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Democrats’ New Target Demographic: Idiots, Imbeciles and Incompetents

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You really can’t make this stuff up.  Our friend J. Christian Adams writing at PJ Media reports that the Obama Justice Department has quietly launched an effort to erode state constitutional powers over elections, and one of their primary targets is the power of states to prohibit the mentally incompetent from voting.

Adams observes that given the election results of the last twenty years, it might be surprising to learn that the California constitution says that “no idiot or insane” person shall be entitled to vote. But non-lawyers must understand that ‘idiot’ is a legal term used to denote someone who is literally incompetent or incoherent.  Other states use the term ‘imbecile’ or the more modern, ‘incompetent.”

While the terms may be anachronisms, says Adams, the reasons behind the prohibition on voting are as valid today as they were in 1849. Allowing someone who is not competent or aware to vote corrupts elections and invites the patient to be victimized by someone effectively stealing that patient’s vote.

Or in the modern Democratic political calculus, getting rid of the prohibition would, for all intents and purposes, allow the incompetent person’s caregiver – frequently a unionized government worker – to cast multiple votes as long as they claimed the incompetent person had expressed a desire to vote.

The legal and ethical argument against allowing incompetent persons to vote is a worthy debate, but what really got our attention was Adams’ research on who, exactly, was behind this effort to overturn the Qualification Clause of the Constitution.

The Obama Justice Department’s effort against California’s powers under the Qualifications Clause is based on a claim that practices disqualifying the incompetent might violate the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice told California it is opening an investigation into how it decides who is incompetent and thus disqualified to vote.  The focus of the investigation is on the Los Angeles Superior Court, the entity which decrees incompetence and then often appoints public guardians to oversee the care of those deemed incompetent to take care of themselves, and to vote.

And the instigators of the effort were far-Left activists from the Spectrum Institute and the American Association for Single People (AASP), an organization which aggressively opposes the value of marriage and boasts a board member (Nora J. Baladerian, PhD) who is an “advanced practitioner in ‘Thought Field Therapy,’” to some, a discredited New Age pseudoscience notes Adams.  The Spectrum Institute/AASP enjoys tax exempt 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.

Lest you think that our concern about unionized government workers gathering the votes of the incompetent to benefit the Democratic Party is misplaced ponder this: In Los Angeles County, members of public sector unions and the purple shirted Service Employees International Union (SEIU) are responsible for caring for many of those whom the Superior Court has appointed a conservator. 

These union members, observed J. Christian Adams, could serve as a witness to the fact that a patient has expressed “a desire” to vote.

Indeed, Oscar Valladares serves as the Los Angeles Deputy Public Conservator as Public Guardian, the office with custody and care over many individuals the Justice Department’s action would affect.  Valladares is also on the executive board of the SEIU, notes Adams.

The Justice Department action also comes just in time to bolster support for California Senate Bill 589, which would give those deemed incompetent and put into a conservatorship the right to vote, as long as they express a “desire to participate in the voting process.”

It will surprise no one familiar with how the far-Left drives narratives of this sort that the legislation and the DOJ investigation all arose out of the complaint of – surprise, surprise – one of Nora J. Baladerian’s therapy patients (you can read about it in this LA Times article) who, by the way, wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008.

While the Justice Department informed the Spectrum Institute of its plans, the public has been kept largely in the dark – for the obvious reason that people who are not incompetent might object to being governed by those who are.

Our prediction of how this all plays out?

We predict that Democrat-dominated Los Angeles County will sign a consent decree or some other agreement with DOJ and the Democrat-controlled state legislature will pass California Senate Bill 589 to allow the Democrats’ new target demographic a place on the voter rolls.

We urge CHQ readers to vigilantly watch what is happening on this issue in your state, and especially your state legislature, as far-Left activists and unionized government employees work hand-in-glove to erode state constitutional powers under the Qualifications Clause and hand the votes of those deemed unable to otherwise manage their own affairs over to the purple-shirted Democratic activists of the SEIU.

To learn more about this issue see "Indians and ‘Idiots’: DOJ Attacks State Power Over Elections" by former Justice Department lawyer and frequent Fox News guest J. Christian Adams. Adams is the author of Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department available from your favorite bookseller.

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