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Who John Kasich Walks With Tells Us He’s No Conservative

Our first test of whether a candidate can be counted on to stand for the traditional values agenda is their record, followed by who they walk with – that is who is in their “kitchen cabinet” and on their campaign team and staff. 

John KasichOhio Governor John Kasich has recently announced his Virginia campaign leadership team will be headed by former Congressman Tom Davis, making Kasich’s Virginia team look and sound like the leftovers from a Jeb Bush black tie dinner. 

As our friends at “The Bull Elephant” pointed out, Davis has been harshly critical of conservatives, and is aligned with the Republican Main Street Partnership, an organization he formerly led.  The Main Street Partnership’s mission is to drive conservatives out of the party in favor of more “pragmatic” and “moderate” voices, like that of Tom Davis himself.   

As for Davis’ choice of Kasich, well it pretty well confirms our belief that Tom Davis is no judge of character. 

This, after all, is the same Tom Davis who advocated Republicans nominate the now convicted felon Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell as their 2012 vice presidential candidate, “I’m a Bob McDonnell man,” he said when asked who would be the best candidate to accompany Mitt Romney on the 2012 Republican ballot. 

When he headed the Main Street Partnership Tom Davis claimed the GOP has lost federal elections for focusing on "trivial pursuits," such as stem cell policy or prayer in schools. 

Davis has long been an advocate of the principle-free approach to political campaigns, saying about the Party’s platform on the social issues and same-sex marriage, it’s “not a comfortable place to be,” and that "Demographically, I think Republicans have to, you know, take a look at what issues are going to appeal." 

Appeal to whom Mr. Davis? Conservative principles cross all demographic lines – if you bother to learn them, advocate them and govern according to them. 

But that’s not where Tom Davis comes from.  

When he was in Congress Davis complained about the social issues the GOP leaders brought up for votes. “I don’t think they’re helpful,” he said of the federal marriage amendment, “Everybody understands before we start that this isn’t going anywhere.” 

Davis also endorsed the expansion of federally funded embryonic stem-cell research, research that contributed to the ghoulish market for dismembered baby parts documented so vividly in the recent Planned Parenthood videos. 

While Davis was in Congress he often made a big deal out of appealing across party lines and being “bipartisan,” which is code for caving in and abandoning conservative principles. 

And there was nothing conservative about the leftwing organizations from “across the aisle” that supported the Republican Main Street Partnership. 

As our friends at RedState documented, when the Main Street Partnership formed a Super PAC among its larger donors where longtime Democratic donors, Indian tribes and unions: 

  • David Bonderman gave $30,000.00 – the Los Angeles Times referred to him as “David Bonderman, a significant contributor to Democrats."
    Laborers’ Political League Education Fund gave $100,000.00
    The Chickasaw Nation gave $50,000.00
    International Union of Operating Engineers [EPEC] gave $250,000.00
    Laborers’ International Union Of North America (LIUNA) PAC gave $150,000.00
    MEBA PAF gave $15,000.00 (Marine Engineers Beneficial Association)
    Working for Working Americans-Federal gave $250,000.00 (Building Trades / carpenters PAC)

“Tell me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are” is an aphorism that CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie uses regularly, and that many movement conservatives have come to believe through the hard experience of watching Republican candidates surround themselves with inside-the-Beltway mercenaries who despise conservatives, run content-free campaigns and lose the election. 

Conservatives who have long had their doubts about Governor Kasich’s commitment to conservative principles, especially on the social issues, have had those concerns pretty well confirmed by his choice of Tom Davis as the head of his campaign efforts in Virginia.

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Who walks with him and where !

I could see at the first debate where he stands. He is a true liberal (dumbocrate in disguise) ! ! ! He mentioned his priorities but they were in the wrong order. His faith came last !