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Tea Party Leader Becky Gerritson Announces For Congress

In a stinging indictment of the voting record of her incumbent establishment Republican opponent, Wetumpka, Alabama Tea Party leader Becky Gerritson today announced the start of her campaign for Congress. 

Becky GerritsonMrs. Garritson, who received national attention for her eloquent testimony before Congress at one of the Lois Lerner IRS targeting of conservatives hearings, was unsparing in her analysis and criticism of the failures of her opponent – establishment Republican Martha Roby (AL-2). 

Representative Martha Roby, who has been the topic of several CHQ articles including “Alabama Rep. Martha Roby’s Fake Bill To Defund Amnesty” and “Gruber Republicans” is one of the top examples of the failure of the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill establishment to deliver on their promises to their conservative constituents. 

Capitol Hill Republicans like “Show Vote Martha” rely on fake bills and phony “show votes” to make it look like they support conservative outcomes, while their votes on the legislation that matters – such as spending bills – has advanced Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegal aliens, funded Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, and put Iran on the path to a nuclear weapon while the national debt has risen from $13.5 trillion in 2010 when Roby was elected to $17.8 trillion in 2014. 

And when “show votes” don’t work, as we pointed out in our article “Alabama Rep. Martha Roby’s Fake Bill To Defund Amnesty” Rep. Roby is not above just plain lying to try to get past media scrutiny of her votes in favor of anti-conservative legislation, like the hated “CRomnibus” that funded Obamacare and executive amnesty after her promises to oppose both of those travesties of constitutional liberty. 

Becky Gerritson is the polar opposite of the feckless Martha Roby. 

Garritson laid out a positive conservative vision for ending and rolling back the six-year-long assault on constitutional liberty perpetrated by Barack Obama, saying:

I believe we CAN elect a true conservative as Speaker, one who will fight for conservative principles, not mock them.  One who will oppose a socialist agenda NOT fund it. 

I believe we CAN defund a private organization that murders, chops up, and sells the body parts of the unborn. 

I believe that our nation CAN be great again.  If we tighten our belts and live within our means, just as the families of the Second Congressional District do, we can balance our budget and restore the promise of a financially stable nation to our kids and grandkids. 

I believe we CAN restore our place of leadership in the international community. 

I believe we CAN have a robust military, ready to take on any challenge that our enemies may throw at us.  Our government must once again fulfill its primary responsibility to protect our nation from the unprecedented threats we face. 

I believe we CAN secure our borders and revise our immigration policies to ensure the safety of our citizens, as well as embrace those who want to become part of our nation and share our values. 

All of these things are within our reach, but to grasp them, we must elect new leaders who share these beliefs. 

Unstintingly honest, go along-get-along is simply not part of Becky Gerritson’s make-up.  

Gerritson’s announcement speech also focused on the failures of the Republican leaders to deliver on their promises to stand for government according to conservative principles and her commitment to make electing new conservative leadership in the House a focus of her campaign. 

“…the three terms of Martha Roby have been a stunning disappointment for our district.  Her loyalty to failed politicians like John Boehner and her voting record that ranks among the most liberal Republicans in Washington are reasons we can’t make the mistake of sending her back,” Garritson said.* 

And Becky Gerritson went on to hit what is, in our view, the most important challenge facing Republicans in the 2016 election cycle; “If elected, I commit to fight the status quo malaise that has poisoned our Party.  I pledge to fight with every part of my being to oppose the radical liberal agenda and stand strong for conservatism, to be faithful to principle, not to wishy-washy political leaders… I believe that sincere conviction and honest answers can beat the empty promises and packaged talking points of Washington elites.” 

And her solution to this problem was as simple as it is correct: “I will only vote for a true conservative Speaker.  Our leadership must be the kind that can stand up to pressure and uphold the values of their constituents.  It is time that our movement has a spokesperson who believes conservatism is not a losing ideology.” 

Mrs. Gerritson’s identification of the “status quo malaise that has poisoned our Party” and the need for Republican leaders on Capitol Hill who believe “conservatism is not a losing ideology” as the top issues in the 2016 election shows just how perceptive an analyst she is of what ails the Republican Party these days.  

Gerritson’s commitment to be on the cutting edge of beating “the empty promises and packaged talking points of Washington elites” and her commitment to only vote for “a true conservative” for Speaker shows a boldness that is sorely needed in Congress, but such boldness will undoubtedly cause those same “Washington elites” to draw a large target on her back. 

With her bold and eloquent announcement this morning Becky Gerritson has become the leading figure in the 2016 class of limited government constitutional conservative candidates for Congress. We urge you to read her announcement speech in its entirety and then ask yourself if this is the kind of bold conservative leadership that you would like for your congressional district – if it is we urge you to do two things; go to to support Becky Gerritson’s campaign and then look for a candidate like her to run in your Republican congressional primary

*All quotes taken from Becky Gerritson’s announcement speech as prepared for delivery.

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