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It’s Always The Gun’s Fault

In the aftermath of the murder of WDBJ TV reporter Allison Parker and cameraman Adam West gun grabbers have taken the old liberal adage “never let a good crisis go to waste” and cynically taken advantage of the grief of Ms. Parker’s parents to renew their calls for unconstitutional restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans. 

Idiot controlOn Wednesday, President Barack Obama, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and former Rep. Gabrielle Gifford's, D-Ariz., who was shot in the head in 2011 while presiding over a constituent meeting, were among those advocating enactment of gun control measures. 

"There are too many guns in the hands of people who should not have guns," Democrat McAuliffe said on WTOP radio in Washington. 

The governor said he pushed for better background checks for gun purchasers and re-enactment of a repealed Virginia law limiting gun sales to one per week in his first two years in office. 

Allison Parker’s father, Andy Parker, said on "State of the Union" with Jake Tapper that he'd been in touch with several influential gun control advocates -- including Mark Kelly, the astronaut husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- about pushing "sensible gun control legislation." 

“There’s a linkage between guns and mental health,” Mr. Parker said on Sunday morning, “And there’s got to be some kind of protocol established so that we keep people from getting guns.” 

A “protocol established so that we keep people from getting guns,” not a “protocol” to keep mentally ill people from getting guns. Not a “protocol” to keep criminals from getting guns, but a “protocol” to keep all people from getting guns. 

The problem is that none of the policies McAuliffe, Obama, Giffords or Mr. Parker seem to back would have stopped Vester Lee Flanagan II, AKA Bryce Williams, from buying a handgun. 

So how exactly would you go about screening out a person like Mr. Flanagan from a legitimate gun purchaser? 

It certainly would not do to screen gun purchasers on the basis of race or ethnicity, would it? That would leave minorities unable to defend themselves against the depredations of their oppressors, as they were under the slave codes and Jim Crow laws. (For more on the racist roots of gun control see this great article by our friend Star Parker and the included links

Nor would it do to screen gun buyers on the basis of their perception that they were being discriminated against, because the perception of discrimination is completely subjective. 

Mental health or capacity would be a possible characteristic for which to screen – "Look, I'm for the Second Amendment, but there has to be a way to force politicians who are cowards and in the pocket of the NRA (National Rifle Association) to come to grips and have sensible laws so that crazy people can't get guns," Mr. Parker said. 

Except the National Rifle Association has long-supported legislation to ensure that appropriate records of those who have been judged mentally incompetent or involuntarily committed to mental institutions be made available for use in firearms transfer background checks. 

So politicians who are “in the pocket of the NRA” would seem to be in agreement with Mr. Parker – crazy people shouldn’t have guns. 

And, as we’ve noted before using “mental capacity” to determine one’s capacity to vote and perform other civic acts has been attacked as discriminatory – at least in California. Using some assessment of “mental capacity” to determine one’s right to own a firearm might not sit well with our liberal friends. 

More importantly, as far as we can determine, Flanagan had not been determined to be mentally incompetent, had not been convicted of a crime, had never been involuntarily committed; he was failing in his chosen profession and was an angry man who blamed his every professional setback on imaginary manifestations of racism. 

And if Mr. Parker, Mr. McAuliffe, Ms. Giffords and Mr. Obama have a way to screen for that we’d love to hear them explain it. 

Even before the Virginia shooting, our friends at Gun Owners of American, which advocates for Second Amendment rights, warned that politicians will use shocking shootings to push an anti-gun agenda. 

"Criminals don't line up for background checks," GOA said. "And most attackers who are found to be mentally ill don't have a record that would show up in a background check anyway." 

That description fits Vester Lee Flanagan II to a tee. 

In the wake of the tragic deaths of Ms. Parker and Mr. Ward front running Republican presidential contender Donald Trump was asked about calls for more gun control (something he has appeared to back in the past by the way) and Trump said, "This isn't a gun problem, this is a mental problem… It's not a question of the laws, it's really the people." And even if Trump may be late coming to the defense of the Second Amendment we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Gun Control is Unconstitutional and Illegal

"There are too many guns in the hands of people who should not have guns,"....and not enough guns in the hands of everyone else. If anyone nearby would've have a gun, this incident would have had a much better ending. There should be no background checks (they don't work and are unconstitutional), and no laws prohibiting the carrying of personal weapons by anyone, just like it says in the Constitution. It is just like our policy of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) during the Cold War). No one is going to throw down on someone if they think everyone around them is able to return fire, in a devastating manner. Why do you think there was never a full-out war with Russia in the 50s and 60s? It worked, and it still works. Our Founding Fathers knew this, and put the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution just for that purpose. All gun laws are unconstitutional, period. ..."shall not be infringed>" is very clear, and in plain English. Even a child can understand what that means. Only lawyers and politicians are too stupid to grasp the real meaning. Anyone who supports any gun laws should be removed from office for violating their oath to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States.

Liberal idiocy

Law abiding US citizens should not be allowed to own guns to defend themselves, but the death cult leaders of Iran should be allowed to get the Bomb. Yet more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Society's Difficulties Cause By Sin

Many people, including most politicians believe that the only way to prevent murder and other serious crimes is for the government to:

• Enact more laws that will restrict or ban the possession of firearms.
• Spending more money for programs that will change people's behavior.
• Prohibiting known criminal and mentally disturbed individuals from possessing fire arms.

Since humans have been on earth, they have been killing and maiming each other. In ancient times, prior to the invention of firearms, millions and millions of humans have been killed by other humans using clubs, stones, rocks, spears, knives, ropes, putting them in cages or arenas with vicious animals, etc.

Even today in the United States, 31% of all murders are caused by non firearms. If all firearms are banned, murders will continue.

So trying to stop murders by enacting more laws, restricting freedoms of will, and spending money on behavior modification, will not be successful. Human solutions do not get to the root cause of the problem and history proves this.

What many people do not realize is that sin lies at the root of most of society's difficulties today. The world's problems will never be solved until the problem of sin is settled. Sin is caused by the hardened and evil hearts of all humans.

The cross is God's solution to sin and the only solution. To all who will receive the blessed news of salvation through Christ, the cross cancels forever sin's power. Saying yes to Christ will change your life and start the process of changing your evil heart.

Hypocrisy and Political Gun Control Go Hand-in-Hand with Idiocy

Keep in mind that whenever a liberal progressive politician (like Hillary) opens their pie-hole on guns, all they can demand is more laws and regulations as thousands in cities like Chicago and Detroit die of flying lead poisoning when the laws and regulations simply go unenforced. Now many of these same gun control liberals are the same ones who will support Obama giving the Ayatollahs, even as they scream death to the Great Satan America and Israel, billions of dollars to support more terrorism and death, plus the freedom to proceed with the development of a nuclear bomb that will undoubtedly be used on Israel and the U.S. Stupidity and ignorance no know bounds in Congress. A perfect example is Congressman Hank Johnson lecturing an Admiral on his fear and prediction that excessive US presence on Guam will cause it to tip over - watch it here: