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Mr. Trump, You Should Have Taken Roger Stone’s Advice

Unlike many conservative observers, I thought the Fox media panel did a good job during Thursday’s “debate.” While you can’t really call a television program where the media panel takes 30% of the airtime a candidate “debate,” and reasonable people might disagree about whether the “tone” or delivery of some of the questions was hostile or antagonistic, I thought Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly asked questions that, by-and-large, needed to be answered.

Viguerie Trump StoneAnd that includes the question that has generated all the post-debate controversy – Megyn Kelly’s “war on women” question to Donald Trump – which absolutely needed to be answered.

Anyone who thinks that Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President isn’t going to be a far-Left feminist crusade isn’t paying attention to the groundwork that is being laid to make the feminist agenda a key part of her campaign.

Feminist Democrats are trying to pump some air into House Joint Resolution 51, which would abolish the deadline for Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ratification. On August 26, 2015 there will be ERA March to the U.S. Capitol, that will also include top leftwing feminists and “human rights” activists who will hold a press conference, and then rally for the ERA.

So, a question about how Trump’s non-PC battles with various celebrity females might play into the Democrats’ “war on women” playbook was entirely legitimate in my view.

And Trump’s answer the night of the “debate” was decent if not perfect – he got the audience on his side with his remark about “that was only Rosie O’Donnell” and that was where he should have left it.

The problem is that Mr. Trump decided to make it personal with Megyn Kelly, because that’s how he’s fought other battles with the tabloid media that he is used to dealing with as an entertainment celebrity, rather than exercising what people in politics call “message discipline.”

Message discipline means sticking with the foundational message of your campaign – which in Trump’s case is opposition to illegal immigration and the failure of the political class to protect American interests in trade, the Iran deal and other negotiations.

Or as his now-trade mark baseball cap says “Make America Great Again.”

And Trump’s failure, or perhaps genetic inability, to exercise message discipline has now cost him one of his most effective campaign advisors – Roger Stone.

Trump made the surprising announcement Saturday afternoon that he was firing Stone, but, hours before that, the political consultant’s friends told POLITICO that he was actually quitting.

“Sorry @realDonaldTrump didn’t fire me- I fired Trump. Diasagree with diversion to food fight with @megynkelly away core issue messages,” Stone tweeted, referencing Trump’s above referenced battle with Megyn Kelly after the Thursday debate.

In an email to Trump obtained and reported by POLITICO Stone said, “I was proud to have played a role in the launch of your presidential campaign. Your message of ‘Make America Great Again’ harkened back to the Reagan era. Restoring national pride and bringing jobs back to America - your initial and still underlying message - is a solid conservative message. In fact, it catapulted you instantly into a commanding lead in the race,” Stone’s email said.

“Unfortunately, the current controversies involving personalities and provocative media fights have reached such a high volume that it has distracted attention from your platform and overwhelmed your core message,” Stone wrote. “With this current direction of the candidacy, I no longer can remain involved in your campaign.”

I don’t know whether Roger Stone was fired or quit, but I do know that Roger Stone has a brilliant and incisive political mind. Back in the 1970’s he was a client of our firm and during that same time his former wife Ann was a Vice President at the company; we’ve remained in friendly contact ever since.

What Roger Stone told Donald Trump upon leaving the campaign is exactly what I’ve been saying; Trump’s rise in the polls isn’t about his celebrity, it’s about his message – about “sending THEM a message.” And THEM is the Republican establishment and the Washington political class in general.

And the media strategies that worked for Donald Trump the celebrity won’t work for Donald Trump the “message carrier” for America’s country class voters. (See my column “Only Three of Twenty Presidential Candidates Are Message Carriers”)

The problem for the Republican establishment and the DC political class is given that Trump’s rapid rise in the polls is not about Trump – it’s about his message – no one watching this controversy has come away saying, “well Trump was his usual bombastic self, so I guess I’ll abandon him and vote for Jeb Bush.”

