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Planned Parenthood Investigation: Congress Must Follow The Facts Wherever They Lead

To: Speaker of the house John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Dear Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell:

An undercover video released last week, and another released Tuesday by The Center for Medical Progress, shows high level officials with Planned Parenthood Federation of America talking about the sale of unborn baby body parts after an abortion.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee began investigating the matter last week, but after the initial announcement it appears little progress has been made in moving the investigation forward.

We urge you to use your leadership position to ensure that this investigation move forward with all speed so that Americans may know whether or not Planned Parenthood, and by extension its donors, do indeed engage in the sale of human tissue and organs – which is prohibited by law.

We also urge you to use your leadership positions to move Rep. Diane Black’s “Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015” – legislation that would enact an immediate moratorium on all federal funding for Planned Parenthood while Congress carries out a full investigation.

Planned Parenthood has received over $1.2 billion in federal funding – funding that may have gone to subsidize the ghoulish practice of killing babies and harvesting their organs and tissue.

The truth of the charges against Planned Parenthood should stand or fall on a measured and unbiased investigation into whether it profits from trafficking in human organs. Congress must conduct a thorough investigation and follow the facts wherever they lead.

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Please sign our letter to demand an investigation into the allegations that Planned Parenthood engages in and profits from human tissue and organ trafficking.