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Conservative Mike Flynn Earns Rep. Steve King Endorsement – Opposes TPA and TPP

Mike Flynn

In an op-ed in yesterday’s Daily Caller, conservative congressional candidate (IL-18) Mike Flynn came out strongly against granting President Obama “fast track” trade promotion authority and against Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

As Flynn pointed out, it is almost impossible to verify claims (dismissed by Senator Jeff Sessions and others) that the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be good for the American economy and job market because “very few people actually know what’s contained in this trade deal. The current draft is literally locked away in a room in Washington. Only members of Congress are allowed to even review the current treaty language. Any notes they take of the treaties details are confiscated at the door when they leave.”

And Flynn noted that “The activist group Wikileaks has released what it says is a draft copy of the agreement. Only five of the treaty’s 29 chapters deal with traditional trade issues like tariffs and market access. Among the other chapters are sweeping provisions on Internet governance and regulation, copyright and investments.”

These are all issues that greatly impact American competitiveness and job creation and deserve a public airing before they are agree to by President Obama said Flynn. “This trade deal, which would impact at least 40 percent of the U.S. economy, may in fact be good for our future prosperity. At the very least, a deal of this size warrants a vigorous public debate.”

Flynn noted that when the North American Free Trade Agreement was proposed, “The public didn’t just debate the “fast-track” provision, but had a robust discussion of the underlying trade deal itself.”

“No matter what one feels about the outcome of the NAFTA debate, there was at least a full public debate of the merits of the proposed trade deal. The political discourse of the country was much improved by the months-long back and forth,” concluded Mike Flynn.

As a party, said Flynn, Republicans ran three national campaigns against the idea of passing sweeping legislation no one had read and checking Obama’s tendency to grant himself powers beyond the Constitutional limits. The House GOP even sued Obama over his expanded use of executive powers.

And yet, noted Flynn, the House GOP is now leading the legislative push to grant Obama an entirely new set of executive powers. Just this year, Republicans were rightly criticizing Obama for conducting negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program in secret.

But here’s the key point for us in Mike Flynn’s commentary: “The drama this week surrounding the TPP isn’t about Republicans and Democrats as much as it is about Washington and the rest of the country. The political and ruling class in Washington wants to be left alone to govern the country as it sees fit, without the hassle of engaging the public in the discussion.”

We agree, and that’s why we endorsed Mike Flynn in the special election to fill the vacancy in Illinois congressional District 18.

And were not alone in believing Flynn has the right ideas and temperament to make a real difference when he’s elected.

Leading House conservative Representative Steve King (IA-4) has now endorsed Mike Flynn, joining his fellow conservative leader Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas in backing Flynn as the conservative choice in the July special election.

"I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Mike Flynn to represent Illinois’ 18th Congressional District. Mike has been fighting for conservative principles and the pillars of American Exceptionalism for over two decades and I have worked with Mike for most of that time. Mike has continually challenged the Obama Administration and liberal Democrats and he understands the importance of a strong but limited government, the Rule of Law, and the need to strengthen the traditional values that made America great,” said King’s statement endorsing Flynn.

“This is a rare chance for Illinoisans to elect a full spectrum Constitutional conservative to the House who will stand strong on principle,” continued King. “Mike will challenge anyone, including party leadership, if they are wrong on the issues. I hope Illinois voters of the 18th District will send a clear message to Washington by nominating Mike Flynn," said Congressman King.

“I am proud and honored to receive endorsements from Congressmen Gohmert and King,” said Flynn. “I look forward to serving with them and fighting to uphold our Constitutional principles when I represent the fine people of Illinois 18th district in Congress.”

Please click the link to read Mike Flynn’s Daily Caller op-ed “GOP Must Reject The Secret Fast-Track Trade Deal

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