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Vote Mike Flynn: Time To Break The Cycle Of LaHood Crony Capitalism

Mike Flynn conservative congressional candidate

We’ve been telling you about principled limited government constitutional conservative Mike Flynn, who is running for the Republican nomination for Congress in the Illinois District 18 special election on July 7.

Flynn’s opponent, Darin LaHood – the son of Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood – has refused to debate Flynn and has been running the usual establishment Republican content-free campaign of letting his outside special interest money do his talking for him.

Now investigative reporter Katie McHugh of Breitbart has blown the lid off why the special interests are so anxious to put Darin LaHood in Congress – M-O-N-E-Y, millions of dollars of it – flowing from LaHood’s votes in the Illinois State Senate into the pockets of LaHood campaign supporters, and to LaHood’s law firm.

Katie McHugh’s reporting details how on May 30, 2012, LaHood voted “yea” on a bill which established in East Peoria a new “Tax Increment District III” — a law which conveniently required the city hire to lawyers who would confirm each year that the city was in full compliance. This was the third such zone established by the city.

TIFs, explained McHugh, are set up to help offset the costs of building businesses in blighted areas or establishing a manufacturing plant, or “free enterprise zone.” Property taxes are increased on businesses and homeowners for as many as 26 years to fund new developments.

Who represents East Peoria? None other than Miller, Hall, & Triggs, for which LaHood is an associate, reported McHugh. Yet LaHood apparently did not disclose to taxpayers that his firm stood to make significant financial gains from the new TIF zone he supported; transcripts from the vote show no evidence that LaHood made public the ties his firm has to East Peoria.

McHugh’s reporting documents that LaHood’s firm has made $1,285,803 over the course of five years (2010-2015) from its client, East Peoria.

Since that vote, developers have also donated tens thousands of dollars to Darin LaHood’s congressional campaign after being awarded businesses in the new TIF zones in what appears to be a cozy, crony capitalist set-up.

Here are here are just two of the more egregious crony capitalist ties Katie McHugh documented:

Chairman of Cullinan Properties Diane Cullinan Oberhelman (and wife of Caterpillar CEO Douglas R. Oberhelman) earned $1,759,302 from TIF zones since 2010. Cullinan also donated $15,000 to LaHood’s state senate campaign PAC, and $10,800 to his congressional PAC. In total, she donated $25,800.

The Otto Baum Company, which received $4,073,797 to develop the new TIF zone since 2012, donated $5,000 to LaHood’s state senate PAC.

From our perspective we look at LaHood’s truly disgusting, which is also potentially unethical since he failed to disclose the direct benefits to his law firm before the vote, cronyism and wonder “how would a guy like this vote when he gets to Congress?”

Well, we can intuit that he would vote for fast track and Obamatrade, perhaps the most devastating attacks on the quality of life and aspirations of working American families ever attempted by the Wall Street – Washington axis, and not incidentally, equally devastating to American sovereignty and constitutional government.

We can also intuit that LaHood would support the reauthorization of the corrupt crony capitalist Ex-Im Bank, which subsidizes at taxpayer expense the exports of LaHood donors like Caterpillar.

But of course since LaHood won’t debate Flynn we can’t really get a straight answer on how he would vote on issues affecting the financial interests of his law firm and donors, we can only go by his past actions.

And his past actions tell us he would continue to engage in the kind of gray-area legalized corruption that made his law firm and donors millions by raising the taxes of the workers and small businesses of East Peoria. Voters in Illinois Congressional District 18 who are tired of being looted by the LaHoods of Washington and Springfield have a clear alternative – vote for Mike Flynn in the Special Election on July 7.

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