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Paul Ryan, Hillary and Jeb: The Three Amnesty Amigos

amnesty amigos Ryan, Bush and Clinton 

Regular readers of CHQ will recall that one of our chief objections to Jeb Bush’s campaign for the Republican nomination for President is that many of his positions on the issues that matter to conservative voters are the same as Hillary Clinton’s.

Which of course begs the question why would conservatives want as Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, whose immigration policy objectives are also the same as the leading Democratic candidate for President?

Yet if Paul Ryan became Speaker of the House that’s exactly what Republicans would get, especially on amnesty for illegal immigrants and the open borders corporate-sponsored mass immigration policies that are wrecking the quality of life for millions of American families.

Back in April of 2013 ABC News ran a lengthy article about Paul Ryan’s support for “comprehensive immigration reform,” saying:

The Wisconsin Republican [Ryan] made a joint appearance on Monday with Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez in the latter's home city of Chicago, where he embraced comprehensive immigration reform. Rather than use the Boston attacks to call for delaying the issue, he said they should serve as a wake-up call to get a bill passed.

"We have a broken immigration system and, if anything, what we see in Boston is that we have to fix and modernize our immigration system for lots of reasons," Ryan said, according to Politico. "National security reasons, economic security reasons. For all those reasons we need to fix our broken immigration system…"

While Ryan's activity might seem out of step with his usual focus on budgetary issues, it's not new, according to Gutiérrez. The Illinois Democrat said that 10 years ago, Ryan played a role in a previous effort to draft an immigration bill in the House... During his whirlwind tour of Chicago, Ryan spoke about the economic benefits that immigration reform could bring to the U.S.

It’s pretty clear to us that Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton share the same position on amnesty for illegal aliens (if you disagree please tell us in the comments below), but we think Ryan and Bush have at least been a little more forthcoming on who exactly will benefit from the policies they espouse.

At The Wall Street Journal’s 2015 CEO Conference in February of this year Bush had this interchange with the WJS’s Gerald Seib:

Seib: Is your problem with what the president did the substance of what he has proposed to do, or with the way he has proposed to do it?

Jeb Bush: It’s the way. First of all, I don’t know the exact details. I mean, frankly, he didn’t permanently change things because he doesn’t have anywhere near close that authority to do it. … He granted a deferral of the execution of the law for a couple of years. So these people are still in limbo. What we need to do is get to some certainty for people, the 11 million people that are here, five million of which he dealt with. We need to find some … give them some legal status and move to a system that is more economically driven. (emphasis ours)

So how, exactly, do Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton differ on the all-important issue of amnesty for illegal aliens?

It appears to us that the only difference between Ryan, Clinton and Bush is on the process by which President Obama implemented policies that he didn’t think the newly elected 2014 Republican majority in Congress would pass.

In their excellent April 2014 article “Wall Street Republicans’ dark secret: Hillary Clinton 2016” Ben White and Maggie Haberman of POLITICO managed to tease some truly eye opening admissions from two dozen interviews about the 2016 race with unaligned GOP donors, financial executives and their Washington lobbyists.

According to White and Haberman back then  “The biggest parlor game on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms these days is guessing whether former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will run for president and save the GOP’s old establishment base from its rising populist wing.”

And the preferred consolation candidate if Bush demurs, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie doesn’t recover politically from Bridgegate, and no other establishment favorite, such as Paul Ryan, can claim the nomination: Hillary Clinton.

As to who benefits from the immigration policies Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush share; the Big Businesses and tech companies that are pouring millions into their campaigns are the ones who benefit from their shared ideas about "comprehensive immigration reform," not America's hard-pressed middle class families.

Clinton is much too cautious a politician to reveal through her words specifically who she believes would be the beneficiaries of the policies she espouses, but Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush have made it quite clear that the beneficiaries of his “more economically driven” immigration system would be the Big Businesses that have profited mightily from the deluge of legal and illegal immigrants who have depressed the wages of American workers and left America’s middle class families struggling for almost two decades.

*Technically the title of our article should be something like "Dos Amigos and Una Amiga for Amnesty," but we only have so much space for a headline.

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