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Why We Think Glenn Beck Is Wrong To Bolt The GOP

Glenn Beck

According to reporting by our friend Al Weaver of The Daily Caller, leading conservative talk radio host and internet media commentator Glenn Beck announced on his radio show Wednesday morning that he has officially left the Republican Party.

Beck, whose program appears on, said the GOP lost him when they said “they were going to stand against Obamacare and illegal immigration.” Beck added that the party “set us up” and “enough is enough.”

“I’ve made my decision — I’m out. I’m out of the Republican Party.  I am not a Republican. I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out,” Beck said on his program. “I highly recommend — run from the Republican Party. They are not good. And you see it now.”

We agree with Glenn Beck on not giving a dime to the Republican Party, and we haven’t for years, preferring to support individual conservative candidates for public office.

But if Glenn and those who share his views don’t like the current state of the Republican Party what have they done to change it?

A political party is made of people – it is not a set-in-stone institution immune to change – if you change the people you can change the party.

And, as CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie explained in his book TAKEOVER, that starts at the local, precinct level.

To all of those who say they want to bolt the GOP we say, “Have you run for office, or even Republican precinct committeeman, or county or district chairman?”

Calling talk radio or kvetching at the coffee shop doesn’t really change anything, because to change the party you have to change the people.

While we share Glenn Beck’s frustration, the Republican leaders’ surrender on amnesty and looming surrender on the Lynch nomination and Obamacare are just the latest in a long list of examples that, as Mr. Viguerie pointed out in "TAKEOVER," prove that the number one enemy of limited government, constitutional conservatives is not the Democrats, but big-government, establishment Republicans, such as John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Bush 41, Bush 43, and Bush 45 wannabe.

And for those who say “we need to leave the Republican Party and start a new Third Party, a real conservative party,” we say you haven’t read Mr. Vigurie’s book – that’s been thought of and tried by some of the leading conservatives of the previous generation, and dismissed by no less than Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

This conservative disillusionment with the GOP isn’t new; it goes back at least to the 1950s and early 1960s, when a vehement group of libertarian-minded thinkers, such as author Ayn Rand, argued for a separate movement, while William F. Buckley Jr. argued for a conservative takeover of the Republican Party.

Goldwater had to swat down the idea of a third party, telling conservatives at the 1960 Republican National Convention to grow up and concentrate on taking over the Republican Party.

Some conservatives had even urged Ronald Reagan to run as a third-party conservative candidate. During the 1970s As Mr. Viguerie recounts in TAKEOVER he found plenty of reason to support those efforts, and he was certainly fed up enough with the failures of the Republican establishment to bolt the Republican Party.

This effort gathered so much steam that a group of conservatives convened a meeting in Washington to urge Reagan to leave the Republican Party, launch “a full-blown national conservative movement,” and run as a third-party candidate.

To his great credit, Reagan chose not to pursue that path.

Reagan’s answer to those, including some of his good political supporters, who wanted him to head this new conservative party, was to tell them “they were out of their minds.”

As Reagan saw it then (and he was right) the bulk of conservative voters in America are Republicans—and they won’t desert the Republican Party for a third party.

And what’s more, we conservatives are tantalizingly close achieving the goal Buckley, Goldwater and Reagan set before us – taking over the Republican Party.

We’ve got a deeper bench than ever before – from city councils, to state legislatures to the halls of Congress we have more limited government constitutional conservatives in office than ever before.

But what we don’t have – the one key element we are lacking is our people in the key offices that control the levers of power in Congress and the Republican National Committee.

Today, conservatives are like the Biblical Israelites who could not get to the Promised Land until that generation of failed/flawed leaders had passed from the scene.  And, likewise, conservatives are not going to get to the political Promised Land until we get new principled leaders.

The day after the 2014 midterm election we ran an article on CHQ quoting our old friend the late M. Stanton “Stan” Evans who once said, “The problem with ‘our guys’ is that once they get to Washington they stop being ‘our guys’ and become ‘their guys’.”

It's well-known that there's no cure for Potomac fever except death, and likewise, there's nothing that will cure a congressional Republican of being addicted to big-government except a primary.

As Mr. Viguerie said in TAKEOVER: It’s the primaries, stupid.

The most important thing for conservatives to be focused on between now and election 2016 is the Republican primaries.

We share Glenn Beck’s frustration with the current state of the Republican Party. But we think conservatives and liberty-minded constitutionalist voters who join in him in bolting the GOP are making a huge mistake, and at a crucial, perhaps even existential point in our history.

We think you’re going to see a record number of Republican House members that are going to be challenged in the primaries in 2016 and that is where the battle for the future of the country lies, not in forming a third party that will guarantee a Democratic Party victory and the extinction of any possibility of reversing Obama’s unconstitutional actions.

We appreciate Glenn Beck’s frustration, but if you want to change what’s going on in America today the battle is inside the Republican Party, not between the GOP and some yet-to-be-created third party, and if you want to win it don’t leave the Republican Party, change the Republican Party by running for precinct committeeman, county chairman or for the Republican nomination for office against a big government incumbent before you consider bolting the GOP and handing power, perhaps permanently, to the far left anti-constitutional forces that now control the Democratic Party at the national level.

