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GOP Leadership Election Update: What’s Going to Change?

Liberty-minded Representative Thomas Massie (KY-4) nailed the real question every Republican Member of Congress should be asked between now and the election of a new Speaker of the House. 

“What’s going to change?” Massie asked rhetorically in an interview with our friend Alex Pappas of The Daily Caller. 

Daniel Webster“It doesn’t seem like much will change if you just move everybody up a slot,” Massie told Pappas. “I mean, they’ve all been a party to the misdeeds that Boehner has committed — like rushing legislation to the floor without giving us time to read the bills, kicking people off their committees, taking away their subcommittee chairmanships. They’ve all been a party to that and haven’t done anything to stop it.” 

Massie, a vocal critic of Boehner’s leadership, expressed concern to Pappas that things would not be much different if the speaker is replaced by Majority Leader Keven McCarthy, who was previously the GOP whip before becoming majority leader. 

“I think there’s a lot of hesitation right now among the conservative members of Congress about just moving everybody up one notch in leadership,” Massie told Pappas. 

Massie warned that conservative voters won’t be “very happy” if House majority leader Kevin McCarthy moves up the ladder and replaces John Boehner as Speaker of the House. 

Rep. Massie said, “If conservative members of Congress — like the tea party caucus, the freedom caucus and the liberty caucus — go back home to their town halls and say, ‘Guess what, we replaced John Boehner with his right-hand man,’ the constituents are not going to be very happy with that outcome,” Pappas reported. 

“At this point, I support Daniel Webster,” Rep. Massie told The Daily Caller. 

“I like Daniel Webster’s message of reforming the process, and getting back to principle instead of power,” he said according to The DC’s Alex Pappas. 

“The Speaker [John Boehner] ruled with power,” Massie said of Boehner. “He was happy to be Speaker of the United States, instead of Speaker of the House, where he thought his job was to go over and broker a deal with Obama and Senate Majority Leader, whether that’s Reid or McConnell, and then come back to the House, collect our voting cards, and implement his vision. That’s not the way our founding fathers intended for this place to work. And we need to get back to regular order.” 

Principled limited government constitutional conservative Florida Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) has made returning to regular order, making the process more open and defending the constitutional prerogatives of the House the foundations of his campaign for Speaker. 

Rep. Webster served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and was credited by many as the force that solidified Republican control of that body – yet he was respected by members of both political parties for his integrity, fairness and scrupulous adherence to the Constitution and the Rules. 

Webster also oversaw a complete overhaul of the way the Florida House operated and, as he told Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle in an exclusive interview, “I changed that system in Florida when I was the Speaker of the House—I was the Minority Leader, I saw for 16 years the way a power system works.” 

Webster said, “We’d wait until the last day or two and then we’d put forward the only option there is and then everybody has to stomach it—and you’ve got to run these created exponential train wrecks. And they’re done purposefully to create the outcome you want it to be. A principle system says, ‘no, you know what we ought to do? We ought to do the most important issues first rather than wait until the end so there is more time to vet the issues.’ And in the end what happens? You have a much better policy with less unintended consequences because there’s more eyes, more opportunities, more discussion, more amendments, more debate—all of those things lead to a more principled approach to every issue. That’s it. That’s what I’d like to do. That’s totally different from where we are right now.” 

While Daniel Webster has committed himself to creating a system that avoids “exponential train wrecks” Kevin McCarthy has yet to explain how electing him Speaker will be anything other than a continuation of the Boehner-style of business as usual spending, cave-in and failure that has left Congress with the lowest public approval rating in history. 

As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie wrote Monday, “The resignation of John Boehner is a good start, but until a whole new generation of conservative leaders takes the reins on Capitol Hill, stands for conservative principles, and fights to defend the prerogatives of the House on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, stopping executive amnesty, securing the border and bringing the endless spending, deficit and debt to a close the Republican Party will remain a house divided and I predict the wandering will not end.” 

The House switchboard is 1-866-220-0044 we urge you to call your Republican Representative and demand that he or she vote for a thorough house cleaning in the House Republican leadership team.

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