The problem, however, for Donald Trump is that the more he makes the campaign about himself and celebrity food fights, the more likely it is, as Roger Stone implied, that the voters who have been telling pollsters they like Trump will decide to look elsewhere for a message carrier. And when they do Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina are there waiting with their own “send THEM a message” campaigns.

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Donald Trump

What the Republican Party has needed but sorely lacked for much too long is a "Give 'em hell, Harry" candidate (Harry Truman's campaign of 1948). The whole Party has been caught up in political correctness and timidity always being more concerned about what voters will think of them than in displaying the courage of their convictions. Donald Trump has offered a refreshing alternative not being afraid to display candor while also kicking rump. He must now add, however, a greater grasp of the issues.

Think Again

It’s frustrating listening to “conservatives” condemning the only presidential candidate that has been able to inflict a real setback to Obama’s push for illegal immigration, while likely, single-handedly, finally retiring John McCain, and showing that he is able and willing to effectively use Democrat tactics, against Democrats, which means playing hardball, including calling people names! Do we not see how name-calling is used to powerful effect by the left?

We are sick of panty waist Republicans, afraid to death to insult the people who want to destroy us. I’m sorry, but I don’t think there is a single Republican consultant or pundit that has a clue what needs to be done in terms of reaching people to change their minds. I think Trump does.

All I see Republicans do is talk about changing our platform to conform with the minds that the left has changed. I don’t want to take that road. I want to find someone who can change minds. Without that we are done because every minute of every day, the left is tirelessly working to keep changing more minds.

I suggest that we need to do more watching and less criticizing of Donald Trump to see what he can do as a leader for our cause. Certainly he has been very successful at building things. Certainly he knows how to appeal to a large audience.

Combine those qualifications, with a man who truly loves our country, in contrast to the current president who hates our country, and it makes one wonder about any one on our side that would stand up and try to shoot Trump down so early in the campaign.

Here’s a cold, hard reality. We need a leader that will have the ability and toughness to dismantle a massive leftist bureaucracy. Like it or not, Trump is likely to be the only candidate that has the personal strength to get that job done. To openly condemn the one candidate who could succeed at that task because of a few words said to a TV personality is beyond short sighted. Especially when that candidate has a commanding lead in the polls.

Watch that clip again

If you look at the actual clip of the Kelly question to Trump, it really is a slanted question. I didn't know the background when I watched it the first time, but it was quite obvious to me that there was a back story. I modicum of reading and watching the commentary and it was back to watch the clip one more time. Stay ignorant, if that is your disposition. But, in the end, that was not an honest question. It was designed to get a reaction. Kelly needs to take a fall for being the patsy of the higher ups. Call it a gotcha question.

Donald Trump

I speak for myself, but Bush did not seem to help himself or his ratings by going after Trump at the Republican Red Convention, as it appears that his numbers have dropped. Also Carly Fiorina did NOT ingratiate herself to me, or 90 percent of a huge number of voters on a couple sites I am on, by speaking out against Donald Trump, and accusing him of inferring what he declares he DID NOT MEAN, and I believe that he NEVER was inferring that. As for abandoning Trump and favoring Bush, the social media people, which I have been blogging with in the past few days, have turned just the opposite. I am NEVER going to vote for Bush, and posted that fact to his own FB site. His attitude, and the picture of him at an event sitting with Valerie Jarrett, and Murdock, REALLY CINCHED THAT with me, and my husband, and many other voters, who have seen this. We just as well vote for Hillary Clinton.

Who will "Make America Great Again"?

Like I said in my comment, “They may try to call him Donald Duck, but . . . . .” (, “There is absolutely no way The Don’s celebrity sheen is going to be tarnished no matter how the media, the other Republican candidates, senior GOP leadership and pundits try to crucify him for gaffes and erroneous facts. For The Donald, all of it is like water on a duck’s back, and frankly Scarlet, Donald doesn’t give a damn.”