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Glenn may not be wrong

For years the Repiblucan Party has grossly abandoned its Constitutional principals & the conservative values it was founded on! It has blown many opportunities to turn the decline of the country under liberal Democrats, around... The GOP establishment now follows along with Democrat agenda, not challenging the devastating policies declining the country, only concerned with retaining party power & more failed future elections... They totally fail to represent the people or fight for the welfare & greater good of the country? GOP leadership votes to fund & allow illegal amnesty, Obamacare , debt ceiling , federal takeover of education, etc ? If that isn't bad enough, GOP leaders continually attack conservative colleagues which undermines future & effectiveness of the party! I believe IF the GOP had United together instead of dividing in 2012 , Obama would have been clearly defeated, and this country in 100% better shape than it is today! Leaders like Boehner & McConnell are a disgrace without conviction & Harry Reid still running the Senate! This bleeding country is on life-support on the verge of serious collapse on every front under OBAMA, yet even with GOP having both Houses we see little to no change initiated? A 3 party system could be a big problem dividing the vote , but if a new party REPLACED the GOP, not so? Is it ok to LOSE THE COUNTRY because we refused to take action for necessary party elimination & change? It's almost futile to expect to work within such a broken party with spineless Rhinos like Boehner, McConnell, McCain & Graham to fix severe party deficits that frankly are unrealistic & take too long! Beck & others realize we have no time to wait, hoping the GOP could be fixed from within at this point? That is too great a gamble because of the seriousness of the current fallen state of the country ... Besides, it's been tried for years with dismal failure? The idea of a new conservative party to replace GOP did not appear in haste, but by thoughtful compelling consideration through realization of necessity! The horrible state of this country has come down to recognition of DUTY to stand with the Constitution or DIE !


Not only Beck but every sensible voter should abandon the GOP. They have become a pack of spineless, worthless, watered-down liberals who no longer represent conservatives. It is long past time to flush them down the sewer and start putting real conservatives back into office instead of these self-serving GOP worms.

Make it clear

Agree! We 'conservative' MUST make it very clear to the GOP we are so done, not taking their corruption anymore!


CHQ suggestion sounds reasonable if we had a hundred years to play around but we have an illegal immigration amnesty problem that doesn't have 4 years to conquer. If that isn't stopped right now there is no tomorrow to play games. As AZ shows you get Committee Chairman of conservative bent and the crooks at the helm with crooked money will change the rules. Didn't that happen way back at Romney's national convention to take conservatives out of the nominating process? As I have said for 6 years hold your nose and vote means holding your nose from now on.

I also am Bolting with Beck

There are many of us that have decided Voting for the establishment pick and then being totally ignored and indeed slapped in the face is no longer a plan.
Take a good look and see if Freedom is more than just a convenient meme to fool the Useful idiot voters while both parties march us into a Communist Utopia having lost everything we ever worked for to the despots.

Republican Party

I totally agree with Beck. The, "What have you done to make changes" is a trite, worn-out dodge. Personally, I have supported conservative candidates, worked and voted for them. I've hosted "get to know the candidate" parties for them, door knocked, and more. Always...the few bucks I've given are more that the Party gave in their support.

It's time to recognize the truth in the statement, "Only a fool repeats the same actions and expects different results." Unfortunately, the Republican party is filled with uneducated masses, hoping for the best while blindly following it's liberal leaders. The last conservative Republican was Reagan and he ran in spite of Party objections. Do you realize that only someone middle aged, or older, has had an opportunity to even vote for a conservative candidate. Why? Because of liberal Republicans running the party. Well done, Beck.

If the Republicans run Chris Christie or Jeb Bush, I promise to vote 3rd Party. PERIOD! In other elections, I will vote conservative regardless of their party affiliations. I reject that a (liberal, progressive) Republican is better that a liberal, progressive Democrat. If this country is turned over to liberals, it won't be because I'm voting Republican.

Changing the republcan party from within

Won't work. Here in AZ John " Chief Obama enabler " McCain just ousted most of the precinct official to control thr AZ party. The Rino's have all the power and money. They have changed the primary process to be more like the demoncats, so they to can have complete control, who is "elected" in the primaries. They don't want to ever see another Reaganesque candidate or anything close for that matter.


I am letting the GOP know in uncertain terms if they cannot put a end to these RINO ways and the constant undercutting of the conservative thoughts and ideas for decent law and legislation and remove themselves from being the Libs BFF, they they will have to see meas a independent conservative and get down on their knees to get my money and my votes......I am big on term limits no retirement, a ballot driven consumption tax to replace the progressive income tax and the ban on all special interest unions in government...I want to pare down this government to make it accountable and manageable...

Let the Republican Party Implode

There is no fixing it from the inside. Been hereing we should fix it from the inside for 330 years. Too, late. I will never vote again for anyone with an R by there name unless I am absolutely convinced they are tru conservative like Cruz of or Lee. Maybe Walker.

Beck is right

Trying to change the R party will never happen. They control the primary process and will team with the DEMS and LIBS to keep RINOS alive and well. Remember MS and watch the primary process in 2016 and JEB fixes the process. The R party needs a competitor and until that happens we will continue to have a one party system. Those against a 3rd party are vested financially some how in the two party system weather it be a talk show host, politician, consultant or a Tea Party Hijacker group. If a new party comes about those vested in the two party system LOSE. Example if all the 1000+ Tea Party hijacker groups donations go to a conservative 3rd party it would not be very long if not immediately they start winning elections BUT these guys are out of business. Think about it and KUDOS for Beck on leaving the R Party.

Beck is wrong. Viguerie is right

It's the primaries, that's where the revolution should take place. I find that most "conservatives" are content to sit on their keesters and whine about the RINOS on the internet. I am a member of the largest Tea Party in NJ. They are not politically active. They are content to listen to speakers who validate their positions. Their "political" activism appears to be limited to forming discussion groups. Talk is cheap and doesn't require effort. Tea Partiers must join the local Party of Stupid organization and coherently argue conservative positions within it. We have had a Tea Partier run against our RINO congressman, but he doesn't get grass root support, because his fellow Tea Partiers don't work for him. We need to infiltrate the Party of Stupid.