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Likely Democratic Candidate to Succeed Dodd Received A+ Rating From ACORN

In a September, 2009 article for American Thinker, Mark J. Fitzgibbons pointed out that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal was one of only six Attorneys General to receive a grade of A+ from ACORN. Blumenthal is now considered to be the front runner to secure the Democratic nomination to succeed retiring Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd in November 2010.

In Connecticut, at least, it appears the acorns don't fall far from the tree. 

Fitzibbons' article can be read here.

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President Obama's Debt Ceiling

 We should not be bullied by a dictatorial personality, regardless of how important he thinks he is to America.

We hear the words spoken by the President, his cabinet, and other liberals, saying that we are in a great crisis over debt ceiling.  We, the American citizens, often cannot separate truth from lies in this matter. The President has stated that he cannot guarantee the social security checks if the measure is not passed by the date set by Secretary of Treasury as August 2.  This for one thing I believe to be a bald faced lie.  Social Security is in a different fund, which must be protected IAW law.  How do we know the other comments are true, coming from the mouth of a liar?

Our House of Representatives passed a bill on debt ceiling that was rejected.  I see no further action necessary by the Representatives at this time.  Simply continue the deliberation of  bills and operate the appropriate committees.  The ball in in the President's court.  

Inversely, President Obama needs to get his act together and send a budget for congressional approval.  To my knowledge he has never had a budget passed.  He is flying the seat of his pants, keeping vital information away from the American people.  Until he sends a budget, no action should be considered by congress on a debt ceiling.   

Obama's socialism, communism, progressivism, and Muslim brotherhood dictatorial ideas should be nixed; it is time to get serious about his eligibility through congressional committees.  If his eligibility is so positive, why would he spend a fortune keeping the issue out of open court for so long?  We need to openly go after Obama and the Democratic Socialist of America as the traitors of our country they are.   God bless American and the memory of those patriotic Christian-Judeo founders.



James J. Kirksey