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Ted Cruz Announces – Jeb Bush Goes Silent, Or Does He?

Roger Ailes and Jeb Bush


When principled limited government constitutional conservative senator Ted Cruz announced he is running for the Republican nomination for President conservatives saw in Cruz’s candidacy a great conservative crusade to reestablish constitutional government.

And Cruz’s Republican establishment opponent Jeb Bush saw in the Cruz candidacy what?

You’d never know based on the complete silence of the Jeb Bush camp and its establishment Republican supporters.

Or have they been silent?

As our friend Mark Levin observed, Fox News and other Republican-leaning media outlets have not been silent in doing the Bush campaign’s trashing of Cruz for them. Said Levin:

As you all know I’m a huge fan of the Fox News channel. Particularly certain hosts. But I have to wonder: if Ronald Reagan was running in 1976 starting in ’75 against Gerald Ford, how most of the people at Fox would treat him. Because to my great dismay – as I was preparing for the program, I had my favorite cable network on – and a number of the people were trashing Ted Cruz. Not enough experience, he’s too young, too conservative, needs a bigger tent, he’s down in the polls… These people are neophytes. Neophytes. They’ve never fought in Republican primaries for conservative candidates. They don’t even take the time to learn the history of this country or the Republican Party. And I am convinced that if Reagan were alive today and Gerald Ford were live today, and we were doing a rerun of 1975-1976, Reagan would be trashed all over our favorite cable channel.

Levin went on to cite ad hominem attacks on Cruz from various Fox News personalities such as commentator Charles Krauthammer and the various panelists of “The Five.”

Krauthammer’s take is that Cruz’s biggest problem is that "we already tried a first-term senator" and it didn’t work out so well – comparing Cruz to Obama.

Then, after saying Cruz will have to fight Mike Huckabee for the Christian conservative crowd, he added this:

"His real problem I think is this: Senators are going to have a hard time. First-term senators — we already tried a first term senator. And that's why when Scott Walker says a proven track record, what Walker has, he doesn't have the fluency on issues that a Cruz does, he's made a lot of stumbles thus far. But Cruz talks about, 'You have to walk the walk, rather than just talk the talk,' you have to done something. But that's not his record in the Senate, you know, he's a good rhetorician.

"But when Walker says, 'I ran the state, I took on the unions, I took on the liberals and I won,' I think it's going to be a strong argument."

Levin's response to Krauthammer's criticism of Cruz was one we share -- the good doctor missed the entire Reagan revolution while he was working for Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale, so like Levin we are not particularly overwhelmed by his repeated dissing of conservative outsiders like Cruz.

The panelists for Fox News' “The Five” were even harsher than Krauthammer.

While Kimberly Guilfoyle was the most positive and Dana Perino tried to keep an even balance by discussing both strengths and weaknesses in the Cruz candidacy, observed Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner, it was Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld who had the strongest cases against Cruz launching an ultimately successful bid to win the presidency.

Greg Gutfeld offered particularly harsh and personal criticism, saying “The only person who didn’t know Ted Cruz was running was Ted Cruz. He has been running for years. The problem I have is, is he running for himself or running for the country? Republicans have had their fill of attention-seeking vessels who are looking for a talk show or looking for something else. The problem with the Republican candidates is that we want vision and they want television.”

This is of course the same line that establishment Republicans in the Senate trotted out when Cruz demanded that they stand fast and vote against various elements of the Obama agenda that they so readily facilitated.  It wasn’t that they betrayed conservative principles (if they ever subscribed to them) it was that Cruz was a publicity hound.

Mark Levin termed the criticism of Cruz by “The Five” as “laughable, but we have a different, and less charitable take.

It is easy for today’s generation of conservative commentators to forget or to simply not be aware of the long history various Fox News personalities have with the Bush political operation, and especially the ties between the Bush family and Fox News Boss Roger Ailes.

Ailes, who served as media consultant to George H.W. Bush in his successful 1988 presidential campaign, provided a safe landing place and lucrative paycheck for various Bush White House alumni, notably Dana Perino of “The Five” and Karl Rove, whose abysmal win-loss record in 2012 did not seem to diminish his airtime on Fox.

So what’s with the Fox bias against Ted Cruz?

Simple said PJ Media’s Michael Van Der Galien, “the reason is that Fox isn’t conservative, but corporatist. They support candidates who are pro-amnesty (because it supposedly means cheap labor for businesses) and pro-corporate welfare. Cruz isn’t, Jeb is.”

So just because the attacks on Ted Cruz didn’t come from the Jeb Bush campaign doesn’t mean that Jeb’s longtime supporters and family political associates aren’t behind the attacks – especially when they come from Fox News.

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Jeb Bush and Roger Ailes

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Go Ted Cruz!


I saw that program on the 5 when they trashed Cruz. Whats the deal? Guttfeld was particulary putrid. Looks like i will not ever watch that program again..and Boling?? Most conservative guy on that show with the exception of Kim G...and he is in the tank for BUSH?? NO MORE BUSHES..or CLINTONS..this country is darned near 19 TRILLION in debt and over 140 TRILLION in unfunded liabilites..and BUSH wants AMNESTY...and giving SS to i have to go south of the border and re enter as an illegal to get benefits or what? Egregious doesnt really quite get there..but im holding back my profanity for now...good bye FOX!!


Thanks for telling the truth about Fox News.

And I'm not for Cruz.

But I am for truthtelling about Fox News.