And he certainly showed that side at the debate. And no matter what one thinks about the Fox team’s questions or even motives, Donald proved that it is all about the message and the pent up anger of real conservatives who are fed up with the Republican leadership that continually hands Obama, Wall Street, K Street and themselves the fruits of corruption and crony capitalism that come with controlling the political process. And The Donald showed 24 million Americans that he really doesn’t give a damn what people who disagree with or challenge him think. Damn the political torpedoes, full steam ahead.

And how could ANYONE be surprised that The Donald wouldn’t raise his hand to the initial question about supporting the Republican nominees to run in the presidential election? It was such a Donald move—only a celebrity amongst the politicians would do what The Donald did. Of course the political neophyte Dr. Ben Carson gave America a FABULOUS demonstration of his intelligence and wit with the comment that perhaps someone beat him to the punch removing half the brains of almost everyone in Washington, DC.

It was also not surprising that The Donald survived this debate as strong as before confirming yet again that “the message” delivered by a world recognized celebrity (whether or not you personally like or despise him) can still, even in the face of the progressive’s anti-GOP “War on Women” mantra, be accepted by a significant segment of the population.

Of course, Rosie O’Donnell fans, the women of The View and their fans, and the pro-abortion hordes of infanticide Sangerists are outraged and defending the selling of millions of human infant bodies and parts ripped from wombs, but the fact remains that Americans opposed to Planned Parenthood on any grounds—whether moral or religious—shouldn’t be forced by the Federal Government to support with their taxes PP’s abomination against the most vulnerable and defenseless segment of our society. Only Sangerists embrace abortion as birth control—and unwanted population control.

Of course, The Donald actually running as an independent candidate (as history has shown) would certainly doom again, perhaps for the last time, America’s chance to salvage and turn around what’s left after Obama’s so far successful fundamental transformation of America. If Trump doesn’t legitimately win the primary process to represent the Republican Party and decides to run as a 3rd party candidate, then I, like most conservative Americans, would truly have to ask, “Did Donald Trump truly want to ‘Make America Great Again,’ or was it simply about Donald the celebrity?

My take away from the “Fox Political Show” is that America would be blessed with a leadership team comprised of Cruz-Fiorina, Walker –Fiorina or Cruz-Walke ; and not necessarily in that order.

And there was also a lot of great political talent on display that could fulfill significant administrative roles as advisors, cabinet members and department heads. Who knows, perhaps The Donald could end up as the head of Homeland Security and build the wall, and Dr. Carson could become Surgeon General in charge of making the Veterans Health Administration a true medical services powerhouse for our wounded warriors.

As for the hordes of politicians in DC with only half a brain, perhaps they can get into an Obama jobs training program and learn how to harvest fruits or vegetables.

Go back and look at Fiorina and Walker

Do some more research.

Fiorina is a Romney gal. She's one of the women in Romney's binders full of women, such as Meg Whitman and Michele Bachmann. IOW, a token female candidate to do the dirty work for the Big Boys in the room who will always be in charge. I know she was a CEO. But this is GOP politics. The Good Ol Boys will NEVER let a woman be in charge. As I've typed elsewhere, see: Palin, Sarah, for how the GOP GOBs - not to mention the catty women GOP lifers aka Perino and Noonan, will react whenever any female comes within striking distance of the WH. They will use her and toss her aside.

Walker is a Bush guy, for all intents and purposes. Specifically a Wisconsin GOP Good ol boy, with his fellow GOBs, Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan, government worker lifers who love Big Government as long as Establishment GOP lifers like the Bushes are running it.

Establishment candidates VERSUS TRUMP !!

So I understand you guys might not like Trump or his style and yes you want to figure out how to get his supporters by talking about what Trump is talking about. Problem for some is I like Trump and I trust him. I know that's a problem for some who want to push Bush crony Ted Cruz or McCain surrogate Fiorini who has Establishment blood spewing from her mouth. But it aint gonna change baby cause we now know that all the rest are compromised and that Fox News is in the thick of it.

So, the darling Cruz is clever not to criticize Trump because he is waiting in the wings like a vulture to feed off Trump supporters because after-all Trump is simply not worthy to carry the mantle of the Conservative nominee
according to some elitist snobs but despite what they think and despite the fact that some think theirs don't stink, it really really does.

