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Why Ben Carson Is Right – No Muslim Should Be President Of The United States

Dr. Ben Carson has been catching a lot of heat for his comments on "Meet the Press," that, "I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with that." 

Ben CarsonHe also said that Islam, as a religion, is incompatible with the Constitution. 

So far Carson has stuck by his comments, facing down Muslim Brotherhood front group the Council on American – Islamic Relations (CAIR) and saying that the President should be sworn-in on a stack of Bibles, not the Koran. 

Naturally the leftwing media and anti-American Democrats, such as Hillary Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin, whose Muslim Brotherhood pedigree and associations are well-documented, attacked Dr. Carson without really looking into the veracity of his comments that Islam and the Constitution are incompatible. 

But as we’ve documented in a number of articles, such as There Are No ‘Good Guy’ Radical Islamists in Iraq and FRANK GAFFNEY: Congress Should Declare War On Sharia, Not Islamic State, anti-constitutional attitudes are deeply ingrained in Muslim culture and religious teachings. 

But don’t take our word alone for it. 

As William J. Federer, author of the best-selling book What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an-A History of Islam and the United States, observed in a post for, “Swearing to defend the U.S. Constitution upon a Quran that promotes different values is a dilemma worthy of a presidential explanation.” 

Federer then proceeded to go through the Constitution amendment-by-amendment to show how the Quran not only sets forth a different set of values and rules for Muslims to live by, it sets forth a set of values and rules that are totally at odds – almost the direct opposite of our constitutional system of government. 

Notable among the examples Federer cites are the following: 

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, yet the Quran states in Sura 4:89, "Those who reject Islam must be killed. If they turn back (from Islam), take hold of them and kill them wherever you find them." 

In Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari (Vol. 9, Book 84, No. 57), Muhammad said: "Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him." 

Islamic law relegates non-Muslims to "dhimmi" status, where they are not to propagate their customs amongst Muslims and cannot display a Cross or a Star of David. 

The First Amendment states Congress shall not abridge "the freedom of speech," yet Islamic law enforces dhimmi status on non-Muslims, prohibiting them from observing their religious practices publicly, raising their voices during prayer or ringing church bells. 

The First Amendment states Congress cannot take away "the right of the people to peaceably assemble," yet Islamic law states non-Muslims cannot build any new places of worship or repair any old places Muslims have destroyed; they must allow Muslims to participate in their private meetings; they cannot bring their dead near the graveyards of Muslims or mourn their dead loudly. 

The First Amendment states Congress cannot take away the right of the people "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances," yet Islamic law states non-Muslims are not to harbor any hostility toward the Islamic state or give comfort to those who disagree with Islamic government. 

And that’s just the First Amendment. 

Dr. Carson was right, as William J. Federer and our friend Frank Gaffney have explained; The truth is that enemies of constitutional government – namely, those who adhere to and seek to impose, whether through violence or by stealth, brutally repressive, totalitarian, misogynistic, homophobic, intolerant and anti-constitutional shariah on others – should not be President of the United States, because they cannot honestly swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. 

Click here to sign our petition urging Dr. Carson not to back down in the face of attempts to intimidate him into disavowing his fair and accurate comments about Islam and the Constitution.

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