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One Thing You Can Do This Week To Change Washington

The old fashioned congressional “town hall” meeting where your Representative provides citizens with an opportunity to ask questions live and in person has nearly gone extinct after Democrats melting under the intense heat of citizen questions about Obamacare helped power the 2010 Tea Party wave election and a historic defeat for Democratic House Members.

Boehner ObamaBut there are still congressional town hall meetings being held, and we urge CHQ readers to attend one in their area and especially to ask questions about Rep. Mark Meadows’ “motion to vacate the Chair” and oust John Boehner as Speaker.

When Rep. Meadows filed the motion just days before Congress left DC for its traditional August recess (now laughably called the “district work period”) there was much speculation in the conservative blogosphere that Boehner’s allies would quickly bury the motion or call a vote on it and embarrass Meadows when it went down in flames.

That didn’t happen because Boehner’s whip team could guarantee him that he would win such a vote (see Matt Boyle’s great article detailing all the behind the scenes machinations on this through this link) and that left Meadows’ motion hanging out there unresolved when House members headed home ostensibly to hear from their constituents.

Our friends at Heritage Action have put together a very helpful list of congressional town hall meetings (available through this link) that will let you know where and when town hall meetings are scheduled.

As our friend principled limited government constitutional conservative Ken Cuccinelli outlined in an email to friends of his Liberty Now PAC, you can help make this a reality.

You need to challenge your Congressman or Congresswoman to commit to vote right -- to remove Boehner as Speaker and install a limited government constitutional conservative Speaker. You should do this even if your Representative is a Democrat.

Why, you ask? Because, by getting rid of Speaker Boehner, both parties will become more relevant to the governing process.

What do I mean by that? Well, right now, Democrats (and conservative Republicans) generally aren’t included in much of anything that deals with governance in the House of Representatives. Because it’s a majoritarian body (i.e., majority rules), if enough of the majority party sticks with their leadership, they simply set up rules to disallow Democrat and Conservative amendments to bills.

Of course, that means there’s far less substantive discussion about what’s best for America. But the current Leadership doesn’t seem too troubled by that…

So, Conservatives and Democrats will benefit from this change by obtaining increased access to the legislative process, as any successful candidate to succeed Boehner will have to promise a more open amendment process. It doesn’t mean their amendments will pass, but it does mean that they will at least get a chance to make their case.

America will benefit from a more open governing process that doesn’t exist simply to hold power for the benefit of well-connected special interests.

We urge you take a look at our articles on Rep. Meadows’ motion to vacate the Chair to familiarize yourself with how it works and then head to the nearest town hall meeting to demand that your Representative support the Meadows motion and replace Boehner with a principled limited government constitutional conservative.

If your Representative isn’t having a town hall, but you wish to join CHQ’s effort to help Rep. Meadows, we have made it simple to let your Representative know that you want John Boehner removed as Speaker of the House, just sign our petition to second Rep. Meadows’ motion to vacate the Chair. We will forward it to your Representative on your behalf.

Here’s the link to the Heritage Action list of town hall meetings again.

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