Black Ladies 4 TRUMP !! A MUST SEE ****

Lincoln once said :

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

Abraham Lincoln


The truth is that Trump is not presidential material. He always has a angry, concerned or snarl on his face and I could not envision someone like him making a State of the Union Address or being able to communicate without falling in to a hostile delivery etc. He is a poor speaker and with limited use of the english language.

However, I like what he has to say and pretty much is the truth but because of being PC, no one else has the courage to go there. I do feel that FOX news people definitely were on the attack against Trump and Trump is a fighter that will attack back if you start on him and no holds barred. He would never draw enough votes to be elected. He has black and hispanic against him and would pull very little democrat votes to get elected.

I am enjoying the change of pace where Trump is involved but my short list is: Walker, Cruz, Perry, Huckabee, Santorum, Christie and maybe even Carson and Florina. Bottom of the list is Rand Paul.

I am still for Trump

While I like Ted Cruz and yes, Bobby Jindal, equally to Trump, I'm sticking with Trump because I see him exactly as Richard sees him: A Fighter. Phooey on Megan Kelly. She's just a pretty but articulate TV host. They all look and sound the alike to me, but Trump is a man and has made his mark in a competitive world and I trust he will do all he promises if elected president. His tremendous ego would not allow him to do otherwise. We need a decisive risk taker like Patton, Bull Halsey, Dr. Larry Arnn (President of Hillsdale College) and LCDR Earnest E. Evans (of WWII fame) to undo all the damage done to our Constitution. -- JW

Research Carly

If you didn't like Romney, you won't like Carly. She has many of the exact same items in her baggage cart as does Trump. And Romney.

She is the Establishment's chosen token female this go-round.

And as in the last go-round, Mitt Romney picked her out of his binders full of women. You may recall his pick last go-round for token woman was Michele Bachmann. Who never laid a finger on Romney at any of the debates in which they participated.

You can bet Fiorina has had VP dangled in front of her as Bachmann did last go-round. There ain't no way the GOP wants a woman anywhere in authority over a man.

See what they did to Sarah Palin. At every level. Mayoral, gubernatorial, and especially, vice presidential, ...

Bachmann and Fiorina are being pushed forward to try to prove to the world that "see, the GOP Establishment is OK with women." But they have no intention to put a woman at the top of the ticket. None.

Don't think you have it right....

Not quite. The real country voters out here can see clearly that the debate "food fights" were really a product of FOX's arrogance and Kelly's presumption that her celebrity makes her bullet proof, and that she can attack candidates at will. Nonsense. She is not bullet proof and she was way out of line. Or, alternatively we could call Debate #1 "Skewering the Donald." FOX was not hosting a true debate, just like they don't report the real news, that seems to fall on local stations at this point. Trump is doing fine. He has to be the toughest SOB who ever walked to counter the entrenched anti-American crap that passes for government these days. Some of us consider Barrack Hussein's gaggle of ideological perverts to be seditious, to put it mildly. This is time for bold, brazen, brash, bombastic men to fight back hard. No punches must be pulled. Trump is doing good. Real good. He is focusing on issues the entire US Congress is too cowardly to focus upon. Kelly was not right. Even though she tried. She was way, way out of line. The US Congress is out of line. The president is a hopeless fraud. I am ecstatic Trump is on the scene. A few more Trumps and we might all be talking sense again, and forget all the slips of the tongue. Those are not real issues, and that Trump gives back more than is thrown at him is a good thing. I am enjoying the hell out of it. The US government is broken. Trump is a force for good, and if he is bold and unafraid then good for him. It's just that simple.

Local news is it

You are absolutely correct about that.

Most local news reporters are still reporters and have not yet developed the oversized egos that apparently is de rigeur if you make it to a national news program.

Not across the board, of course. There are certainly local reporters who have dreams of being the next Katie Couric or Brian Williams ... and are willing to be just as unethical as the aforementioned to do so.

But more often than not, local reporters are happy to report the news.