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What Should Congress Do First?

Congress returns from the traditional August recess with a full plate of issues that are important to the conservative agenda. Among the most pressing are defunding Planned Parenthood, defeating the Obama – Corker Iran nuclear weapons deal, the Meadows resolution to oust Speaker Boehner and the need to pass appropriations to fund the federal government for the fiscal year starting October 1. 

Republican leadersThe Republican establishment “leaders” who run Capitol Hill are notorious for not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time and appear to be genetically unable to deal with more than one major issue at a time. 

So which of these should be done first?  

Please vote in today’s Daily Debate poll to register your top priority and then take a moment to join one of our issue petitions to let Congress know that you want action NOW on the issue you think is most important. 

Defund Planned Parenthood: 

After seeing the horrific videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish trafficking in human baby parts for many conservatives defunding Planned Parenthood is the top priority. We urge you call your senators and representative, the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044, to demand they see the Planned Parenthood videos.  Then, please sign our letter to Congress demanding that the Republican leadership actually follow through and conduct an investigation of Planned Parenthood's human organ and tissue trafficking rather than engage in their usual “go nowhere” political posturing and tell them to stop funding for Planned Parenthood as soon as Congress returns in September. 

Replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House: 

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie often makes the case that the most important thing we need to advance the conservative agenda is principled leaders – particularly in Congress. Speaker of the House John Boehner has for many conservatives come to symbolize the failed principle-free leadership of the Republican establishment.  To make it simple to let your Representative know that you want John Boehner removed as Speaker of the House, we urge you to sign our petition to second Rep. Meadows’ motion to vacate the Chair. We will forward it to your Representative on your behalf. Conservatives who wish to join CHQ’s effort to help Rep. Meadows can also call their Representative at 1-866-220-0044 and demand that he or she support Meadows’ motion to vacate the Chair. 

Stop the Obama – Corker Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal: 

Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran that was facilitated by Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker doesn't stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. It gives away America’s unassailable military power and even if Iran abides by the deal, which is highly unlikely, we are merely kicking the can down the road and allowing them to develop nuclear weapons in 10-15 years, with the blessing of the world community. We must stop this bad deal. If you'd like to see who your Senator supports (Iran or America), you can check on the Secure America Now Iran Deal Scorecard through this link. Then please sign our petition to let your senators and representative know you want the treasonous Obama – Corker Iran nuclear weapons deal defeated.

Stop the Amazing Greed of the United States Congress

As has now become the norm for the establishment Republican “leaders” on Capitol Hill, appropriation have been left to the last minute and the legislation to fund the government will expire at the end of the month. But this government by crisis offers conservatives an opportunity to remake the federal government’s spending priorities if they will stand firm and vote “NO” on any spending bill that does not strictly follow conservative principles. That means no funding for Planned Parenthood, no funding for Obama’s executive amnesty, no funding for crony government boondoggles like Obama’s “green energy” giveaways, no funding to revive the Export – Import Bank and no breaking the existing spending caps. Please sign our petition to end the spending and fight the amazing greed of the United States Congress.

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The question: What should

The question: What should Congress do first.

I think their first action should be a simultaneous group hari kari by any convenient means.

What should be done first?

Dump Boehner first! Nothing else can be done as long as he's in charge (and if his successor follows suit, dump him too, and so on until you get somebody who will actually do something)!

What should Congress do first

Dump Boehner first! I agree. Then stop the illegal transport of Muslims and terrorist from coming into our country. Does not matter what country they come from. Terrorist always insert their followers into the midst of the so called refugees. They out breed us, they do not share any parts of our culture or heritage. The numbers of the "blue on green" attacks in Afghanistan were watered down from our numbers to a 1/3 of what they actually were. Why? So Americans would not feel threatened. By allowing them into our country we destroy everything. And Boehner is an enemy of the American people and everything America stands for. No different then the Muslims they are allowing inside America.

What Should Congress Do First?

Your question is too easy and can be answered just as easily.

Tackle them all at the same time - just like we tackled WWII.

Iran Nuclear deal

Self defense is the first priority of government. Anything congress can do to undo the effects of the shameful agreement with Iran should be the first thing congress should do. Loretta Siani

Nuke the Nuke deal