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Pew Statistics On Muslim Colonization Of America

In several articles posted over the past few months we’ve told readers of CHQ about the Muslim colonization of America and about the national suicide built into the George W. Bush and Barack Obama immigration policies that have brought over 2.3 million Muslim immigrants to America since 9/11.

You can find our articles “America's Suicidal Muslim Immigration Policies,” “Importing Jihad,” and  “Muslim Brotherhood Ally CAIR Attacks America’s Heartland” through the links.

Now this issue has finally gotten the attention of the chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, who wrote the Department of State demanding that it halt the resettlement of refugees in the city of Spartanburg in his district.  In his letter dated April 15, 2015, Congressman Gowdy objected to the “lack of notice, information and consultation afforded to me and my constituents” and posed seventeen pointed questions, including (as paraphrased by Politico):

Why and when was his district approved [as a refugee resettlement site]?

What steps were taken to notify local government officials and whether they approved the plan, and where funds for the office and the refugees will come from?

When are the first refugees expected to arrive?

What benefits are they entitled to?

How many will be resettled?

What is their country of origin?

Who is responsible for housing, employment and education services for them?

Rep. Gowdy was particularly concerned about the security implications of this immigrant migration.  He asked: “Do any of the refugees to be resettled in the Spartanburg area have criminal convictions? If so, for what crimes has each been convicted?” And “Please explain the background-check process performed on refugees scheduled to be resettled in Spartanburg.

We can answer those questions for Rep. Gowdy: With Barack Obama in the White House there isn’t any real vetting of the background of these alleged “refugees.”

The necessity for such congressional oversight has been underscored by an important new monograph by Ann Corcoran entitled, Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America, which released at the end of April as part of the Center for Security Policy’s Civilization Jihad Reader Series.

Ms. Corcoran documents that Muslim immigration as a form of jihad via colonization called hijra dates back to the time of Mohammed.  In fact, she quotes hadith sources that assert that migration is a religious obligation for Muslims to spread Islam and build the Islamic state.  She also cites longtime Libyan leader, Muammar Qaddafi, who once said that Europe would be conquered without guns and swords, but with Muslim migrants overrunning the continent. 

Lest the images of thousands of Muslim “refugees” crossing the Mediterranean Sea and throwing Christians overboard isn’t enough to convince you, a powerful new documentary by Martin Mawyer called “Europe’s Last Stand; America’s Final Warning” illustrates just how accurate this prediction is proving to be.

As practiced today, the hijra strategy is an important part of a covert, pre-violent “civilization jihad” pursued by the Muslim Brotherhood. The UN High Commission on Refugees – which, like the rest of the United Nations, is dominated by the dictates of the Islamic supremacist organization known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – is complicit in the process of bringing Muslim refugees to America.  Interestingly, no Muslim refugees are ever resettled in wealthy, low-population density Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.

Although the author and other concerned local residents succeeded in that instance in blocking the dumping of immigrants that are, as a practical matter, unlikely ever to assimilate, the episode led Ms. Corcoran to the discovery of a frightening pattern: Across the United States, the federal government is attempting stealthily to relocate Muslim immigrants into unsuspecting and often unsuitable rural communities. She found that the affected locals, and even states, are totally by-passed in a resettlement process effectively driven by the United Nations, with U.S. agencies playing a clearly subordinate and non-sovereign role.

In addition, Ms. Corcoran has documented how U.S. officials stubbornly refuse to answer affected communities’ questions about Muslim resettlement. In fact, the State Department went so far as to stop holding townhalls and meetings in Washington, DC to discuss after local community representatives began to attend.

Particularly troubling is the evidence that Ms. Corcoran compiles concerning the secrecy surrounding this U.S. refugee resettlement program.  She provides estimates of how many Muslim immigrants have been quietly resettled in American communities with no local input.  And she discusses the State Department’s primary targets in the United States for Muslim resettlement and showcases models to be found in communities that are resisting this program.

Click the link to read Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America online or purchase a hard copy for the nominal sum of $6.00 through the link to Amazon.

For further information on the threats shariah poses to our foundational liberal democratic values, see more titles from the Center for Security Policy’s Civilization Jihad Reader Series at

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Obamanation corruption

Adding more potential terrorist to this country's population is the last thing we need. The Obamanation's criminal acts in allowing illegal aliens to flood the country is bad enough, illegal alien terrorists is even worse. This is as dumb as the idea of allowing the enemy into our own military ranks as we foolishly did at Fort Hood resulting in the murder of American citizens. Let's hope people realize how utterly foolish and irrational it was to elect the Obamanation to not just one but two terms when it comes to deciding whether to vote for the Witch Hillary.

Barry Soetoro

The undocumented, illegal, alien, usurper, Muslim and member of the Muslim Brotherhood Barry Soetoro, occupying our White House is the center of our problem!
John Boehner must commission a Special Committee in the House Judiciary Committee under Robert Goodlatte to investigate Soetoro using Sheriff Arpaio's investigative evidence! Convict, & remove Soetoro!
When Soetoro is removed we will nullify all he has tried to do including the two Supreme Court Justices he "nominated"!