign to thank 16 members for “standing up to [President Barack] Obama.” It will also spend $50,000 for a “live operator” campaign in 75 other districts. Altogether, AAN will spend $525,000 on this campaign.

Except none of these members of Congress have actually taken a stand against Obama, they’ve all caved-in along with the Speaker and the rest of the House leadership whose connections allowed the corrupt alliance between Obama, Big Business and the Capitol Hill Republican leadership to advance its agenda.

It is time grassroots, limited government constitutional conservatives went RINO hunting and got the real story out about who the AAN is and whose interests the beneficiaries of its phony ad campaign actually serve.

If you see one of these ads running in your congressional district we urge you to use the facts in this article to write a letter to the editor or send this article to your friends to explain that far from being “conservative” or standing up to Obama, the beneficiaries of these ads, such as Rep. Renee Ellmers of North Carolina, are the sellouts who should be primaried by limited government constitutional conservatives.

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Speaker and Congress today

The dems and the rinos like the incompetent Speaker. He is an impediment to getting anywhere in stopping BO and his fundamental reformation of America. The Speaker and the rinos are dems. It is abundantly clear Koch funding the republicans and Soros funding the dems including his number one BO are working in conjunction to steer this country in the direction big business wants. If we all sit by and watch this country will be a socialist society run by an oligarthy of rich and powerful elites.

These days the news around the world looks like the good old days of the middle ages. Beheadings and burnings, middle eastern religions running wild and crazy. The middle class disappearing, the axis rising, etc..

Does anyone believe congress will stop BO from doing anything his little arrogant narcissistic little sociopath self decides to do? There will be nothing but talk and much ado about nothing from this sitting group of incompetents and that is it. Vote em out, turn em over at each and every opportunity. This current crop of incompetents needs culling at every opportunity! Traitors all, especially the AZ Senators, McCain and Flakey Flake!