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Conservative Mike Flynn Garners Louie Gohmert Endorsement – Opponent Hides From Debates

Rep Louie Gohmert and Mike Flynn

Leading House limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) has joined the growing list of conservatives (including CHQ) endorsing conservative media warrior, Mike Flynn, in the special election for Illinois’ 18th Congressional District.

Gohmert’s statement outlining his reasons for endorsing Flynn will send a strong signal to conservatives in Illinois Congressional District 18, and nationally, that Flynn is the real conservative candidate in the race.

“A former policy director for the American Legislative Exchange Council and founder of Breitbart’s, Mike Flynn has proven to be a standup patriot and true freedom-loving conservative with a titanium backbone,” said Gohmert. “His strong background in conservative media and experience in holding Republican leaders accountable will make him indispensable in the trenches of Capitol Hill fighting for liberty and justice. “

​“It is time to get people in Washington with the founders’ passion for freedom and less government invasion and control of our lives, both private and public,” concluded Rep. Gohmert. “Mike embodies the mission statement​​ ​up​on which GOH Conservative PAC was founded. He will surely stand on principle and govern as he campaigned – to get our country back on a responsible, practical, entrepreneurial road.”

In separate news, Mike Flynn has challenged his principle opponent, Darin LaHood (son of former Obama Transportation Ray LaHood) to a series of five debates, one in each corner of the District.

“LaHood skipped his own Early Vote event last Monday in McLean County once they knew we’d be there. He has ignored multiple calls to debate and Mike has been shut out of county GOP events where LaHood is speaking.  The LaHood campaign no longer promotes public appearances other than fundraisers and controlled functions,” explained Tom Stoner, Flynn’s campaign manager. 

“I look forward to hearing from the LaHood campaign so we can set up an opportunity for the voters to evaluate our positions on the important issues facing America,” said principled limited government constitutional conservative candidate Mike Flynn.

“If LaHood won’t listen to your questions now, when he’s trying to win your vote, he’s certainly not going to listen to your questions once he’s in office,” concluded Flynn.

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