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Conservatives Were Sold Out in Just Four Months

By Richard Viguerie - 4/13/11


The news media has been reporting that a "deal" made between Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Reid and President Obama best Friday to fund the government was an historic compromise. Have I missed something? I do not see the “deal” Speaker Boehner made as a cause for celebration or a victory for conservatives. And I certainly do not see the compromise from the White House. 


Republicans pledged to make $100 billion in cuts to spending. And even while grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers demanded more, GOP leadership settled for far less. The $38.5 billion is not “real money,” as Speaker Boehner claimed, considering the $3.5 trillion in 2010 spending, and especially considering that the federal debt increased $54.1 billion in the week preceding the deal. 


Even worse, while the Democrats and their supporters in the media claimed that conservatives were saddling the deal with "riders," the end product of the budget is loaded down with progressive policy.


The deal continues to fund the left-leaning broadcasts of National Public Radio (NPR) with taxpayer money even after the release of explosive videos exposing NPR’s bias.


The deal continues to fund Obama's high speed rail dream despite serious concerns it will not be efficient.


The deal continues to fund the United Nations--a world-government organization hopelessly compromised by corruption, bureaucracy and the representatives of anti-American dictators.


The deal continues to fund the AARP despite the high amount of money they make privately, and their political contributions to Obamacare.


The deal continues to fund loan guarantees for renewable and alternative energy projects that would otherwise not be profitable.


The deal continues to fund America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, with taxpayer money despite Planned Parenthood’s known support of liberal politicians and exposed abuse towards women seen in undercover videos.


The deal continues to allow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to perpetuate it’s radical left-wing agenda that harms our economy and takes away our liberties.


And the deal continues to fund Obamacare – the most destructive piece of legislation in American history. 


This is no true compromise, nor is it a deal conservatives can support or be proud of. It is certainly not the type of deal conservatives expected when grassroots activists came together to put Republicans into power. 


That is why I’m asking all conservatives and Tea Partiers to sign onto a statement to Republican Congressmen opposing this deal at We cannot allow Republicans to forget that We the People voted for small-government constitutional conservatism last November, not establishment Republican compromises.


Conservatives and Tea Partiers expect much more from our political leaders and the GOP. And mark my words – we will make sure Republicans receive that message in the primaries.

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Most conservatives

were sold out from the start. 

The majority of the RP movement section of the conservative movement were warning against many individuals running under the Teaparty banner who we knew were frauds.  But just like the 2008 election and primaries we were ignored and people had to be burned before they realised what we have been telling them long before, the fire is hot listen to us.

We are warning now the same as then, you are being decieved once again by the vast majority of the field. Example,Trump he speaks a good game but he is an obvious fraud. 

That anyone could even consider electing a corporate insider is almost as absurd and re-electing Obama. Corparate entities are the largest problem our country faces. From them stem the majority of all the problems we face.

Trump is right about Obama but he is exploiting that as a means to pull the wool over hopeful minds who just want to believe. It is far past the point of taking anyone at face value or pretty words. We can not risk putting anyone in office of president who do not have a LONG standing constitutional voting record and voting constitutionally 30% of the time is no such record. If it is not 95% or better then its not constitutional enough.

Anyone who has such a horrid record of 70% or less should immediatly be removed from office and face penalties for breaking their oath, they should loose all pay and perhaps face criminal charges.

Totally Agree


Why this is praised amoung anyone who would call themself conservative is lost to me.

Aaron Butler



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